How to find a job in Norway for a Russian person

Holidays in Norway: a solid look at the matter

Welcome to Camping "Malnes" - our main directions are fishing and outdoor recreation.

The campsite is located at Grimstadveiev 17, 8475 Straumsjoen in the village of Eidet, on the island of Langoya - Vesterålen region.

Our base is located northeast of the Lofoten Islands and southwest of Tromsø and Senja Island, that is, right in the golden middle of Northern Norway.

Welcome to the land of fjords, riot of elements and unity with nature!

During the polar days (June-July), the sun slowly descends to the horizon, and without touching the sea line, it rises - a new day begins. Inexpressible pictures of the pristine untouched nature of the north with a constantly changing color palette surround you all day long. And from May to September here you can really see and feel all the charm of the white nights.

Norway is a fishing country

For fishing enthusiasts, this is paradise. We fish mainly in the fjord by boat. In Norway, a license is not required to operate a boat or motorboat. Fishing in the sea with a line does not require a license. When fishing in freshwater lakes and rivers, you must acquire a fishing license. You can fish in the sea all year round, it is very difficult to return from fishing without a catch. Of course, the catch is different in weight and variety. The main fish caught are cod, pollock, menyok, mackerel, haddock, less often moth, sea bass, catfish and halibut.

Our campsite services for fishermen

Besides, you probably already know that it is the northern regions of the country that are rich in fish, and we will tell you how and what kind of fish to fish, provide the necessary equipment and comfortable houses for living at affordable prices. So, your fishing price in Norway will not only be justified, but will also be significantly lower in comparison with what you would have paid at other recreation centers.

We know everything about fishing in Norway! Therefore, with us you will find not only great care away from the hustle and bustle and stress, but also a great catch!


Without undue modesty, we can say that our Camping Malnes is an ideal place to relax: both for people who want to see the nature of Norway in all its glory, and for those who came for a good catch. For our guests, we provide cozy but spacious houses with the ability to accommodate up to 4 people in each.

Scandinavia is the dream of many Russians. Norway has a fairly low unemployment rate of 3%. Most of the vacancies are associated with hard physical labor, and only a small percentage are in places where intellectual work is required. Work in Norway pays well.

The average monthly salary is 4.5 thousand euros. The standard of living is quite high, and many Norwegians speak English.

Why Norway?

Job Search

When looking for a job, you can turn to the foreign portals Eurabota, Indeed, Career Jet, where you can find places with knowledge of the Russian language. There are also classic search engines along with message boards.

For example, there is an official website for the Department of Labor and Welfare - nav. o where to find the latest vacancies, as well as employment rules. You can often see seasonal job vacancies in Norway for Russian job seekers.

If you know Norwegian, you can visit the following famous sites:

You can create an account on the Linkedln portal and post your resume. It is convenient to use the portal because of the opportunity to learn about employers, focusing on reviews. But, it should be borne in mind that no one is immune from fraudsters, so you should always be on the lookout.

The most popular intermediaries are Capus, Adecco, Orion. Of course, you will have to pay a rather large amount (from 100 to 500 euros) for the selection and provision of information about vacancies.

Can be found in Norway, without intermediaries, job advertisements in newspapers. You should pay attention to the periodicals Dagens Naeringsliv, Dagbladet.

But, about 2/3 of employers recruit employees for vacant positions on the recommendations of friends or using personal contacts.

Fishing Industry

Fish processing enterprises often invite people over 18, but under 55 years old, without requiring knowledge of English or Norwegian.

Norway is thousands of secluded bays and fjords, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, glacier hikes, mountain biking, fishing, fjords.

Activities in Norway

Holidays in Norway can start with the main thing - visiting the capital, Oslo. It looks surprisingly cozy, a kind of "golden mean" between the metropolis and the province. Here tourists will find many attractions, art galleries and museums. If you are interested in fjords, it is better to go to Bergen, usually all excursions start from there.

Great shopping awaits you in Trondheim - boutiques of Norwegian brands take up more than one block. Narvik, located in the Arctic Circle, is a favorite place for skiers. And in Stavanger there are the longest beaches, although beach holidays in the country are not popular.

Sightseeing Norway

Before embarking on an exciting journey through the Norwegian fjords, take a couple of hours to do some land-based sightseeing. For example, in Oslo you should pay attention to the following:

  • Vigeland Park is an open-air gallery, where more than 200 sculptures of the famous master in the country are presented. The center of the exposition, "Monolith", symbolizes the absurdity of the race for success.

  • In the summer season, you can visit the Royal Palace of the 19th century, built in the classicism style, with a magnificent park, ponds and fountains.

  • The Henie-Unstandard Museum of Contemporary Art attracts connoisseurs with paintings by Matisse and Picasso, bright installations and concerts of ethnic music.
  • The opera building in the style of futurism, which opened in 2008. The opera hangs over the water like a rock, attracting attention not only with its posters, but also with its magnificent architecture.

You can also find a lot of interesting things in the Old Town of Bergen:

Norway is a northern country. It would seem that there is interesting. However, tourism in Norway is a special pastime!

Extreme Norwegian Or whoever can handle tourism in Norway

Adrenaline rafting, miracles on bends, descents into a gorge, climbing a glacier - summer comes to the fjord region.

Raise anchor

The fjord region is unofficially called the western coast of Norway: it is here that the famous bays cut deep into the mainland, favored by officials from UNESCO and millions of tourists. Among them are the Sognefjord, the longest in Europe, and the Nerøyfjord, the narrowest and most intimate (its width in some places is no more than 250 meters).

The most convenient way to explore the emerald waterways is from a pleasure boat. Let's say more, only from the water can you fully appreciate all their beauty, since the roads along the coast are far from everywhere. The fjords are almost always calm and calm water - the mountains reliably protect from stormy winds from the sea.

If you want to grab two fjords in two hours - start from the village of Flåm. The boat first follows from here along the relatively large Aurlandsfjord, and then moves to the cozy Nерrøyfjord. Don't forget to charge your camera!


In the capital of the Norwegian extreme, the tiny town of Voss, everything is in order with opportunities for rafting, canoeing, kayaking, paragliding, skydiving and good old rock climbing. For rafting, there are three ideally rapids rivers (categories of difficulty - 2-5) and the country-famous rafting club with funny instructors from New Zealand. You can choose the quiet family option or the exuberant advanced option - it all depends on your training and how much you want to get wet. After the swim, it is recommended to refresh yourself with thick salmon soup in the cafe at the club.

If you want to really tickle your nerves, come to Voss in June, when the International Extreme Sports Week takes place here. The program includes tricks in water, on land and in the air, as well as master classes, concerts and invariably beautiful nature.

Steep route

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