How to get a grant for the development of agriculture

How to get a grant for the development of agriculture

The Government of the Russian Federation is taking measures to expand the agricultural sector and support domestic entrepreneurs in this area. There are state programs for the development of the peasant economy, within the framework of which agrarians and farmers can receive financial assistance. Today we will tell you how to get a grant for the development of agriculture.

Types of grants

Based on the plan for the complete replacement of imported agricultural products with domestic ones, socio-economic measures were developed to support private business in the agricultural sector:

  • Grant for the development of peasant farming (hereinafter referred to as peasant farms). A limited amount of funds issued for the purchase of land plots, the construction of agricultural facilities, the supply of communications. Having received such a grant, the entrepreneur must provide accounting documentation on the funds spent.
  • Subsidizing loans, provided that they were issued for the development of a farm or its modernization.
  • Ability to reimburse financial costs associated with the construction of agricultural facilities.
  • Issuance of funds for the payment of the first installment to be paid when purchasing agricultural machinery on lease.
  • Competition for the title of "Best Farmer".

Today we will consider in detail a grant aimed at supporting budding farmers and developing existing businesses. Financial assistance is provided not only to farmers, but also to other participants in the agro-industrial sector.

The allocated funds in the form of a grant should be spent on:

  • construction, reconstruction or improvement of agricultural structures or individual workshops;
  • purchase of specialized equipment for quality control and veterinary examinations of manufactured products;
  • improvement or equipping of workshops for the processing of meat, fish, dairy products and vegetables, as well as places for their storage;
  • purchase of transport for the transport of agricultural products.

The amount of financial assistance is determined individually for each application, and depends on the type of agricultural activity and the provided business plan. According to the data for 2019, the amount of the grant is up to 5 million rubles. Basically, this is the payment of 90% of the amount specified in the application. The federal budget for 2020-2022 includes special grant programs for start-ups that welcome mixed farming, research in this area, and farming.

Conditions for obtaining a grant for the development of agriculture

A farmer who meets certain conditions can apply:

  • Professionalism. The businessman submitting the questionnaire must have a higher profile education and positive recommendations from local authorities. The applicant must have experience in agriculture and a registered operating peasant farm.
  • Business plan. The main point in achieving success in obtaining state aid is a correctly drawn up business project that discloses in detail information about the type of activity, project goals, strategy, deadline for implementation, calculations of economic indicators, marketing research on the effectiveness of the chosen direction of peasant farms, ways to attract investors, etc.
  • Starting capital. It is imperative that a businessman's current account must have an amount equal to at least 30% of the cost of the business plan, or there must be natural supplies in the form of a herd of cattle or birds.
  • The presence of the farm. The applicant must own a peasant farm that has been operating for more than 2 years, with an average number of employees of 15 people, revenue for the previous reporting period from 60 million rubles. without VAT.
  • Sales market for finished products. It is best to provide proof of the existence of real buyers, for example, a supply agreement with a major retailer. If they are not there, then you need to analyze the market and calculate the importance of the products for the end user.

The winners of the competition are determined by a special commission established by the Ministry of Agricultural Affairs. When making a decision, take into account all of the above criteria.

The Commission also puts forward certain requirements not only for business, but also for the applicant for state aid himself:

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