Resorts of Moldova: eco-friendly vacation in the countryside

Resorts of Moldova: eco-friendly vacation in the countryside

Moldova is considered a young state, which cannot become an interesting place for tourists to visit. The country is doing everything it can to become famous, but all actions can be correlated with small steps. The tourist flow to the region is not large, but it increases every year. Moldova attracts tourists with picturesque rural landscapes, delicious wines, a variety of culinary creations, monasteries and fortresses, affordable prices for vacations.

Country overview

Moldova is located in the south-east of Europe. The country's neighbors are Ukraine and Romania. Unfortunately, the state cannot boast of a developed tourist infrastructure, but tourists come here for the sake of historical and cultural attractions, gastronomy and health improvement.

Moldovan weather is formed by a temperate continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. In spring, warm days often alternate with sharp cold ones. It is best to visit Moldova in summer and early autumn, when it is warm and comfortable here.

How to get to Moldova from different CIS countries

There are direct flights from Moscow to Chisinau twice a day. The average duration of a direct flight is only two hours. Three times a week, planes fly to Moldova from Kiev and St. Petersburg. Residents of Belarus will have to travel by plane with a docking in Moscow or Kiev.

Moldova is connected with the CIS countries by rail, and it is convenient to get from Ukrainian Odessa to the country by bus. Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian travelers can stay on the territory of Moldova without a special visa for up to 90 days, but it is better to get medical insurance before the trip.

Health resorts and ski resorts in Moldova

The Bucuria-Sindh health resort is located near Chisinau, on the picturesque Dniester coast. The sanatorium adorns the resort area of ​​the National Park of Recreation and Tourism. Throughout the year, cardiovascular diseases, problems with the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, nervous and endocrine systems are successfully treated here. Bucuria-Sindh is famous for its healing mineral spring.

The Codru health resort is considered one of the oldest in Moldova. The sanatorium located in a picturesque area near the former men's monastery helps tourists with gynecological diseases, chronic prostatitis, pathologies of the digestive tract, respiratory tract, ODA and nervous system.

Nufarul Alb is the only sanatorium in the country with unique mineral water with a varied chemical composition. This modern health resort will delight you with comfortable rooms. People come here to get rid of diseases of the ODA, nervous system, heart and blood vessels, gynecological pathologies, problems with the skin and gastrointestinal tract.

The old sanatorium Dniester was founded at the end of the 19th century. The health resort is located in a picturesque place and is protected from cold winds by a rocky slope. The unique landscape, mountainous terrain, mild climate and clean air attract travelers with pathologies of the digestive tract, ODA, nervous system and gynecological diseases.

Russian tourists are ready to go to Moldova not only for wine and food. There is also a demand on their part for cultural, health and MICE tourism. Experts told about what Moldova needs to do in order to reveal its tourism potential in Russia.

On October 1, within the framework of the Russian-Moldovan Forum of Trade and Economic Cooperation, which took place online, experts discussed many issues of relations between the two countries. Cooperation in the field of outbound Russian tourism aroused particular interest.


Last year, a little more than 14 thousand Russian tourists visited Moldova for tourist purposes, which is 0.4% of the total outbound flow of Russia (48 million people). The most popular types of tourism for our compatriots in Moldova are wine and gastronomic tourism, especially since the export of Moldovan wine to Russia, and, therefore, acquaintance with it, has grown in quality over the past 3-4 years.

Almost the entire tourist infrastructure of Moldova is now built around enotourism, the volume of which has tripled over the past few years.

Russian tourists, independently or as part of tourist groups, go to wineries, where, in addition to tasting, they are told about the stages of wine production and various master classes are held. The most popular winery in Moldova among tourists, of course, can be considered Cricova, which is also an attraction of international format.


As noted in his speech on the forum Yulia Svororolov, Vice-President Attor, Deputy General Director of InterConnect Management Corporation, Enogastronomical Tourism is now extremely promoted in the world, and Moldova is important and further to develop this type of tourism, making it Even more attractive.

"Talking about the goals of the trip, most tourists mention the desire to get acquainted with the kitchen of tourist destination, including drinks. According to research by the World Tourism Organization, UNWTO, every third tourist in the world considers gastronomic impressions as an integral part of his journey.

Ms. Szororovova stressed that in the modern Enogastronomic tourism, as a rule, not only the process of consumer consumption of local food and beverages, but also related events: excursions to the seats of tea, grapes, etc. Classes and activity (harvesting, cooking), visiting food industries, etc.

"With regard to the Enogastronomatic TourProducts of Moldova, it would be possible to be considered as their important part of visiting vineyards, master classes on the right range of grapes, excursions to winery, various types of participation in the production of wine. We already see good progress in this direction. For example, at Castel Mimi, tourists are offered to accumulate their own wine, civars are shown in Krikov, where the wine is stored - all of this paints with bright colors to rest tourists, "said the Vice-President Attor.

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