Own business on rural estates

Ecotourism: organizing hikes as a business

It is possible to develop a successful business "from scratch" and get income today anywhere, within any district and settlement (for example, Ilyinskoye in the Moscow region) and, of course, the countryside is no exception. On the contrary, in recent years this direction has been in ever-increasing demand, giving unlimited opportunities and advantages that cannot be found in urban conditions.

Agricultural business is a truly limitless area, various ideas are being implemented here:

  • farming;
  • production (food, feed and not only);
  • rural tourism (especially in the Moscow region - in the settlement of Ilyinskoe and others along Krasnogorskoe highway);
  • hotel business (especially if rural tourism begins to develop in the region);
  • entertainment;
  • shops in villages; <
  • roadside service (opening a grocery store, cafe).

The listed examples represent only a small part of the possibilities, the most popular are farming, manufacturing and rural tourism.

It is possible to open a business in rural areas from scratch, and this is considered a fairly profitable enterprise due to a number of advantages, including:

  • availability of free space;
  • affordable prices for real estate;
  • salaries of hired employees from rural areas are much lower than urban ones; <
  • the ability to open production from scratch, i.e. with minimal costs due to low cost and at the same time receive a grant for business development (a grant is a monetary gratuitous allowance for enterprises);
  • the availability of such an important resource as land.

Choosing how to organize a business in agriculture, you should start with a more detailed consideration of each idea, studying its features, varieties, subtleties and possible disadvantages.


Rural areas, and the ideas of working in it, are primarily associated with farming (it will not be difficult to get a grant for its development). In this case, you can choose:

  • vegetable growing ;
  • animal husbandry;
  • plant growing.

Before deciding which vegetables or fruits it is advisable to grow for the entire agricultural year, you should study the features of the area, analyze the productivity of agricultural crops in a given climatic zone.

Agritourism Business Plan

With the development of industrial society, people are increasingly beginning to appreciate all the delights of natural recreation. The fast-paced daily life, the constant bustle of noisy megacities lead to the fact that people are happy to prefer trips to the countryside for the purpose of a weekend getaway. That is why we offer you a business related to agritourism.

The essence of agritourism is to provide people with a country holiday, which includes all the delights of a natural and rural nature. The opinion that a comfortable stay can only be obtained within the city has long lost its relevance. This type of recreation is gaining more and more popularity among tourists and townspeople.

The specificity of such a business is that location will be the fundamental factor of your business. It should be as less civilized as possible, ideally there should be a forest and a river nearby. Do not miss the moment that this vacation should be primarily environmentally friendly (that is, a village in the city center is clearly not suitable).

The advantage of an ecotourism project is its simplicity, it can be organized by an ordinary villager, because it does not require special investment. In addition, this business will be suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs who do not have experience behind them.

This business must be registered as an individual entrepreneur, because there is no need for a license, as well as registration of an organizational and legal form (legal entity). A clear advantage will be the ability to use a simplified taxation system.

According to statistics, the payback of a business occurs within 2-3 months due to the minimum cost of opening such a project. The profitability can reach 45%, which is a very good result.

In order for your business to become successful as quickly as possible, make a preliminary business plan. You can find such examples below.

Organizational stages of the project - a business plan has been developed for the project of creating an enterprise for organizing recreation in the countryside (agritourism). The essence of the business and the nature of the activities of such an organization are presented.

Contains tips from an experienced American entrepreneur to help you run your business effectively in this area. Sequential stages of business organization have been developed. The key features that need to be paid attention to when implementing such a project are described.

The analysis of the market capacity, as well as the main segment of consumers, saturation of the market with competing firms has been made

Trends and ways to improve activities - contains a business plan for the organization of the company "Krolova Khata". A list of constraining factors for the development of such a business in our country is presented. A complete economic analysis of the environment for various groups of factors has been carried out.

Agritourism is a good opportunity for a farmer to receive additional income in addition to the production of agricultural products.

Setting up a rural hotel on a farm is not difficult. The easiest way to do this will be for farmers who cultivate their fields or are engaged in animal husbandry. If you do not plan to equip a large hotel on your farm, but will manage with several rooms, your business does not need registration.

Having a well-equipped farm, you can earn extra money from agritourism

Additional source of income

Agritourism can become an additional source of income for the owner of a large house or his own farm. In the latter case, you just have to take care of the cleanliness and order in the guest rooms, you already have everything else!

