How to raise sturgeons in the yard of a private farm and make a profit at the same time VIDEO

How to raise sturgeons in the yard of a private farm and make a profit at the same time VIDEO

Subsidies for agriculture - assistance from the state to support domestic producers and the development of the industry. Subsidies allow novice farmers to organize their own business and start making a profit, and experienced business executives to develop their business.

General information on subsidizing agricultural development

The main objectives of the programs are the development of the agricultural sector, support for domestic producers, and reduction in the cost of products.

Legal framework for the year

The issue of allocating subsidies to farmers is regulated by law No. 264-ФЗ dated 29. 2. 006 "On the development of agriculture". The provision of subsidies is also regulated by the state program for the development of the industry for 2013-2021, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 14. 7. 012, No. 717 as amended from 18. 2. 019. Here is information about the type of appropriations, the conditions for their receipt in the specified period.

Subsidies for agriculture can also be awarded at the local level. In this case, the issue of the allocation of subsidies is regulated by these documents and regional regulations.

Existing subsidies

The state provides farmers with several types of subsidies.

Grants for the development of peasant farms

Grants are given to budding farmers and family farms.

All about agriculture

Land categories and building plot

It is not possible to build on any land plot, construction on it must be allowed. According to the law, the legal regime of lands is determined by belonging to the category and permitted use in accordance with the zoning of territories. In terms of their content, these two concepts are different.

House in the village

If the goal is to build a house for permanent residence, in which it will be possible to register on a permanent basis, then this can be done only on such a land plot where individual housing or summer cottage construction is allowed. In all other cases, on the ground, you can only cultivate bamboo or build a small country house.

It is understood that the category of land has a more general and broader meaning than the type of its permitted use. There can be several permitted uses in one category.

There are two main categories worthy of attention. With rare exceptions, almost all offers for the sale of land refer to either settlement land or agricultural land. The legal status of the land each of the two options has its pros and cons. How do they differ.

Settlement lands

The easiest and most convenient option from the point of view of further registration of ownership is a plot in a settlement. As a rule, in this case it belongs to the category of settlement land, which means that there will be no legal problems with the construction of a house. Settlement lands are of two types: individual housing construction - for individual housing construction and private household plots - for personal subsidiary plots. From a practical point of view, there is not much difference between them.

If the land plot for private household plots is located on the land of a settlement, it is a personal land plot. It can be used to build a residential building, industrial, household and other buildings, structures and structures. Such a plot is in no way inferior to land for individual housing construction. Moreover, the construction of a house on a plot allocated for private household plots does not require prior permits and approvals. Such a house can be officially registered and lived in it on a permanent basis. Of course, if everything is done in compliance with town planning regulations, construction, sanitary and hygienic, fire and environmental rules and regulations.

Agricultural land

What kind of exotic can not be found in personal subsidiary plots: snails and quails, Red Book plants and animals. In search of profit, resourceful villagers are ready to go for any experiments. Recently, more and more yards have appeared where, instead of chickens and pigs, they grow ... sturgeons! Owner of private household plots Alexander Yemtsev is sure: eating caviar with spoons and having a profitability of up to a thousand percent is not a tricky business. It is enough to be patient. Well, and have a solid scientific base.

Growing sturgeon in the farmstead (in private farms)

For the health of the nation

Alexandra Emtseva was led by chance to breed sturgeons at home. An active and enterprising resident of the village of Dolzhanskaya in the 1990s, he was engaged in social activities, headed the regional fund for the revival of Cossack culture. Rural tourism was one of the activities of the foundation. The guests were offered to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Cossack life at the recreation center.

It so happened that in 1996-1997 a delegation of scientists who explored the ecosystem of the Sea of ​​Azov settled on this base. Acquaintance with scientists was the beginning of many years of fruitful cooperation.

The courtyard of Alexander Grigorievich from the street at a glance, instead of a blank fence - a low iron fence. Visitors are greeted by a red stele with an inscription stating that the technologies of the Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences have been introduced in private households.

