Green tourism in Poltava region: rest your soul

Green tourism in Poltava region: rest your soul

Rural tourism is a good opportunity to get a sea of ​​impressions and pleasure, to relax in body and soul, and also to learn something completely new and useful.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there is no better place than the Carpathians. Kolochava is a unique village in Transcarpathia, which attracts tourists with a sheep breeding school, the largest man-made sea in the region, a poultry park, a medical apiary, a trout farm, a crocus valley, a brown bear rehabilitation center and more than 50 sights.

About the village

The settlement originated in the 15th century. Over the years, the power here has changed about 10 times. Now the local dialect reminds of this, which consists of Hungarian, Czech, Russian, German, Romanian, Polish and Ukrainian words. Interestingly, according to the census at the beginning of the twentieth century. every tenth Kolochavets was a Jew. But during the Second World War, almost all of them were repressed.

What to see

Everyone knows Kolochava as a village 10 museums. But that's not all. A wide range of establishments and memorable places will satisfy the needs of every tourist.

The only sheep breeding school in Ukraine. It has been operating annually since mid-May. For two months (July, August) the shepherds are high in the mountains. Tourists will be able to learn how to filter milk, make cheese, cook vurda, and also try the miraculous zhentytsya (whey). The most hardy can climb to the top of Mount Strymba (1719 m).

The largest man-made sea in Transcarpathia is the Olshanskoe reservoir. Tourists are offered to walk by the walls of a high dam, admire the calm surface of the blue stretch and listen to the legend of a strange creature that still lives at the bottom of the lake.

"Vasily Makar Poultry Park". Because of his indomitable love for animals, Vasily takes care of 2,000 parrots and pigeons. The man's doors are always open to all curious people.

Medical apiary of the Shimoni family. Every year tourists come to the owner for honey, they are interested in the properties of beekeeping products. And also Kolochava beekeepers started hive therapy.

Mineral spring "Kolochava". It not only saturates the body with calcium, magnesium, iron, bromine, but also helps to free it from toxins and toxins.

Hut "Fauna of Transcarpathia". In a unique kolyba, which is at the same time a museum of the fauna of Transcarpathia, you can taste delicious Kolochavian dishes: ripplyanka, tokan with feta cheese, mash, mushroom soup and the like.

Trout farm. Tourists will be given personal fishing rods and told how to catch fish. There are so many trout in a separate pool that no one will be left without a catch.

When we talk about green tourism, we most often think about the Carpathians, but this is a stereotype that has taken root. In the vastness of our wonderful Ukrainian land, there are many other attractive places that are worth getting to know better. IGotoWorld today. om will tell you about a picturesque land with a rich history, cultural heritage and strong folk traditions - this is Poltava region.

Agriturismo, flavor and rest in ethnic style

Green tourism in the Poltava region has every chance of becoming one of the leading directions in the tourism sector of Ukraine. On the rivers Dnieper, Vorskla, Psel you can go fishing and have a picnic. Or go on a quiet mushroom hunt.

In addition to outdoor recreation, the region attracts with its color and sights. First of all, these are Gogol's places - Dikanka, Gogolevo, Velikiye Sorochintsy, the resort town of Mirgorod and the capital of pottery - Oposhnya. And, of course, Poltava, associated with the Battle of Poltava between Russians and Swedes. Today it is a city with wonderful architectural monuments, where you should definitely go on an excursion.

On the portal of the Poltava Regional State Administration there is information about 74 estates of green tourism, but there are already more of them. In addition to clean air, fresh food and rural flavor, their owners strive to surprise tourists with some kind of zest. For example, design in ethnic style or even themed events like evening parties.

Estate in Dikanka

Let's start with a glorious village that became famous thanks to Gogol's collection "Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka." It's a sin not to use such a chic brand! There are about fifteen green tourism estates in the village. It is good to come here in May, when the Lilac Grove is in full bloom. Hurry up, you can still catch the folklore festival on May 14!

If you choose the estate "Cozy House" (in Ukrainian "Zatishna Donkey"), you will also get wonderful leisure. The owner of the estate, the teacher Mrs. Valentina, herself conducts an excursion around Dikanka: you will visit the Kochubeevsky Park, the Museum of Local Lore, and you will see the Triumphal Arch. You will be offered both a bathhouse and a colorful dinner in the company of Gogol's heroes on the Khutor near Dikanka. In addition, excursions to Gogolevo - the museum-estate of the great writer. Or a unique theatrical excursion to the only Ukrainian Wedding Museum in Velikie Budischi.

Cost: accommodation in the "Cozy House" - 150 UAH per bed, meals - 50, 100, 150 UAH (one, two or three times a day).

"Merry Manor"

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