Guest tourism

Guest tourism

If you are tired of traveling through travel agencies, you cannot book hotels and hotels via the Internet, or you just want to save on accommodation, then in this case you can become a couchsurfer. travel exchange. Couchsurfing is an exchange vacation. First of all, this will allow you to see the country through the eyes of its inhabitants, gain invaluable experience of independent travel, and most importantly, you will be able to make new friends around the world.

Couchsurfers are people who travel the world, staying not in hotels, but with friends whom they previously met via the Internet. It is absolutely not necessary to spend money on a hotel, you can just stay at an apartment with friends who, in turn, will come to you someday and will be able to stay at your apartment. Couchsurfers have their own specialized sites, where they meet, negotiate and discuss the conditions and locations of their future shelters. At the same time, couchsurfers, as a rule, do not care in what conditions they have to spend the night. This may be far from a poorly furnished apartment, or it may turn out to be an empty room with only a sofa and a refrigerator. Couchsurfing is so addicting that it becomes a way of life. The place and conditions of residence in this case are not the main thing. The main thing in an exchange holiday is communication with like-minded people and travelers like you. Couchsurfing is tourism for the exchange of accommodation and recreation. Couchsurfing is an exchange holiday.

Of course, everyone decides for himself whether he can become a couchsurfer and receive completely strangers in his apartment, sharing his bedroom (in the normal sense of the word) and kitchen with them, accepting their habits and desires ... When arranging an exchange holiday, you first "write off" your future guests and try to learn as much as possible about them during the correspondence. Some people simply adore receiving guests, and receiving foreigners is doubly pleasure for them. On the other hand, you yourself can just go to the country you like without worrying about your place of residence and booking a hotel in advance. Moreover, it is possible that the receiving party (host) will help you (rubber) navigate in an unfamiliar country and in a particular city. If desired, the host will show you the main attractions, accompany you to a nightclub or museum and explain where it is better and cheaper to buy groceries. In this case, you also save on guides. When accepting guests from another country, you can walk with them around your hometown and surely learn a lot of interesting things about it. Only a couchsurfer can really understand the life of the country, how ordinary people live in it, what they are fond of and, as a result, gain a unique and invaluable experience of a traveler. Becoming a couchsurfer and starting to travel on an exchange, of course, you will have to communicate with your guests. The unspoken language of communication among couchsurfers is English. However, no one bothers you to learn the language of the host country, for example, Albanian or Greek.

If you have decided to become a couchsurfer and are ready to travel on an exchange, learn a few simple truths. First of all, before agreeing to accept strangers in your house for the night, try to find out in advance what they are. Ask them, for example, to send you a picture of themselves and tell you more about themselves, ask what languages ​​they speak. Go to a specialized site where it is possible that someone has already communicated with these people and left reviews about them. Couchsurfing, exchange rest, is also practiced by people with a non-traditional orientation. Therefore, do not hesitate to clarify these points in advance. Otherwise, having received your consent to spend the night, your guests may be very upset not getting what they expected from you. In short, you must have some kind of intuition in order to correctly assess the capabilities and desires of your guest. Among the large army of couchsurfers, there are those who can easily sit on your neck. The most innocuous part of this can be dinner at a restaurant at your expense. If you are not satisfied with the candidate for accommodation, do not hesitate to refuse him. After all, you don't owe anyone anything. You should do the same if you yourself are going to visit someone on an exchange vacation. Try to burden the landlords as little as possible and people themselves will be drawn to you, and rumors about your hospitality will spread throughout the world. Couchsurfing does not imply the obligatory provision of accommodation with an overnight stay. Enough, having previously written off or phoned, just to meet in some museum or just walk around the city, sit in a cafe and thereby strengthen the acquaintance. Remember that exchange rest is, first of all, communication with new people. If you are interested in this type of tourism, you can leave your suggestions in the comments.

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The aggressive environment of megalopolises is extremely tiring for a person, so many townspeople seek to acquire summer cottages and rural estates, where they go to rest at every opportunity. For those who, for various reasons, cannot afford the purchase and maintenance of a country house, agritourism can be an excellent way out - a relatively new direction, which implies living in rural areas away from big cities, with the opportunity to take part in various cultural and leisure activities.

Considering rural tourism as a business, it should be noted that it is equally of interest to both vacationers and farmers who have at their disposal a sufficient amount of resources to comfortably accommodate several guests. Moreover, tourists perceive the processes familiar to local residents as exotic, and therefore willingly take part in field work, take care of animals, rent boats for fishing and pick mushrooms, thereby bringing the owner of the village hotel a good additional income.

Business Features

The main feature of rural tourism is the living conditions: guests are accommodated in old log houses or in antique-style estates located in areas with untouched nature, away from industrial enterprises and multi-storey concrete buildings. With the exception of complexes with a complete historical reconstruction, such village hotels provide visitors with amenities at the level of resort apartments: the rooms have bathrooms, air conditioners, televisions and refrigerators, and in the dining room guests are provided with three meals a day.

The main meaning of this type of recreation is to separate the inhabitants of megalopolises from the usual hustle and bustle and immerse themselves in a leisurely and measured rural life. In addition, the tours are also of an educational nature: many townspeople have never seen an authentic folk costume, did not sit with a fishing rod at dawn and did not milk a cow.

In Russia, rural tourism attracts mainly women, whose share in the target audience reaches 70%. Living in the village can be interesting for other residents of megalopolises - married couples with children and young people who prefer a healthy lifestyle and ecological cleanness of the environment.

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