Alexander Yemtsev demonstrates what size individuals reach in artificial backwaters

- Academician Gennady Grigorievich Matishov's dream is to keep sturgeon in private farms in the same way as chickens and pigs are kept now, - proudly explains the owner of the courtyard, Alexander Yemtsev. - Black caviar strengthens the immunity of children and prevents the development of cancer, it should be available to everyone - this is the basis of the nation's health.

What we have in front of us is an unusual private household, you can see right away: there are no greenhouses, beds or pens for animals. Instead of them - pits with water, pools, baths, some of them - in enclosed spaces or under a canopy. Without an explanation from the owner, you will not immediately understand that all water reservoirs are interconnected by a system of canals.

- And here is the heart of everything, - Alexander Yemtsev proudly says, and his voice is drowned in the hum of the pump and the waterfall from the pipe.

As the owner of the courtyard explained, there are many options for organizing a sturgeon farm: fish can be kept in a large aquarium or pool outside or in a heated room with recirculating water supply devices (RAS). Scientists all over the world have been looking for a technology for breeding sturgeon in artificial reservoirs for 150 years. The market is already ready to offer the equipment necessary for this, mainly imported, and expensive. The idea of ​​the scientists of the SSC RAS ​​was to create a simplified technology that would reduce the cost of sturgeon to 250 rubles per kilogram and would be available to every rural family.

No heating in open backwaters

According to Federal Law 112-FZ "On personal subsidiary plots", citizens who are engaged in the production and processing of agricultural products that they produced and processed at their site, and then decided to sell, do not engage in entrepreneurial activity.

They are engaged in personal subsidiary farming. What are the features of running a personal subsidiary plots (hereinafter referred to as private household plots), what rules must be observed in order not to violate the law on private household plots?

What is a personal subsidiary farm? Signs of private households

This is a form of non-entrepreneurial activity for the production and processing of self-produced products to meet their needs.

Of course, a private household owner can sell eggs, meat or lard on the market, but this should not be a massive sale.

Private household plots do not need to be registered as individual entrepreneurship. All the owner of a private household needs is to keep records of private households in household books.

Private household plots are run by citizens and their families. You cannot involve third parties in the management of such an economy.

What is the difference between private household plots and a farm?

The difference between personal subsidiary plots and peasant farming activities is as follows:

What is the minimum size of a land plot for running private household plots?

The maximum minimum size of a land plot that is provided to a citizen in ownership for running a personal subsidiary farm is established by legal acts of local self-government bodies.

As for the maximum size of a land plot, its size should not exceed 0.5 hectares. In some cases, the maximum plot size can be increased.

Is it possible to transfer the land of private household plots to individual housing construction?

The Russian Federation possesses huge land areas and occupies 1/9 of the land, and most of these lands (22.6% - 386.5 million hectares) are suitable for cultivation:

  • fruits ,
  • vegetables ,
  • cereals,
  • animal husbandry.

Such fertile land belongs to the category of agricultural purposes.

Legislatively established the definition of territories intended for agriculture and a list of permitted use of agricultural land (RF LC Art. 77, 78):

  • farming on an industrial scale;
  • arranging special plantations to protect fields from dry winds, blowing out the fertile soil layer, keeping snow cover, etc.; <
  • implementation of agricultural and ecotourism;
  • carrying out scientific research and research;
  • animal husbandry;
  • carrying out educational and other activities related to with agriculture;
  • creation of peasant farms;
  • use for the needs of personal subsidiary plots;
  • gardening;
  • horticulture.

It is also permissible to build residential and auxiliary real estate on agricultural land.

In order not to become a violator of the law and not fall under the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, article 8.), you need to know what type of permitted use your agricultural land belongs to and act strictly in accordance with the Classifier VRI.

What is agricultural land?

In accordance with Russian legislation, all lands are divided into several categories of purpose.

This is necessary to determine the legal regime for their use and protection.

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