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Travel to New Zealand; rest, prices and attractions

New Zealand is one of the most picturesque corners of our planet, where you can enjoy the beauty of untouched nature, get acquainted with the interesting culture of local peoples and escape from the hardships and bustle of working days. Every year this country is visited by millions of tourists who fall in love with it and yearn to return here again and again.

New Zealand on the world map

The blooming pearl of the seas is located in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean and consists of 700 miniature islands and two giants, which actually represent the main territory of this state: the North and South Islands.

New Zealand -View Larger Map They are separated by the wide Cook Strait. If you calculate the total size of all the islands of New Zealand, you can find that the territory of this country exceeds the UK, but does not reach the size of Italy. More than 70 percent of all territories are mountains. The New Zealand territories include (as an autonomous state) and the Cook Archipelago.

The country's closest neighbor is the mainland Australia.

Speaking about the topography, the two largest islands in the country should be singled out separately. The South Island has the largest area - more than 150 thousand square kilometers. It is characterized by a mountainous relief. The mountain range of the Southern Alps runs through the entire territory of the island - from north to south. The highest point of the island is Mount Aoraki, also known as Mount Cook, which is over 3700 meters high. In addition to it, the South Island has about 20 mountain peaks with heights of more than 3000 meters. A small section of the eastern territories are flat plains, where local people skillfully cope with agriculture. The western territories, due to their unusual relief structures, have remained untouched and pristine for many centuries. It is here that many national parks and mighty glaciers are concentrated. One of the largest lakes in the country, Te Anau, is located on the island.

The relief of the North Island is more favorable for human life and has practically no mountain peaks, so the largest cities in New Zealand are located here. Its area is slightly less than that of the South and is almost 114 thousand square meters. km. The island is also home to the country's largest seaports and excellent shipping. The North Island is home to New Zealand's largest lake, Taupo, with a maximum depth of 186 meters. The highest point of the North Island is Ruapehu - an active volcano, about 2797 meters high.

Another feature of the local relief can be considered fjords, most of the coastline is striped by them up and down. In addition to access to the waters of the ocean, which separates New Zealand from other continents by hundreds of kilometers, the Tasman Sea is located near the country's territories. Also, New Zealand has a dense network of rivers and numerous lakes. The largest river in the country is the Waikato, which is almost 425 kilometers long. More than 30 rivers of the country have a length of more than one hundred kilometers, a huge number of small rivulets originate in the mountains and carry their waters for short distances. A huge number of local lakes appeared as a consequence of volcanic activity, which determines their incredible depth, the rest are the result of glacial activity in individual regions.

Flag of New Zealand

The national flag has three colors: blue, white and red. There is a clear British influence, as evidenced by the presence of a smaller version of the British flag in the upper left corner of the blue canvas, the so-called Union Jack. In addition, there are four red stars in a white frame on the dark blue canvas.

New Zealand

Inside of me

Quite often there are questions about which city in New Zealand is the best and where to move. aligning cities is not an easy task, as each city has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The test is useful not only for those planning to move to New Zealand, but also for those who may be thinking about moving within the country. Please do not take the test results too seriously, this is a subjective opinion, albeit based on some data.

And under the cut there is more detailed information about the main cities of New Zealand.

With the New Zealand Now website, you can see the distinctive features of each region. In addition, we can collect interesting information on property values, median and average salaries in New Zealand dollars. Let's calculate the conditional coefficient "How many years do you need to save for an average house with a median and average salary".

Please note that the median is not the same as the average. Read more about the median on Wikipedia. For more information on median salaries by industry, visit the Careers website. Average salaries by region on the RadioNZ website.

Since the article turned out to be quite voluminous, we decided to add links to cities for easy navigation:

North Island


Population: 1,415,550. Average Home Value: $ 931,061 flat salary: $ 48,204. average salary: $ 76,338 Drink for an average priced house with a median salary: 19.32 years Benefit for an average priced house with an average salary: 12.20 years

There is no winter per se in Auckland and a hot or temperate climate prevails. Not rich in architecture, it is surrounded by excellent beaches, hills and waterfalls. It is the most expensive, largest and most crowded city with all kinds of entertainment options, and the most popular here are water sports like surfing. Auckland offers the best job opportunities of any city in the country in virtually every industry. There are traffic jams, and getting around by bicycles or on foot is difficult due to the long distances and hilly areas. Overall, it is a good city for a career or entertainment.

A bit of history about New Zealand

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, it would not hurt to learn a little more about this country. As a result of the fact that New Zealand is very remote from the mainland and occupies several islands in Pacific Polynesia, its territory was late inhabited.

