Kazbekovsky district - the land of tourism and exciting travel

Kazbekovsky district - the land of tourism and exciting travel

Kazbekovsky district is part of the northern zone of Dagestan and borders: in the north with the Khasavyurt district, in the east with the Kizilyurt district, in the south with the Gumbetovsky district, and in the west with the Novolaksky district and the Republic of Chechnya. Currently, the Kazbekovsky district includes 15 rural and 1 urban settlements. As of January 1, 2018, more than 47,000 people live in the district (about 1.5% of the total population of the Republic of Dagestan). According to the historical chronology, the territory occupied today by the Kazbekovsky district was called Salatavia. It is assumed that Salatavia got its name from the place of its original settlement on the Sala-su river and the Sala-tau ridge.

Natural and climatic features, flora and fauna

Kazbekovskiy district belongs to the north-western zone with a moderately warm climate. The dissection of the relief and the different exposure of the slopes create a great variety of climatic conditions. The average minimum temperature reaches -17, and the maximum, respectively, +36 degrees. The first frosts are observed in the second or third decade of October, and the last in the third decade of March - early April. The frost-free period lasts 237 days on average. The winter period is characterized by winters with little snow, where the thickness of the snow cover is 10-15 cm. In general, the climatic conditions of the region make it possible to grow various crops, both of the temperate zone and heat-loving plants. Geomorphologically, the territory of the region is located in the foothill part of the republic. The height of the foothills is 500-1000 m. The main forms of relief are associated with the result of the combined impact of mountain-forming forces and river erosion. The relief is also characterized by numerous watersheds, among which one can note the watersheds of the Sulak, Aktash, Salasu, Zhaginko and others. The district's hydrographic network is represented by a dense network of streams originating from the tops of the watersheds. According to their regime, all rivers in the region are mountainous. Melted, rain and ground waters are involved in the rivers. The variety of relief, soil, climate determines the diversity of the region's vegetation. The high-mountainous part of the region is occupied by subalpine meadows, which develop in the range of heights from 1000-1500 m above sea level. Vegetation is located up to an altitude of 1000 m above sea level, forming a belt of post-forest mosses. The grass stands of these meadows are characterized by: low sedge, feather grass, clover and others. In the forest zone, the vegetation is represented by beech-hornbeam forests with an admixture of oak. There are also alder, aspen, birch and pine in higher places. And the lower layer of forests is represented by hawthorn, acacia, rose hips. From wild fruits in the forests there are walnuts, apple trees, pears, medlar. It should be noted that of the forests of Dagestan, the forests of the Kazbekovsky district make up about 30%. The flora and fauna are very richly represented, listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Dagestan and the Russian Federation:

Central Asian leopard (leopard)

- Canine mutinus; - Lobaria is wide; - Lindberghia short-winged; - Traunsteiner spherical; - Steven's stork; - Primula Voronova; - Caucasian Agama; - Lynx and weasel are everywhere.

In the Kazbekovsky region, you can also find a bear, deer, a wolf, a fox, a hare, a wild boar, a roe deer, etc. from the representatives of the animal world.

We can say that the entire area is a unique natural monument. All natural monuments are of both regional and republican significance. Many of them are already known to the inhabitants of our republic. Tourists come here again and again, because they do not have time to visit all the unique places at one time.

- GIachiyazul meg1er (mountain for pastures of cows); - Ihin gorge; - Burtunay peat bogs; - Inchkha Valley; - SihIir gohI (sly mountain); - ChIegIerab xIor (black lake); - Isisu (hydrogen sulfide mud baths); - Artsul noh'o (money cave) and much more.

Tourism opportunities

Kazbekovsky district is unique and original. It is renowned for its beauty and diversity of nature. The area is compact. It is represented by natural zones of high-altitude zonation, starting from the plain and ending with mountains with a height of more than 2000 m. Exactly half of the territory is covered with forest. The rivers Sulak, Aktash and streams flow here. The region is proud of its excellent workers and youth. Residents are famous for their patriotism. Imam Shamil had many naibs loyal to him - people from our villages.

Among the unique corners of the Kazbekovsky district, the Sulak canyon occupies a special place. It is a kind of visiting card and tourist flagship of the area.

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