How to get on a tour of the dairy plant and what you can see there

How to get finance for entrepreneurship in Omsk

Industrial tourism is actively developing in Omsk and the most curious can get to a dairy plant.

In the ancient world, people explained lightning or rain as the will of the gods or magic. Over time, the curiosity of natural scientists helped to scientifically explain these physical phenomena. In the 21st century, people have not stopped asking questions: how it works, what it is made of. The only difference is that anyone can become a researcher. Industrial tourism is one of the ways to understand the essence of familiar things, for example, in milk.

Why is this interesting

How does cow's milk get into the store? What path does it take? How does it turn into yogurt or sour cream? Taking an excursion is like being inside a movie on the BBC. Everything becomes clear and clear, magic and myths disappear.

But it's not just interest. A guided tour is a good way to be sure of the authenticity of the product and the honesty of the manufacturer. Those companies that have nothing to hide are ready to show their "inner kitchen".

What you can learn

In Omsk, you can see how milk is made at the MilkOm plant. It produces products under the brand name "Luzhaikino" and conducts free excursions. The modern enterprise was opened in 2014. High technologies and natural raw materials are at the forefront here.

The guests of the plant get acquainted with the entire production cycle. It all starts with the arrival of the milk tanker at the reception department. Before entering production, each batch of milk undergoes laboratory control. In the laboratory, milk indicators are checked for compliance with the requirements of GOST. Fat and protein content, density, bacterial contamination are measured. An express test for the presence of antibiotics is performed. Due to the incoming control, only high-quality raw materials enter production.

Approved laboratory moves raw milk to purification. At modern enterprises, such as MilkOm, the cleaning system is multi-stage. First, milk gets rid of mechanical impurities. Then, in a special apparatus - bactofuge - all harmful microorganisms are removed. The final stage of cleaning is a deodorizer. There, air is pumped out of the milk so that only the smell of milk remains without foreign aromas.

The clarified milk flows into the separator. There it is separated into a fat-free portion and cream. This process is called "normalization". This is followed by a very important stage - heat treatment. Why is it needed? The fact is that fresh milk is safe for the first 2 hours after milking. Further, bacteria begin to multiply in it, which can spoil the product. Therefore, heat treatment is required. She is the key to product safety.

Many Omsk businessmen have heard somewhere that they can receive financial support from local authorities, but the data on the types of assistance is scattered and to collect them together, you need to try. We decided to save your time and did this painstaking work ourselves. You just have to choose what kind of assistance you can count on, and we will tell you how to get it.


Categories Eligible for Business Startup Grant:

  • Unemployed ;
  • Young families with children;
  • Single and large families;
  • Families in which children with disabilities are being brought up;
  • Employees under threat of mass layoffs;
  • Military personnel who have been retired due to layoffs;
  • Russian citizens aged 18-30 years.

- Small social entrepreneurship;

- Rural and ecological tourism;

  • More than 50% of its authorized capital is held by citizens aged 18-30 or families from the above categories.

Payments from the Employment Service

May expect:

  • Unemployed who want to start their own business, subject to the creation of one additional job (you must pass a competitive selection, the competition is held twice a year).

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