How to open a recreation center

The recreation center is a great idea for making money

Tourism has always been a lucrative field of activity. But people do not always succeed in traveling on long and long trips. Therefore, they arrange for themselves a little rest in country recreation centers. This is the kind of commercial activity where you can make good money. The main thing is to get acquainted with all the nuances and stages of its opening.


A recreation center as a business is one of the real options for a novice entrepreneur to get a stable good income. This type of entrepreneurial activity is associated with large capital investments, but, nevertheless, is designed for a high level of profitability. The advantage of such a business is that it is not limited in scope. If the business is successful, then over time you can safely expand its size and list of services.

It is very important to provide good service for the holidaymakers. Since the recreation centers within Russia are mainly designed for the middle class, the opportunity to receive high-quality service at a reasonable cost will attract a large number of visitors.

To be successful in such a business, the following conditions must be met:

  • Beautiful and picturesque area, not far from the reservoir.
  • A high level of service at a reasonable cost.
  • Constant growth in demand.
  • A wide range of services provided. It would be appropriate to build a small water park on the territory of the recreation center.

The main stages of the opening of the recreation center

There is a certain list of stages for opening a recreation center. If you follow them consistently, you can create a successful business.

The first stage in opening a recreation center is to find a place for this. It is worth looking for an area near the reservoir. A river or lake would be ideal. The opportunity to swim in the summer, not only in the pool, but also in a natural reservoir, will attract more customers. Also, the advantage of the chosen territory will be the close location from the forest. Since the Russian expanses are rich in dense forests, it is not difficult to find a place for a recreation center among the pine trees.

But, you shouldn't go deep with the territory, as the recreation center must be easily accessible from the urban area. Not all customers will be able to come by car, so there should be a bus stop near the base.

The next step will be to determine the area of ​​the land plot. It is best to rent it on long-term terms. The size of the territory will depend on the planned scale of the visit, the services provided and the wishes of the businessman. On average, the recreation center can accommodate 50-250 visitors.

The third stage is the construction of the recreation facilities themselves. It is best if you manage to find an area with already built houses. Making cosmetic and even major repairs will still be easier than building something from scratch.

Agritourism is gaining popularity among those who want to escape from the bustle of the city. It is not difficult to organize a business in this area, especially for rural residents and farmers. And how to do this is described below.

Relevance of this business

The relevance of agritourism lies in the fact that with the technological progress and growth of cities, some residents want to get closer to nature and take a break from the bustle of the city. This type of recreation is only gaining popularity in Russia, but has long existed in the Czech Republic, Hungary and other countries.

Target audience includes:

As you can see, the target audience is very diverse and affects a large segment of the population, or rather, anyone can become your client.

In addition, a villager who has a plot of land or his own large house can open his own business in this area. This niche is also relevant for those who own a farm, on the basis of which agritourism can be promoted.

Stages of organization

The main stages of starting a business:

Client search, advertising

Despite the fact that this item is in the last place in the list of stages, it makes sense to start looking for clients while equipping the hotel. This will help to avoid “idle time” when everything is ready and there are no visitors. In addition, by the number of responses to advertising, you can determine the number of people who want to visit such places.

It's better to start looking for the first customers through message boards and social networks. To do this, you need to create pages on Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and offer your services in thematic publics, place an ad on your page.

You can also create a separate group in social networks, where you need to describe in detail what you offer, prices, a list of entertainment, a description of the area. Upload lots of colorful photos of the rooms and surroundings. And always be in touch.

Everyone loves to have a rest, and more and more people tend to go away from the city and enjoy the rest physically and mentally. The constant noise of cars and the crowded countryside is replaced by the tranquility and pacification of nature, an excellent pastime with the whole family or alone with oneself. The demand for such a vacation has been on the rise lately, which means that the creation of a recreation center as a business makes sense.

What the consumer wants

Some of those who want to relax tend to visit foreign countries - Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia or the United Arab Emirates. But there is also a large part of those who prefer to spend their summer holidays at ordinary tourist centers, which were so popular in the Soviet years. What are the specific wishes of the vacationers? Beautiful nature, the opportunity to swim, fish, barbecue. And I would also very much like the whole package of services of the camp site to be inexpensive, it was not far to go, and the children would also be happy.

Many tourist centers to this day belong to enterprises, respectively, the service of such institutions leaves much to be desired. There is consumer demand, why not answer it with your offer? The creation of a recreation center as a business will be a fairly profitable solution.

Choosing a place for the recreation center

The business plan of the recreation center necessarily includes the choice of its location. The main criteria will be:

  • distance from the city (maximum two hours by car or public transport);
  • beautiful nature (forest, river, lake or together);
  • the place should not be a nature reserve, otherwise you will not get permission to open a tourist center;
  • a plot of about 3-5 hectares.

Having chosen a site, we proceed to the placement of buildings. This stage of the business plan is calculated depending on your desires and available finances. The mandatory minimum is approximately 6 cottages for visitors. Alternatively, you can put wooden log cabins: minimum equipment and maximum comfort. They can be double or quadruple, as well as family for several rooms.

There must be an economic building on the territory of the recreation center. There will be an administration, a canteen, a bar-restaurant and other necessary services. The complex of services provided by the camp site should be focused on the target audience. If you intend to host businessmen, then it is logical to think over the presence of a conference room, couples with children - a complex of children's entertainment. Your vacation offer should be exclusive - only in this case you will outperform your competitors.

Equipped beach, swimming pool, mini-spa or sauna, gym - focus on your potential customers. It would be nice to provide some entertainment for visitors, for example, billiards, shooting range, kayaks or ATVs. The ability to rent inventory is also a plus for creating a positive image for your future business.


How to open a recreation center without an advertising strategy? It's almost impossible. There are many ways to attract customers. First, indirect marketing: positive feedback from others about your base. Recommendations from friends are sure to attract visitors to your vacation. Second, direct advertising. These are leaflets, billboards, advertisements in newspapers, minibuses and buses. A great move is to apply bonuses and discounts. Discounts on accommodation for large companies or a gift in the form of free use of equipment will attract additional customers.

If the territory of the camp site and its infrastructure allows, then you can start working with legal entities. They can conduct courses, seminars, trainings or corporate events at your base. Cashless payments with such clients will require you to register the organization as a limited liability company.

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