How to get 3 million rubles from the state? Grant Agrostartup

How to get 3 million rubles from the state? Grant Agrostartup

A new form of state support for the agro-industrial complex has appeared in Russia - “Agrostartup” grants. They will help those who are going to organize a farm to take the first steps. The size of the "Agrostartup" and the conditions for obtaining - in the material Agrobook. u

Who can apply for Agrostartup?

A citizen of the Russian Federation who permanently lives in rural areas and intends to engage (or is already engaged in) agriculture can receive an Agrostartup grant.

An applicant for "Agrostartup" must not carry out entrepreneurial activities for the last three years as an individual entrepreneur.

What is Agrostartup?

An agrostartup is an opportunity to receive from the state, free of charge, up to 3 million rubles for the development of your farm, or up to 4 million rubles if the farm is a cooperative.

The money will be provided on the condition of co-financing. The farmer must decide how much money he needs to create and develop the farm: no more than 90% of this amount (excluding VAT and transport costs) will be provided by the state and at least 10% of the farmer will have to invest his own funds.

The funds are allocated on a competitive basis. The applicant for the grant will need to submit to the Ministry of Agriculture a business plan (project for the creation and development) of his farm. All business plans will be evaluated on a special scale (see below), drawn up in accordance with the priorities of the region (for example, if the priority is dairy farming, then dairy projects will receive more points than greenhouse projects). The winners of the competition will be determined by the sum of points - they will receive state support.

Where the grant can be spent

Terms of Service

Grant support must be used within 18 months from the date of receipt.

The Grantee is obliged to create jobs. Their number depends on the size of the grant:

The provision of grants for the development of agriculture is an effective tool for import substitution policy, which is a forced measure in response to the sanctions of Western countries against Russia. Thanks to government support, thousands of farmers were able to arrange the supply of their products to the shelves of village shops and supermarkets in large cities.

What is Agricultural Development Grant

[google_grant] It can be either a money transfer to a business account or funding for the purchase of tangible assets. There is a simple rule at work here. The less experienced the farmer, the more likely it is that he will be offered financial assistance. If the farm already has a significant history, it is most reasonable for him to apply for a grant for the purchase of specific equipment, construction of a production facility, or even replenishment of the animal base.

Types of grants for agricultural development

Due to the popularity and demand for this type of subsidization, many citizens have the opinion that there are supposedly many ramifications of this program, but in fact, different names mean one of the two points described below. In short, this is help to novice enthusiastic farmers, or reducing the financial burden of operating enterprises.

The beginner farmer and family livestock farm are important priorities for the state.

The focus is not only on large companies that need to purchase milk milking equipment for a third farm, but also on small producers who are starting their way in this area.

  • The Beginner Farmer program provides subsidies for specialists who have experience in the agricultural industry (even in a hired position) for at least three years. The size of the development grant for novice farmers can be several million rubles. The amount is determined individually. This program is known under different names, the media cites information about grants for the development of peasant farms (peasant farms), grants for the development of private subsidiary plots (personal subsidiary plots) and other financial assistance to farmers.
  • Grant for the development of a family livestock farm - the amount of this subsidy can reach 30 million rubles. Providing this amount is possible after a thorough study of the business plan and involves investing your own funds in the amount of at least 40% of the required amount. This grant can be spent on the acquisition of land, construction of production facilities, construction work.

Conditions for receiving a grant

The global goal of granting grants is the development of farming in rural areas for the full provision of all regions of Russia with domestic meat and dairy products, as well as raw materials - leather, down.

Therefore, each subsidy to the farmer should lead to the emergence of a new or increase in the turnover of the existing enterprise.

Based on this, the main criteria for receiving a grant become clear:

  • Work experience - at least 3 years. Work experience is understood not only as doing business, but also in direct employment in the agricultural sector, for example, working as a harvester driver. The preferred experience is by far the successful management of a farm over a long period of time.
  • Availability of start-up capital or free working capital. The state is more willing to provide agricultural grants to those farmers who are ready to cover part of the costs with their own money. In many cases, this requirement is mandatory.
  • A well-written business plan is a must. It is not required to describe in detail the activities of the enterprise, it is important to show the real need for a subsidy. For example, you are a milk producer and you use small capacity milk tankers that consume a lot of gasoline. Justify the need to purchase a large milk tanker worth 1 million rubles, of which 600 thousand are ready to pay themselves, show how this will reduce transportation costs and increase profits. If everything is done correctly, the state will most likely provide the missing 400 thousand rubles in the form of a grant.

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