Life in the countryside is not a hindrance to earnings: 20 best ideas for business outside the city

Life in the countryside is not a hindrance to earnings: 20 best ideas for business outside the city

Residents living in rural areas do not have the opportunity to fully work at enterprises. If the settlement is located near the city, then the employee can come to the city every day.

However, not all villages are located near enterprises. And with the collapse of the country, collective and state farms ceased to exist.

Therefore, it is difficult for residents to find a job. They are faced with the question of what to do and what kind of business in the village will be in demand.

Many have moved to live in cities where it is easier to find work. But a significant part of young families also remained in the countryside.

In addition, some townspeople, for one reason or another, move to live in the village. And they think about how to create a business in the countryside and provide their family with the means for a fulfilling life.

Business in the countryside from scratch - where to start and how to succeed

The development of entrepreneurship in a small village has its own characteristics. If the city requires significant investments, even with the availability of premises, then in the village it is possible to engage in entrepreneurship without investing large funds.

The main advantages of rural business development include:

  • There is practically no rent;
  • Cheap labor;
  • Any business that can be done will be in demand;
  • You can start without start-up capital or require minimal investment. In the future, you can earn income, and use the surplus for the development of a mini business;
  • You can develop your subsidiary farm to an industrial scale;
  • A wide range of areas. In addition to growing environmentally friendly products (which is now in demand), rural tourism can be organized. Residents of megalopolises travel with great pleasure to the countryside, where they can taste the freshest food, feed or milk the animals. They are ready to pay good money for this;
  • A full cycle can be organized. From growing to selling to the end consumer.

But with all the listed advantages, there are also disadvantages:

  • Distance from the sales market. This means additional costs for transport;
  • Difficulties with the sale of large quantities of goods;
  • Seasonality of production. Most of the work is done only in spring, summer and autumn. However, it is possible to organize year-round production as well. But for this it is necessary to create conditions or diversify production.

Russian tourists are offered a variety of leisure options: from cultural and historical monuments of Europe to the silver-golden beaches of Africa. Many have been everywhere, and therefore it is difficult to surprise them with anything.

Beach-bathing, skiing, cultural, educational and health tourism can no longer satisfy sophisticated vacationers. In solving this problem, tour operators are paying more and more attention to this type of recreation as rural tourism.

The uniqueness of this type of recreation is that tourists work for the good in agricultural areas for their own money. In addition to work, vacationers get acquainted with the culture and customs of these places. Experts in the field of psychology and neurology are increasingly advising patients on this type of relaxation. Agritourism allows you to restore physical and emotional health through a reunion with nature and a change in activities.

What is Agritourism

Agritourism (ecotourism, rural tourism) is a special type of tourism, which includes the time of passing tourists in the countryside. What for many residents of small villages or large farmers is a daily routine, for urban residents it will be a whole exotic, for which they are ready and will pay.

If in many European countries ecotourism is in great demand and is quite developed, then on the territory of Russia and the CIS countries it is not so widespread.

Rural tourism allows you to use the peculiarities of natural resources, local rituals and customs, as well as the way of society in a given area. Tourists using these tours can:

Engage in agriculture ranging from small garden plots to huge farm plantations.

Livestock, some can feed and care for animals, while others take on the role of a real veterinarian.

feel like a beekeeper, starting from pumping honey, ending with processing hives and harvesting drones.

feel like a full-fledged inhabitant of the countryside.

From history

Rural people grow plants and animals mainly for personal needs, but now many of them are transferring the farm to a commercial sphere. It is believed that the most profitable startups are concentrated in large settlements, but the experience of many entrepreneurs has shown that even living outside the city, you can get income that is quite comparable to the Moscow salaries. We have studied the most successful cases, and are ready to share twenty of the best business ideas for the village.

Features of doing business in the village and town

Small settlements differ significantly from cities not only in size, but also in a number of unique features that significantly affect, among other things, the development of entrepreneurship. For example, in villages fewer people are interested in elite beauty salons or spa centers, while resort or regional centers are hard to imagine without such establishments.

Before starting a business in a village or town, it is important to consider the following nuances:

  • Low cost of renting land plots and premises, utilities, which allows you to reduce costs.
  • Availability of natural resources.
  • Unsettled distribution system. Aspiring entrepreneurs face the challenge of finding a target audience.
  • Optional registration at the initial stages of business development. This makes it possible to make sure that the idea is profitable in practice.
  • State support for farmers.

For the successful development of the project, it is important to find ways to sell products: trade in the markets and in nearby stores, sales in large cities, production to order.

How to choose a business niche

A number of factors influence the choice of a business idea for implementation in a village. The main ones are:

  • size of the settlement;
  • demographic composition (whether there are young people left in the village);
  • distance to major cities;
  • transport infrastructure;
  • climatic conditions and environmental specifics;
  • needs of the population, availability of a sales market;
  • knowledge and experience of an entrepreneur;
  • availability of resources (land, water bodies);
  • value from a tourist point of view;
  • size of start-up capital.

The rural market is rarely oversaturated, and the level of competition tends to zero. To begin with, it is worth determining what products or services may be in demand, and then analyzing the earning opportunities and risks of the business project.

Best Village Business Ideas

It is profitable to grow plants and animals in the village, as well as to do business at home. As a rule, many startups in this case require minimal investment. We have collected working ideas that are relevant in 2019 for implementation directly in the village, village or town.

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