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Lakes of karst origin are located on the territory of Borovichsky, Lyubytinsky, Khvoininsky districts of the Novgorod region. To protect these unique ecosystems, as well as the surrounding landscapes, flora and fauna, a natural reserve "Karst Lakes" was created.


The origin of these lakes is associated with the processes of water erosion of dolomites and limestones, as a result of which they dissolve, and a funnel is formed, which is filled with water. The lakes are fed by groundwater, some of them receive hydrogen sulfide springs, which is very rare in the region. The peculiarity of these karst lakes is that the water level in them can change, some periodically even go into underground cavities. Moreover, this process is unpredictable - it can be very difficult to predict when the next increase or decrease in the water level will occur.

Often on the Internet you can find stories of local residents who came to the lake for fishing, and on the spot they saw only a funnel and a stream. This is a truly amazing sight, which is why many tourists seek to see this phenomenon with their own eyes. For them, an excursion tourist trail "The Land of Outgoing Lakes" has even been developed, which allows them to learn more about karst processes. It passes along the lakes from the Molodilninskaya chain; interactive lessons are held for visitors to measure the depth of karst sinkholes. Also, as part of the excursion, the observation deck is visited. Details about the route can be found on the website of the Khvoininsky municipal district administration.

Others come to the lakes during the period when they are full of water to relax, enjoy the amazing nature and fish, because many reservoirs are rich in fish resources. Near the lakes you can see craters and sinkholes, which create a unique relief characteristic of the area. Pine and spruce forests grow in the areas adjacent to water bodies, and areas with swamps are found. Near the lakes, you can find rare plant species, for example, Bohemian sedge, this species is relict. The area of ​​the Karst Lakes is inhabited by rare bird species - osprey and black-throated loon, listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.

Structure of the Karst Lakes Wildlife Refuge

The territory of the reserve is divided into 7 clusters, which include not only the lakes themselves, but also the adjacent area with its flora and fauna.

  • Gorodno Lake

One of the largest karst lakes in the reserve, located in the Khvoininsky district. The lake is popular with fishermen for its rich resources. Judging by the reviews of fishermen, pike, crucian carp, bream, silver bream, roach are found here. About once every 20 years, the lake completely leaves the water, and it can remain dry for a year or two. Previously, local residents even grazed cattle and raised oats at the site of the lake. The opposite situation can also be observed, when the waters of the lake overflow the shores. For flood protection, the reservoir is connected by a diversion canal to the Suglitsy River.

  • Molodilninskaya chain of lakes

The longest chain of lakes that are close to each other, their length is about 18 km. They are interconnected by channels, with a strong rise in the water level, they turn into a single body of water. The largest lakes in the chain are Sezzhe, Dubno, Rogavits, Chernoe, Vialets, Belenkoe.


The Retlyo recreation center is located in the most picturesque corner of the Novgorod region, not far from the resort town of Staraya Russa, in an ecologically clean area on the shore of Lake Ilmen, at a distance of 60 kilometers from Veliky Novgorod. Beautiful steep shores, pebbly beaches, clear water and fresh lake air, seclusion away from the hustle and bustle of the city, cordial hospitality of the staff leave an unforgettable experience and create a cozy atmosphere for a comfortable stay.

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For vacationers at the Retle recreation center, the use of sports grounds, gazebos, sun loungers is provided. The prices for the services provided by the recreation center "Retle" shown on this price list may change. We recommend that you check the cost of the services you are interested in before traveling. For all questions: 8 911 607 45 24

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