Lavender fields in the Krasnodar Territory 2021: Kuban Tuscany

Lavender fields in the Krasnodar Territory 2021: Kuban Tuscany

These places in the Krasnodar Territory are called Kuban Tuscany. It is so atmospheric here that you want to spread a blanket, cut farm cheese and enjoy the sunset with a white dry or semi-sweet red semisweet. They come here for this. And also behind stunning views for photos. At the beginning of summer, the place is dizzy with aromas. And the mobile camera simply cannot convey all the beauty.

The lavender fields in the Krasnodar Territory in 2021 are carefully guarded so that they are not trampled by the fans of photo shoots. Yes, and they are allowed only by appointment. Lavender is planted here not only for beauty - essential oils, wine and soap are made from it.

Whole lavender tours are organized in the Krasnodar Territory - with excursions, tastings, photo sessions, master classes on creating bouquets. On some farms it is even possible to harvest a "crop" together with an agronomist.

Whole lavender tours are organized in the Krasnodar Territory.

Photo of lavender fields

Where are the lavender fields in the Krasnodar Territory

All lavender fields in the Krasnodar Territory are protected and belong to someone. So you won't be able to come, leave your car at the side of the road and take pictures. But farmers are happy to let tourists into the territory for a fee. The fields are located in the Crimean region, not far from Anapa, as well as in the Seversky region of the Krasnodar Territory.

To get spectacular photos, you should come here at dawn or at dusk. But the views are no worse during the day.

Agritourism in the Krasnodar Territory

When lavender blooms

Lavender fields in the Krasnodar Territory begin to bloom in late spring - early summer 2021. Lavender is planted so that there is a distance between the bushes - so it is more convenient to collect the inflorescences. As the plant gains strength, each bush looks like fluffy tall balls.

The seasoned tourist knows that the best travel happens during the off-season. When crowds of vacationers are not yet besieging your favorite places, the gentle sun only warms you, in wineries they are greeted as a dear guest, and ski resorts delight with snow, but no longer upset with high prices and sudden fogs. Moreover, in order to find this happiness, it is not at all necessary to fly to distant lands.

The mountains, the sea, exquisite wines, architecture, and cycling in the Olympic Village are all about recreation in the Krasnodar Territory, where in the spring of 2021 there will be excursions and entertainment for the whole family.

The Black Sea at this time is not at all like the summer one: it is extremely clean, quiet, bright azure. In the heat, behind the crowd of vacationers, it is difficult to discern its true greatness. And in the spring you will sit quietly on the shore and admire the soft waves. Is this not a reason to come to the Krasnodar Territory.

Popular Resorts

Go skiing and take a dip in the thermal baths in March

Don't listen to those who say that there is nothing to do in Krasnaya Polyana in March. This is ideal for those who love mountains (there is still snow here), and for those who are just looking for relaxation. In March, the air temperature at night does not drop below +7 degrees, during the day it reaches +11. But subzero temperatures also happen: the weather is still unpredictable. At the same time, there is a lot of sun, and there are half the number of tourists. Housing prices and entertainment prices are dropping by an order of magnitude.

Even if you are not a snowboarder, simply strolling along the old Estonian road in Esto-Sadok or along the embankment of the Mzymta River, look at the Maiden's Tears waterfalls and swim in the open pool of the Galaktika water park overlooking the snow-capped mountains pleasure.

If you want a health-improving vacation in the Krasnodar Territory in the spring - go to the thermal springs, in 2021 there are more than fifty of them. Ten of them are in the vicinity. The town of Goryachy Klyuch is one of the most famous balneological resorts in the region. Open-air baths in Apsheronsky, Mostovsky and Labinsky districts are also very popular.

Dozens of sanatoriums and recreation centers with hot tubs, saunas and a complex of health procedures will breathe new strength into any tired person. And take an excursion from here somewhere in the mountains - there is nothing more captivating than the awakening spring peaks.

See the blooming magnolias in April

When fine snow and rain falls from the sky in most of Russia, magnolias and sakura trees begin to bloom in Sochi. A great excuse to throw on a light jacket and wave off to the Black Sea coast. During the day, the air temperature fluctuates between + 13 ... + 15 degrees, towards the end of the month it reaches +18, sometimes up to +22. You will not be able to swim in the sea yet, but, believe me, you will take a whole suitcase without water procedures.

You can go to Sochi Park, Riviera Park, drive to the Olympic Park in Adler, look at Stalin's dacha, and show the children the monkey nursery. In December, the Olympic Games Museum was also opened, where in virtual reality mode you will feel like a real champion. And they will give a photo as a souvenir.

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