Preferential loan for rural residents in 2021

Preferential loan for rural residents in 2021

Profitable program - a loan for private household plots in the Rosselkhozbank, conditions and interest rate in 2021 is the best option for citizens who are engaged in individual farming. It is for such customers that profitable offers with reduced rates are intended.


Loans of this type are given for a period of two to five years on average. The main purposes of obtaining funds are different. This is the purchase of fuels and lubricants and materials, various fertilizers, farm animals. The funds are used to build and renovate modern livestock buildings from scratch.

Quite often, a loan for private household plots in Rosselkhozbank in 2021 with a subsidy is useful for the purchase of cars, a variety of equipment for the creation and processing of agricultural products. Funds for achieving all of the listed goals can be issued under the following conditions:

  • Loan currency - rubles.
  • The minimum loan time is at least 3 months.
  • The maximum reaches 1 million rubles, for regular customers the loan amount is 1.5 million.
  • No extra commission is charged for processing a loan.

The processing time for a loan application is on average 5 days. After preliminary approval, funds can be received within 45 days. The procedure for transferring money looks like a one-time transfer of the amount of the issued loan. The loan received is repaid monthly, through differentiated or annuity payments.

Loan security deserves special attention. As a rule, a surety is required in the amount of at least one person, and a legal entity can also act as a surety. Liquid personal valuable property is accepted as a pledge. In the process of lending for machinery or various equipment, the purchase itself can be used as collateral.

Interest rates

Loans directed to agriculture can be obtained at fairly attractive interest rates. A more accurate percentage depends in its mass on the term of the loan:

Up to 12 months From 13% From 12 to 60 months From 15.5%

These are approximate percentages, as the exact charges are determined when considering each individual case. Approximately 2% more can be obtained if the client violates the conditions for the documents provided. If the applicant refuses to take out insurance, the percentage can be increased by 6 units. The interest rate per unit decreases when serving regular borrowers of a bank with an ideal credit history.


The financial institution has specific requirements. A loan for the development of one's own agricultural business on profitable terms can be obtained if the following requirements are met:

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia has found an unusual way to develop rural areas: it is proposed to build roads, water pipes, housing and power grids at the expense of the villagers themselves.

Rather, at the expense of concessional loans that residents will take for these purposes. Improving farms and villages, thus, citizens and the state will be together: people - paying for the body of the loan, the budget - reimbursing the banks for lost income.

A new, "credit" approach to the improvement of the village is enshrined in the state program "Comprehensive Development of Rural Areas". The innovation will start working on January 1, 2020, but for now the Ministry of Agriculture is developing the rules according to which this concessional lending will be arranged. "Krestyanin" got acquainted with the texts of the bills and asked what experts think about them.

Sump Country

Why the state decided to involve the personal finances of citizens in the development of villages, it becomes clear after reading the explanatory notes. They contain statistics showing what hole people have to live in.

In a country that supplies the whole of Europe with blue fuel, more than 40% of rural houses and apartments are not accessible from the gas pipeline. Over the past five years, Russia has managed to connect only 6.5% of houses to it. “Rural development continues, but the pace of gasification is still insignificant,” federal officials admit.

Things are no better with water. In general, in Russia, only 37% of settlements have central water supply. In the Southern Federal District this figure is higher - 60%. However, the presence of a pipe is not yet a guarantee of a comfortable life, because 43% of the water supply network needs to be replaced.

Water treatment facilities are available only in 3% of settlements, sewerage - in 4.5%. To build collectors, at least in those villages where more than a thousand people live, the budget needs to find somewhere 350 billion rubles. In the meantime, there is no money, we have to be content with cesspools.

And of course, the age-old problem with the roads. They are absent not only in the villages, but also between them. Only 65% ​​of settlements are connected by paved roads, the remaining 35% can be reached only by dirt road. Moreover, this situation is typical not only for depopulated Siberia, but also for the densely populated south: in the Southern Federal District, a quarter of settlements do not have asphalted access roads.

To build roads at least to those farms where more than a thousand people live, an amount with twelve zeros is required - over 2 trillion rubles.

The essence of the concessional lending program

The concessional lending program for rural residents provides an opportunity to obtain loans at a minimum rate - from 1 to 5%. The profit lost by the bank is compensated by the federal treasury.

So, residents of the Far East and the Leningrad Region have the right to hope for a loan in the amount of up to 300 thousand rubles, while everyone else - no more than 250 thousand rubles.

Where you can spend your funds

The consumer loans provided by this program are targeted in nature, otherwise the preferential rate will become invalid. The funds received should be spent on the improvement of households located in rural areas. The borrower can use the loan for the following purposes:

  • purchase and subsequent installation of equipment for water, gas and electricity;
  • reconstruction of housing located in a small settlement.

In any case, a contract is concluded with the organization performing the planned work. In other words, the client is obliged to submit a document confirming the targeted use of borrowed funds.

