Profitable business plan in the countryside

An example of a business plan for agritourism

What should a rural business plan take into account? The main problem the farmer will face is the storage and marketing of the produce. The lack of acceptable storage conditions for the goods forces them to sell them to dealers at very low prices. The presence of good distribution channels allows the company to generate high profits.

Benefits of Rural Business

Rural areas have significant advantages over urban areas. Firstly, it is its own land and large areas of utility rooms. Secondly, in rural areas the labor force is cheaper than in the city, the wage bill (payroll) of the enterprise will be less than that of a similar project in a stone jungle.

Having your own land gives great advantages, namely:

  • there is no need to rent land;
  • you can build any business premises;
  • utilities will be cheaper;
  • the cost of a product or service drops sharply.

The lack of the required area of ​​land or premises for agriculture is easily compensated by their purchase: real estate in rural areas is inexpensive. As for utilities, there is no centralized water supply, but this issue is solved by digging your own well or drilling a well. The cost of water will be equal to the cost of electricity, which is consumed by a water engine that supplies water to the surface.

Growing food may require setting up a farm that will require dozens of hectares of land. It makes sense to take a closer look at agricultural projects that bring high profits even on several acres of land. There will be no big difficulties with land and hired force in the countryside. The salaries for which even students in the city will refuse to work are perceived positively in the countryside.

Projects for drawing up a business plan

What example projects can you consider? Large tracts of land in a village may be required for growing vegetables or nuts. In the first case, the business plan should take into account:

  • expected yield;
  • land yield indicators in this area;
  • estimated land area that will be required to grow the planned amount of vegetables;
  • what equipment will be needed and in what quantity;
  • how many hired personnel need to be involved in the work and for what period.

It is necessary to provide for greenhouses and vegetable storage. This approach will require certain costs at the start - from 600 thousand to 1.5 million rubles or more. It is possible to optimize costs if the plan of agricultural projects provides for the purchase from local residents of the harvest they have collected on their land with further sale to large retail chains and food bases. In this case, you only need transport and good procurement organization.

Growing nuts will require an area of ​​1-3 hectares or more, and the first profit can be expected in 5-6 years after planting the seedlings. The advantage of this project is that it does not have strong competition in the market. You can also start it by buying the harvested crops from local residents.

Agritourism is gaining popularity among those who want to escape from the bustle of the city. It is not difficult to organize a business in this area, especially for rural residents and farmers. And how to do this is described below.

Relevance of this business

The relevance of agritourism lies in the fact that with the technological progress and growth of cities, some residents want to get closer to nature and take a break from the bustle of the city. This type of recreation is only gaining popularity in Russia, but has long existed in the Czech Republic, Hungary and other countries.

Target audience includes:

As you can see, the target audience is very diverse and affects a large segment of the population, or rather, anyone can become your client.

In addition, a villager who has a plot of land or his own large house can open his own business in this area. This niche is also relevant for those who own a farm, on the basis of which agritourism can be promoted.

Stages of organization

The main stages of starting a business:

Client search, advertising

Despite the fact that this item is in the last place in the list of stages, it makes sense to start looking for clients while equipping the hotel. This will help to avoid “idle time” when everything is ready and there are no visitors. In addition, by the number of responses to advertising, you can determine the number of people who want to visit such places.

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