Rest in a lordly style: the best manor houses in Lithuania

Rest in a lordly style: the best manor houses in Lithuania

It is lazy to read books, brush aside the bees that have flocked to honey, fish, learn to bake bread, ride bicycles aimlessly and see off the sunsets on the veranda of a real estate: we tell you where to look for pastoral landscapes in Lithuania. Let's go!

From the outside it may seem that rest in the Lithuanian outback is suitable only for calm pensioners, but the estates will not be boring for people of any age. The hosts will offer guests a lot of interesting things - gastronomic workshops, cycling, fishing (don't forget to buy a license!), And swimming if you travel during the warmer months. Just think: there are seven hundred rivers and about three thousand lakes in tiny Lithuania! But the main thing is that here you can lie on the grass, read books lazily and do nothing - without a twinge of conscience.

How to find a homestead in Lithuania

The complete list of estates is posted on the website of the Lithuanian Rural Tourism Association. You can choose from several hundred options, filtering by location, area and type of holiday, find estates more suitable for lovers of active or relaxing holidays, or for gourmets.

When choosing an estate, pay attention to "storks" - this sign is used by the Association to classify estates. In fact, this is an analogue of the usual hotel stars.

The simplest options have one "stork". This means that the minimum requirements have been met: clean rooms, at least one toilet and shower for every ten guests, and a shared kitchenette.

Two "storks" promise a little better conditions: each of the rooms should have no more than ten beds. Three "storks" suggest four-six-bed rooms and a more refined area.

In estates with four "storks" guests should be fed, settled in individual rooms with toilets and bathrooms.

Five "storks" guarantee single or double rooms, a well-lit and landscaped area with beautiful buildings in the same style.

Things to remember before traveling

Small and delightful Lithuania offers tourists a worthy vacation on the shores of the Baltic Sea, in national parks and resort towns at quite affordable prices. The Baltic republic attracts travelers with beautiful nature, sights, health resorts, ecological tourism, gastronomy and shopping.

Country overview

The Republic of Lithuania, a member of the European Union, is located on the eastern coast of the Baltic. The capital of the state, Vilnius, is considered a major industrial, political, economic and cultural center of the country. But the sea capital of Lithuania is the city of Klaipeda, where the economy and cultural component are developed.

Culture and cultural values ​​begin in the distant Middle Ages, when today's state was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Vilnius was previously considered the capital of the state. An important economic center, it was influenced by many European countries, which influenced cultural and creative development.

Lithuania is under the influence of a temperate climate zone with mild winters and comfortable summers. The swimming season here lasts from July to September. The off-season will not please with prolonged showers and coolness.

How to get to Lithuania from different CIS countries

Direct flights and flights with transfers in Minsk or Riga are regularly operated from Moscow to Vilnius. A direct flight lasts on average about two hours. Flights from St. Petersburg to the Lithuanian capital are performed only with a connection in Latvia.

There are flights to Palanga from Moscow and St. Petersburg via Riga. Fans of long journeys from Russian capitals to Vilnius can be reached by rail or bus.

Residents of Ukraine and Belarus will get to Vilnius or Palanga by plane directly. Buses and high-speed trains depart regularly from large Ukrainian and Belarusian cities to Lithuania, which makes it easy to get to the resort towns.

Lithuanian seaside resorts

The most popular seaside resort town in the country is Palanga. The settlement will delight guests with a developed tourist infrastructure. The city is considered the summer residence of the head of state. The city is interesting for its pine forest, clean sandy beaches, water activities, amateur beach volleyball competitions.

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