How I opened an agricultural estate in Dokshitsy district and received a subsidy

How I opened an agricultural estate in Dokshitsy district and received a subsidy

I'll tell you about my experience of opening an agricultural estate from scratch, receiving a subsidy from the state and opening an individual entrepreneur.

Subsidy and IE

To receive a subsidy and open an individual entrepreneur, I had to quit my job and register with the Employment Center of the Dokshitsy District. At first, I was offered employment options, I refused them 4 times, and only then they gave me a chance to become an individual entrepreneur.

Two months later I was invited to Vitebsk for training courses for entrepreneurs. There, for two weeks, we were taught the basics of business, after which there was an exam to defend our business plan. Mine was called “Agroecotourism of the Dokshitsy region”.

Then I opened a personal account at the local branch of the bank and brought the statement from it to the employment department. There is a temporary commission that decides whether to give a subsidy or not.

It was like this for me: I came with my business plan, where I indicated that I have a house and how I am going to use it during the year (how to make a sensible business plan, taught in courses) , a commission of three people asked me tricky questions: why do I need a subsidy, how lazy I am, can I achieve the results set for the year.

A week later, 2100 rubles (about $ 1,000) appeared on my personal account. A little later, I purchased a book of accounting checks and legalized it in the tax office. Every year I pay one basic amount to the treasury.

And now the first stage is completed, you can proceed to the arrangement of the agricultural estate.

Household and Household Investments

I bought a house in Dokshitsky district back in 2014, for a year it just stood there, waiting in the wings. The main building is 110 sq. required floor replacement and cosmetic repairs. For this, a team of builders from Novopolotsk was called. All work was carried out under a contract with the provision of all checks to local authorities. The house has 4 rooms, stove heating (2 stoves) plus an electric boiler.

For 4 days, craftsmen painted the roof, walls in the house, window openings and sheds. It all took 3 buckets of paint. Inside the rooms, he did not change anything, based on the Decree No. 372 "On measures for the development of Agro ecotourism in the Republic of Belarus", according to which the reception of guests for more than 10 beds is taxed.

From the entrance to the house to the gate I paved a path of paving slabs (I took used ones), ordered an electric shepherd for a flock of sheep through the online store, sowed clover with alfalfa on 4 acres.

Having finished with the house, I took up the bath: I updated the stove with stones. The walls were more or less in order.

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For 12 years, the abandoned Yodishki farm, which Moscow businessman Andrei Abramov and his family acquired in the Braslav district, has turned into an interesting, cozy and self-sufficient resting place for many townspeople. They come here to get positive emotions - to live on a family farm, get acquainted with farming, rural life and enjoy the taste of natural village products.

During our trip to the Braslav district, we visited the agroeco-estate "Khutor Yodishki". It is the only and unique of its kind not only in the Vitebsk region, but also in Belarus.

Everything was created from scratch

In 2007, Moscow businessman Andrei Abramov and his family bought the abandoned Yodishki farm. Having moved to a Belarusian village and not having a lot of money in his hands, he faces the goal of providing his family with a decent standard of living at the expense of his personal subsidiary farm.

He raises sheep, studies farming and land law. He sells his surplus products and receives "real" money in return. Then he breeds goats, breeds hybrid breeds of sheep, cattle for beef and dairy production and builds a village of the 21st century with a high agricultural culture.

Having visited the farm and having seen with your own eyes everything that the Abramov family has been able to achieve by that time, you are convinced that every villager can live well in a village. The main thing is to have the desire, to work very hard and go towards your intended goal, overcoming all difficulties and adversities, to believe in yourself. This is Andrey Abramov's success formula that everyone can apply to themselves.

The basis of the agro-eco-farm is a private subsidiary farm

The first one who meets us at the farm is a mountain Pyrenean dog, which has become not only the most devoted friend, but also a member of the family. She comes up to us, sniffs, and then follows the trail and, together with the owner, shows the farm.

Andrey says that the dog is the favorite of children. She understands human language and you can agree with her about anything. In addition, she protects animals, helps sheep to lamb, and warms lambs.

The farm is large. Today, the farm has 200 head of cattle, which, in fact, is served by one young man - Gennady. He came to Abramov at the age of 14, got accustomed and has been working for 12 years. Whether jokingly or seriously, Andrei says that Gennady is being re-educated in the family, and over the years he has become the best worker in Belarus.

Two-month-old dairy calves are in the hedge. They are fed milk with oatmeal so that their stomachs gradually get used to concentrated feed. The defective ones are slaughtered, and the breeding heifers are raised and give good milk yield.

Calves of beef cows are not weaned from their mothers until 6-8 months.

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