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Where to relax in Belarus: what to do at any time of the year

Want to finally take a break from hard work and don't want to pay thousands of euros for trips to southern countries where you won't leave the air conditioner?

We have an option for you. This is Belarus. Holidays in Belarus have already become very popular among the closest neighbors, and the number of tourists vacationing in the country is constantly increasing.

This is not surprising. In Belarus, you can relax quite inexpensively, without going too far, without language barriers and great cultural differences, and the infrastructure for recreation in the country is at a very high level.

Next, we will consider the best ways and places for recreation in Belarus: rest in winter, summer, outdoors, in the city, rest with children and even more. Read our complete guide!

Belarus is famous for its magnificent nature, beautiful old cities full of attractions, medieval castles and much more. In addition to individual places, the country offers a huge amount of entertainment and ways to spend your free time in accordance with your interests. Here are some of them:

Camping in Belarus

About 40% of the territory of Belarus consists of forests, 19 thousand rivers flow here and 11 thousand lakes are located. All this diversity provides great opportunities for outdoor recreation in Belarus. Here are some of the ways to spend your free time in the bosom of nature in the land of lakes, also called the “lungs of Europe”:

Summer Holidays in Belarus

Next, we list the types of recreation in Belarus during the warmer months. Then you can enjoy the Belarusian nature in the best way, relax on the lakes and rivers of the country.


One of the most popular types of outdoor activities in Belarus is fishing. Fishing enthusiasts come here from many countries and spend weeks on the rivers collecting a large catch.

Belarus estates: history of agritourism development

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Not long ago, such concepts as agritourism and estates in Belarus were not even familiar to residents of the CIS countries. Although in Europe, the terms regarding rural tourism have been known for a very long time. After all, it was there that such concepts as "green" or ecological recreation were born.

Italy and Spain are considered recognized leaders in the development of agritourism in the world. In these countries, this type of recreation has been developing since about the 70s and today has reached simply enormous proportions.

Belarus, as one of the CIS countries, was among the latter able to appreciate the advantages of this type of recreation over more traditional and familiar ones, such as a trip abroad, sightseeing tours, beach vacations.

The constantly growing demand for estates in Belarus and rural tourism in general is due to several factors:

  • the opportunity to spend outdoor recreation, outside the city limits, in a quiet place with a low density of residents;
  • convenience and simplicity: no need to apply for a visa, no long-term flights, fast booking of estates;
  • obvious economic benefit: compared to other types of recreation, here your costs will be minimal.

And in general, the estates of Belarus, as places of leisure, can solve many pressing issues for an urban person: where to spend the weekend, how to organize outdoor recreation, where to go with your family, and so on.

What can the estates of Belarus offer?

Despite the fact that there are still no specific requirements and norms for agritourism facilities, the level of comfort and quality of reception of guests are at their best. In conditions of rather tough competition, the owners of the estates of Belarus make every effort to make their guests satisfied and, accordingly, return to them again.

Belarus is a country that you can visit at any time of the year. Only the personal preferences of the vacationer determine the place. Tourists come here in spring, when the first trees begin to bloom and nature wakes up, and in summer, when they want warmth and relaxation, swim in the cleanest lakes, but there is no opportunity or desire to go to the sea. In autumn, people visit this beautiful country to catch the last rays of warmth and enjoy the comfort, and in winter, when heavy snowfalls transform the country, turn it into a kind of fabulous world - for new impressions. In this publication we will tell you about the resorts of Belarus, as well as about the peculiarities of recreation at different times of the year in this country.

When to go to Belarus to rest and heal

It is impossible to allocate any specific time to visit this country. Each season has its own tourist flow, people come for a specific occupation. But what you can be sure of is that there is a spiritual rest for everyone. You can come here to improve your health in one of the many boarding houses and sanatoriums, taste delicious local cuisine, capture historical monuments, of which there are countless numbers.

Winter Belarus

The winter climate of the country does not differ much from the Russian one. Is that the cold here is not so strong. An abundance of snow, drifts, ice, piercing winds are an integral part of the Belarusian winter. In winter, people also go to improve their health in sanatoriums or multidisciplinary clinics.

New Year's tours to this country have their own atmosphere. They have a certain identity. Here you can easily choose a private estate as a stopover, where ancient traditions and local customs are in everyday life. Hospitable hosts offer guests national dishes, for example, potato pancakes with butter. If you are planning a vacation with children, then you should visit the residence of the local Father Frost, which is located in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

Active tourists are shown a varied vacation. You can go to the base and go skiing. Such bases, as a rule, are located not far from large cities. The most important thing is to stock up on warm clothes, because excursions, outdoor activities or ordinary walks are very long. And on Valentine's Day, February 23, they offer tours to romantic places for lovers.

What to do in spring?

It is still cool in Belarus in early spring. On March 8, you can come here for a romantic walk or stay at an agriturismo. You can take a walk in the alley near the National Library, it does not have a standard shape for a building, it looks like a crystal, which also shimmers very beautifully with all colors at night.

People come here on May 9 to see an amazing sight on the Stalin Line. The battles of the Great Patriotic War take place here. Of course, their maximum copy, the creators are trying to reconstruct every step of the original battle, plunging deeper and deeper into the story. Do not forget to visit the Brest Fortress on this holiday, remember how heroically its garrison held back the Nazis, being in their complete encirclement.

Holidays in Belarus every year becomes more and more popular among foreign tourists, especially Russia, Poland, the Baltic states and Germany. The affordability of prices for services and the quality of their provision attract many people from all over the world, not only to relax, but also to improve their health.

Thanks to the presence of reserves, a large number of lakes, forests, sanatorium treatment is developing in the country. Rest houses and sanatoriums in Belarus are equipped with modern medical equipment, expand the range of services, and work to attract vacationers.

Chaika Holiday House

The Chaika complex is located on the territory of one of the most beautiful places in the country - Narochansky Park. This area unites more than 40 lakes surrounded by forest. This also includes the largest reservoir in Belarus - Lake Naroch. The Chaika complex is located just 150 meters from its shore. This location was chosen because of the nature, mineral water sources, and the unique climate in the area.

All year round, temperatures are higher than in other areas due to the elevations surrounding it. A large number of conifers creates a microclimate that restores the body in case of diseases of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, metabolic disorders, etc.

There are gazebos, volleyball and basketball courts on the territory. There is a gym for sports. Vacationers can book excursions to nearby attractions. The complex consists of several buildings with comfortable rooms. Price per day - from 18 euros.

Nanosy Rest House

A rest house in Belarus is not only traditional dormitory buildings located in the resort area. The Nanosy complex, located near Lake Naroch, is a place where rest was combined with history. Guests are invited to plunge into the life of the past centuries, to feel the unity with nature. Take care of animals on your own, heat the stove and cook food in it.

For a complete immersion in the atmosphere, you can spend the night in the hayloft, go to the bathhouse with a plunge pool.

There are many antiques on the territory of the complex, for example, a windmill, a water mill, a samovar museum. For lovers of outdoor activities offer cycling, quad biking, sailing boats, horseback riding, skiing. Sailing regattas and horse shows are held regularly.

Excursions and one-day tours are held on the territory of the complex. Vacationers can stay in a communal or bourgeois house. Price per day - 36 euros.

Rest House "Silichi"

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