If your site is located at a great distance from the sea or a picturesque lake, you need to provide vacationers with a recreation area not far from home. For example, a decently equipped orchard (furniture, hammock, benches, swing), where you can sit with a book or have a family picnic.

It would also be nice to attract tourists to the daily work on the farm:

  • Animal feeding
  • Baking bread
  • Fishing
  • Smoking fish or meat products
  • Hand whipping butter

You need to come up with a distinctive concept that will be interesting to vacationers and make them think about the opportunity to visit you next year. Interesting ideas that potential clients will definitely like:

  • Regional cuisine made from our own produce
  • Proximity to the sea, forest, mountain trails, lake, river
  • Organization of hiking or outbound (if you have a horse farm) excursions in the surrounding area
  • Opportunity to independently feed animals (ducks, chickens, horses, cows)
  • Fishing, picking mushrooms, boat or horse walks <
  • Access to sports equipment - bicycles, scooters, badminton, soccer and volleyball balls
  • The opportunity to learn how to bake bread, smoke fish, knit lace, make jam
  • Farewell gifts homemade jam or a basket of fruits from your garden

Children enjoy interacting with animals, and for city kids it will be a unique experience

Rural tourism as a business: where to start

Tourism has been and remains an amazingly profitable business area. Changeable, dependent on economic circumstances, and yet - sustainable-profitable, because something, but after hard working months you always want to rest. Thirsty tourists are increasingly turning their attention to finding entertainment and exoticism in their home area.

What constitutes the usual daily routine of a rural dweller becomes a desirable exotic for a city dweller - an exotic for which he is ready to shell out decent money. As you know, demand creates supply. On the basis of the trend towards ecological recreation, the current, developing, but still not plowed field in the territory of the CIS countries is rural, or the so-called - green tourism.

Ecotourism, agritourism or rural tourism as a business appeared in the middle of the last century and is an alternative to camping, equipped and comfortable leisure in the bosom of nature. This article will discuss the benefits of this business for Russia and how to organize it with calculations and examples.

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First Steps

In order to understand where to start rural tourism, you must first of all decide which starting resources to start from and what scale of the project to target. Will it be an authentic hut, a complex of wooden cottages surrounded by a forest, farmland or a seating yard with a reconstruction of the culture of life of the century before last?

Technically, the start of such a business is available to any villager who is ready to rent a house or room in a picturesque area, food from a small farm and a tour of the surrounding area.

Provided room or house must be fully furnished and equipped with all necessary household utensils. However, the mere provision of rental housing in the village is not enough to satisfy the tourist needs of a diverse public.

Organization: what is important to consider

How to organize rural tourism in such a way as to ensure not only the primary interest of vacationers, but also the desire to return again with friends, family, and even advise colleagues? As a rule, the organizers offer such a range of services.

What is agritourism in Russia, how to organize it correctly - see this video.

The tourist business in Russia has always been a profitable business. The profitability of this direction remains high, despite the emerging crises or difficult economic situations in the country.

Recently, rural tourism as a business has become entrenched in the service market, and is of interest to residents of large cities. Agritourism allows a person to plunge into the everyday life of the Russian hinterland. For sophisticated townspeople, such a vacation is exotic, and for this they are ready to give a lot of money. It is not difficult to organize rural tourism, but there are some nuances that a novice entrepreneur should be aware of.

We recommend that you explore one more direction in the service sector: the business of smoking products.

Ecotourism in the countryside: where to start

Ecotourism as a business is attractive for rural residents who have limited funds. A small start-up

capital will be sufficient for:

  • Purchase or construction of a small house on a personal plot;
  • Purchase of a vehicle that is necessary for the transportation of tourists.

In addition, you will need to purchase pets and set up a small vegetable garden where food will be grown. It is allowed to use a private house of an entrepreneur as a place for tourists. It is necessary to divide or allocate part of the room for the dining room, since food must be prepared in a special equipped room.

When drawing up a business plan, an entrepreneur must choose the type of ecotourism that he will offer to clients. There may be several options:

If circumstances allow a person to invest a large sum of money in the organization of rural tourism, careful planning is necessary. Before turning a business idea into reality, an entrepreneur must decide on the scope of the project and correctly assess his financial capabilities. These factors affect how the infrastructure of the enterprise will look like. It includes places for vacationers to stay, food and entertainment.

Pay attention! The tourist complex can be built in the traditional Russian style, in the form of small wooden huts, surrounded by picturesque nature. The meals of the guests staying are provided by the household.

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