How to attract customers to the recreation center

How to attract customers to the recreation center

Recently, such type of recreation as rural tourism has become widespread. Smog and poor environmental conditions are attracting more and more travelers to the countryside. And this is not surprising, because a vacation away from the metropolis has many advantages.

Types of rural tourism

Rural tourism is considered one of the offshoots of ecotourism. This area of ​​recreation involves life outside the noisy metropolis. Usually this is life in a small village or village. While there, the tourist leads the life of an ordinary villager.

There are the following main types:


This type is perfect for those who want not only to relax, but also to participate in the farming life. Here, the tourist will be required to participate in the manufacture of products and active work on the site.


This type mixes different types of recreation. For example, relaxing on the beaches and helping on the farm, harvesting grapes and the opportunity to taste the gastronomic delights of local cuisine.


In Italy, tourists will also be offered a mixed vacation. For example, work on the site will be interspersed with various sports activities. Tasting the delicacies of local cuisine will replace the production of natural products.


Considered the most expensive type listed. The vacationer will be provided with everything necessary, the contact with pristine nature will be complete. At the same time, he will be spared from unpleasant household worries.

How to promote a recreation center?

Statistics say that every year more and more people prefer domestic tourism. Perhaps the reasons lie in expensive foreign currencies in relation to the ruble, perhaps in the restriction of civil servants' rest abroad. As a result, recreation centers have become in demand more than ever.

If you are a manager, marketer or owner of a recreation center, the question of attracting customers is probably relevant for you. Your task is to attract as many customers as possible using various advertising media. Before starting work, answer the question: who is your client? To do this, describe and group your target audience. Next, create sections of the site in accordance with the resulting classification. This will give you the opportunity to promptly provide the user with comprehensive information necessary for making a decision. Each name of a particular section of the site will correspond to a group of the general target audience.

"For corporate clients" - in this section, reflect information for legal entities. Place information about the possibility of holding holidays, trainings, seminars on the territory of your recreation center. Tell us about the discount program, payment methods and cooperation options. Don't miss important details related to technical equipment: microphones, speakers. It is important to inform about related services: saunas, steam rooms, catamarans, bicycles, barbecues, the presence of disposable slippers, bathrobes in the rooms.

“Celebration of a celebration” includes anniversaries, weddings, classmates' meetings, proms. As a rule, the opportunity to spend time in a beautiful place is important for this category of clients. They will completely entrust you with the organization of the holiday. Special offers when booking several houses, transfer, the presence of musical accompaniment.

"Active rest" - hunting, fishing, excursions, hiking.

“For friends” - small groups of people gathering with or without reason.

Don't have a website? Then urgently deal with this issue. As Bill Gates said

An advertising campaign for any product or service is designed to convey information to a potential consumer. There are several types of advertising: print media, television, outdoor advertising and the Internet is a separate type. It doesn't matter at all which type of advertising you choose, the main thing is that each advertising message should be for each group separately.

When creating an advertisement, do not try to fit information about all services in one advertising module or leaflet, this information will not reach a potential client. Remember the simple rule, you can place no more than 3 images. In practice, an advertising module contains 1 picture, 1 sentence and 1 contact block.

Attracting clients to recreation centers

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