The first settlers from other islands appeared here between 1250-1300. They acquired their own culture, over time, their own language was formed. In the course of history, the Maori settlers were divided into two clans, which conducted economic relations with each other and fought from time to time.

In the 17th century, the first Europeans arrived on the shores of New Zealand. This visit was not successful and ended in an armed skirmish with the Maori, after which the inhabitants of Europe did not visit the islands for more than a hundred years. Briton James Cook not only made another trip to New Zealand, but also made a detailed map of its coastline.

After that, a pilgrimage here began from the mainland of whalers, merchant ships and seal hunters. The exchange of goods with the Europeans significantly changed the way of life and the diet of local residents - it was they who brought potatoes and firearms to the islands. The latter has become the cause of many armed conflicts.

For a long time New Zealand was a colony of Great Britain. Nevertheless, these lands have retained their identity and today it is a modern democratic state that plays an active role in the political arena. It was in New Zealand that women received the right to vote for the first time in the world, it was this country that first declared its nuclear-free status and allowed heterosexual marriages in 2013.

Surprisingly, many advanced powers can only envy New Zealand - the country ranks second in the world in the absence of corruption and is one of the most democratic states. But tourists here are attracted by something completely different - a vacation in New Zealand in 2019 will allow everyone who wants to touch the pristine nature - you will not see anything like it in any other place on the planet.

Travel to New Zealand

For tourists from the CIS, New Zealand is not a Mecca due to its remoteness, and only a few nature lovers and thrill-seekers come here. Citizens try to maintain the territory of the country as much as possible in its original form and not only preserve local beauty, but also use sources of alternative energy with might and main. Therefore, travelers who are obsessed with ecology and organic matter simply must visit this incredible country - a vacation in New Zealand will help to find unity and harmony with nature.

How to get there and where to stay?

Moving to New Zealand for permanent residence is a rather complicated process that takes a long period of time.

Living standards in the country

Russian migrants choose it for a number of reasons:

  • Average life expectancy is 80 years;
  • High wages;
  • Decent healthcare;
  • Good environment ...

The residents' longevity is conditioned by the consumption of high-quality and natural food products. The state is engaged in agricultural production, so there are practically no industrial enterprises that pollute the atmosphere with harmful substances. As a nuclear-free zone, it does not place nuclear power plants on its territory. Beautiful terrain and favorable climate are not key indicators.

To carefully regulate the migration flow, the authorities have created a special annual quota for foreign specialists. 45 thousand people have a chance to get a job in the country, which does not correspond to the total number of potential residents. Some do not want to receive permanent residence due to the remote location, high seismic activity and high solar radiation provoked by ozone holes.

Relocation methods

Russians can use the following options to move to New Zealand:

  • Official employment;
  • Family reunification;
  • Investing money;
  • Getting an education.

There is an age limit for entry in the state. People over 55 are prohibited from moving to the country, unless it is related to the reunification of close relatives.

Visas and their types

Entrust the care of your dreams to professionals!

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Attention: Australia and New Zealand do not currently issue tourist (visitor) visas for international tourists. The timing of the opening of the borders is not yet known and will depend on the timing of the availability of successful vaccines. Previously, most experts predict the opening of borders by October 1, 2021. You can subscribe to our newsletter to update you on the progress of the opening of Australia and New Zealand borders.

In the footsteps of the children of Captain Grant and the Lord of the Rings

Since childhood, I have been attracted by nature, travel and adventure. Reading by Captain Grant's Children, I became infected with the dream of walking the path of fearless heroes through Patagonia, Australia and New Zealand. When the Lord of the Rings movie came out, I was amazed at the beauty of the landscapes filmed in New Zealand, and I was determined to see them with my own eyes.

As a result, I not only saw in reality the images created by Jules Verne, but also live in New Zealand. Fate gave me the opportunity to create vibrant travels to New Zealand and Australia. I am sure that you will take with you indelible impressions and love for both countries. See you in New Zealand and Australia!

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In 2006, New Zealand became our home. Before that, since 2000, we have organized tours and expeditions to Lake Baikal and Mongolia. A love of nature, travel and adventure, extensive knowledge and many years of experience in tourism, the best guides and carefully selected services - these are the main ingredients for the success of our signature tours to New Zealand and Australia. As well as our thousands of happy tourists, we want you to fully see, know, feel, experience and love the best that New Zealand and Australia have to offer. In our tours, you get the advantage of traveling on non-mass routes. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of our partners and tourists. Our company New Land Adventures Ltd (state registration) has been a tour operator in New Zealand and Australia since 2008. Own transport, professional guides and direct contracts with the best suppliers allow us to guarantee a high level of quality at affordable prices. See you in New Zealand and Australia! Ivan Ivanov and Natalia Semenova/New Land Adventures Team

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