Who can use the preferential loan

In general, a soft loan is available to any citizen of the Russian Federation who lives in a village on a permanent basis or plans to move there in 2021. At the same time, there are no restrictions on age, place of work, level of prosperity and well-being for rural residents. The only condition is the availability of legal capacity and the ability to repay the loan.

In some cases, the bank may require the involvement of a guarantor. In addition, the borrower needs to prove his solvency using the standard methods established when receiving any loan.

Requirements for the borrower

Applicant must have:

In the spring of 2020, preferential rural mortgage began operating in Russia. The program is very popular in the regions and provides unprecedented lending conditions at a rate of up to 3% per annum for the purchase of primary and secondary housing in rural areas.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia has allocated additional funds for the implementation of the preferential rural mortgage program in the amount of 500 million rubles. Taking into account its extreme popularity and demand, the ministry is working on the issue of increasing the amount of funding for the further development of this direction, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture said.

We will tell you why the new state program is in demand and how to get a soft loan for the purchase of housing in rural areas.

Conditions for obtaining a rural mortgage

Rural mortgage was launched within the framework of the state program "Comprehensive Development of Rural Areas" (. df). It is supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Rosselkhozbank (RSHB) is the main participant.

  • The program applies to almost all settlements with a population of no more than 30 thousand, except for urban districts and municipalities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Moscow region.
  • The mortgage rate should not exceed 3%, and may amount to 0.1%.
  • The maximum loan amount for the Far East and the Leningrad Region is 5 million rubles, for other regions - 3 million rubles.
  • A rural mortgage can be issued for up to 25 years.
  • Down payment - from 10%, you can use matkapital.
  • Any Russian can be a borrower under this program. There are no requirements for age, marital status, place of residence and social status.
  • Borrowers can live in any region. This is a fundamental difference from the Far Eastern mortgage, where there is a requirement for registration.

What can you buy with a rural mortgage

The main requirement is that housing should be located in rural areas, and also be suitable for living, with communications - electricity, water supply, sewerage, heating. In cities with a private sector, it will not work to buy a house under this program if it is not included in the program for the development of rural areas. The list of rural areas should be checked on the websites of local administrations or at the bank.

A rural mortgage can be obtained for the purchase of an apartment in a new building or on the secondary market, as well as for the purchase or construction of a private house, but only once in a lifetime. “The program allows the purchase of real estate in the secondary market with a mortgage at a preferential rate of 3%, all other state programs are aimed only at the primary market. As a result, the program is unique for the Russian market, "the press service of Sberbank notes.

When building a house, a mortgage can be issued for the completion of previously started construction under a work contract. The condition of such an agreement must be the completion of construction no later than two years after the first payment. Also, a concessional loan can be provided to repay loans or loans issued by Russian credit institutions no earlier than January 1, 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture specified.

Which banks can provide rural mortgages

A loan for private household plots at Rosselkhozbank in 2021 is a profitable opportunity to join the ranks of the self-employed population. RSHB is a state financial company that has a core segment - the development of agro-industry and rural regions. That is why loans for the purchase of real estate in the village are more profitable, and interest rates on loans for business development and private household plots are issued at a low overpayment ratio.

Loan objectives

The money spent on the development of personal subsidiary plots is issued for the following purposes:

  • purchase of fuel for agricultural machinery (tractors, combines, etc.);
  • breeding of farm animals (buy only young animals);
  • compensation for electricity costs (for farms, greenhouses, pumps, irrigation systems, etc.);
  • coverage of expenses for rent/purchase of land, warehouse, storage;
  • seeds and seedlings; <
  • funds for the construction, reconstruction and repair of facilities operated in the course of farming;
  • other seasonal costs.

Loan conditions for the development of personal subsidiary plots

In the Russian Agricultural Bank, a loan for the development of private household plots is issued on the following terms:

  • currency - Russian ruble;
  • terms - from 90 days;
  • loan amounts - from 30,000 to 1,000,000 (by trusted clients with a good credit history and active account movements are given up to 1,500,000 RUB);
  • depending on the purpose, payments are divided into equal parts up to five years;
  • it is recommended to take at least one person (regardless of whether you have family ties);
  • there is a grace period;
  • commission for withdrawing funds from an account through a branded ATM is not charged;
  • the application for the issuance of funds will be considered within 5 working days from the date of submission of the full package of documents (weekends and holidays are not counted);
  • the repayment procedure is chosen by the borrower - annuity or differentiated;
  • premature closure of debt obligations without a penalty is allowed;
  • receiving money from the bank only by bank transfer.

Interest rates

The rate depends on the individual needs of the client.

Money/time up to 300,000 rubles Over 300,000 up to 365 days from a year to two to a year to two Individuals (both existing and new clients) 10.5% 12% 12% RSHB clients with a positive credit history 10% 10.5 % 10.5%

Loan calculator

We have a web calculator on our site where you enter general data on terms and costs. The system will give you an approximate value for the monthly installment. You don't have to enter personal information.

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