Into someone else's garden: the best farms in Russia

Agritourism in the Moscow region: 5 farms to feel the unity with nature

Rural tourism in Russia is gaining popularity, which is not surprising - who wants to spend a vacation in a noisy and dusty metropolis? A Russian bathhouse, natural vegetables and fruits, relaxation in the bosom of nature is a completely different matter. Where to relax in the Moscow region - read in the new collection of otdihvrossii. u!

Farm "Mashenka"

Guests are offered to relax here in a very non-standard way - doing agricultural work, from haymaking to milking a cow. If this kind of leisure is not for you, there are also more "standard" entertainments - take a steam bath, grill barbecue or taste fresh farm products. And lovers of cultural leisure will certainly be interested in visiting the museum of ancient utensils and familiarizing themselves with the collection of agricultural implements in order to finally find out what a plow looks like.

Where: d. Plotikhino, Sergiev Posad district

Forest Guinea Fowl Farm

At the farm with this poetic name, you can rent a bike, boat or boat to enjoy the picturesque views of the area. The zest of this farm is home theater and ecological hikes. Of course, there is also a Russian bath - what kind of rest can there be without it?

Where: Lunevo village, Solnechnogorsk district, 19 km from MKAD

Eco-farm "Konovalovo"

An excellent place for those wishing to fish: tench, crucian carp, carp are found in the pond on the farm. In the cafe you will be treated to local products - not only vegetables and berries, but even honey from a local apiary. Camping in Konovalovo includes horseback riding, resting in a gazebo, playing sports - there are a lot of leisure options. At the same time, guest houses are modernly equipped, so it will be possible to combine outdoor recreation and familiar amenities.

Where: village Stepankovo, Shakhovskoy district

Farm "Olgino"

Another option for those who are not ready to part with comfort even during outdoor recreation. Guest houses here are well equipped: a comfortable kitchen, cozy rooms, parking and a personal barbecue. It is worth coming here to enjoy natural products - milk and meat, fruits and berries, chicken eggs and real honey. The rest will turn out to be rich - you can ride a horse (on horseback or in a carriage), go fishing, take a walk in the forest, or even start collecting firewood.

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Around Moscow

Goat farm "Cosa Nostra" Moscow region, der. Golovkovo-Maryino, 80 km from the city

Farmers Andrey and Nadezhda Akesolo are in love with natural cheeses, so they breed goats - they make it especially tasty from their milk. “The goat is an intelligent and noble animal, but difficult to keep in our climate, which is not suitable for thoroughbred Nubians,” the owners admit. Goats are on free grazing, because this is an ecologically clean region, and they are fed with what is grown on the farm. The result is signature cheeses based on French and Spanish technologies. And of course the Nubian goats!

Pietro Mazza's farm "Little Italy" Tver region, s. Mednoe, 200 km from the city

Pietro Mazza, an Italian contadino (farmer) in the fourth generation, brought to Russia a thousand-year family history, the experience of Calabrian cheesemakers and the correct approach to agritourism as a way of friendly communication between nature and man. And his wife Zhanna, a local native, helped to cross the traditions of southern Italy with the realities of central Russia. When you visit the farm, try the Calabrian yunkata cheese. It is difficult to find it even in Italy.

Maria Koval's cheese factory, Yaroslavl region, s. Housewarming, 150 km from the city

The Yaroslavl Region started out as a center for handicraft cheese making, where 300 farms made cheese “like in Europe” using milk from the Yaroslavl cow breed. In the USSR, craft was replaced by industry, and European recipes were simplified to the usual "Soviet", "Kostroma" and "Poshekhonsky". Today on the farm of Maria Koval again the XIX century and cheese classics of France, Italy and Holland. Only the approach to tourists is modern: master classes, lectures, excursions and tastings.

Free Range Farm Vladimir region, der. Zelentsino, 130 km from the cityFarmer Dmitry Klimov and grocery store Andrey Kuspits - two Figaro villages of Zelentsino. They make one think that the farmer's everyday life is a big top and a holiday. An excursion here is the best remedy for city spleen and fatigue. Collect still warm eggs, milk the cow, smoke the meat and make a pilgrimage to the source of St. Sergius of Radonezh. Transfer, overnight stay, lunches and dinners to order - Figaro will do everything!

Complex "Bogdarnya" Vladimir region, village. Krutovo, 130 km from the city A large businessman from London, and now Russified farmer John Kopiski created an empire of agritourism a la rus in the Vladimir region. It produces meat (including steak cuts), dairy products and, of course, cheeses. All services are available: from a master class on cheese making and baking to field practice of responsible farming and horseback riding in the forest.

Farmer's cooperative "Mark and Lev" Tula region, pos. Privolye, 160 km from the cityIn the beginning there was a restaurant "Mark and Lev", the creators of which dreamed of terroir cuisine - when the chef uses only regional products. After three years, dreams became reality. Among Polenov's landscapes, restaurateurs have raised a community of farmers: from dairy, cheese and grain production to a brewery. In one day, you can see several farms and taste their products made by chef Mikhail Lukashornka.

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