Flora, fauna and the best attractions of nature reserves and national parks of the Belgorod region

The nature of the Belgorod region

To my greatest surprise, it turned out that the Belgorod region is the richest region, containing many reserves and national parks with amazing, bright and unique nature. My today's story will focus on the diversity of flora, fauna and the best sights of nature reserves and national parks of the Belgorod region.

List of nature reserves and national parks of the Belgorod region

Reserve "Belogorye"

Belogorye is one of the largest and oldest reserves in Russia. Its conservation history began many centuries ago, and it first received the status of a reserve in 1924. The huge Belogorie reserve consists of a group of smaller reserves - clusters, the lands of which were gradually added to the nature conservation zone. It includes the following protected areas:

  • The Forest on Vorskla Nature Reserve is the oldest, and the history of Belogorya began with it. It is often called the "legendary oak grove", since about 90% of its land is occupied by centuries-old oaks, some of the trees are up to 300 years old! The reserve is located near the village. Borisovka on the right bank of the river. Vorskla.
  • The Yamskaya Steppe Reserve is the largest steppe reserve not only in the Belgorod Region, but throughout Russia. Transferred to the disposal of "Belogorya" in 1999, it is famous for its fertile black soil and incredible variety of flora - 1 sq. M. m. up to 65 species of plants can live here! The reserve is located 12 km from the town of Gubkin.
  • The Bald Mountains Nature Reserve, also located near the town of Gubkin in the Belgorod Region, is famous for its unique landscapes, formed as a result of erosion by the waters of the last glaciation and continues to form to this day. The rich flora and fauna of the reserve is also valuable.

Unusual landscapes of the Bald Mountains

  • The Ostrasyevy Yary Reserve is another steppe site of Belogorya, but of a much smaller area, located 8 km from the village of Borisovka. Many species of unique plants grow on its lands, 35 of which are not typical for the forest-steppe zone.
  • The Stenki-izgorya nature reserve is located 9 km from the town of Novy Oskol. Its territory is occupied by small oak forests and relict chalk forest, as well as grassy bogs and mixed forests. The nature and fauna are very diverse, many of the inhabitants of these places are listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.
  • The Rovensky Natural Park, located in the vicinity of Rovenka, occupies a vast territory and combines protected forests, swamps, meadows and natural springs, as well as a valuable cultural and historical monument - the Church of St. Tikhon Zadonsky.

The picturesque landscape of the Yamskaya Steppe

Bekayurovsky Bor

The reserve is famous as the best preserved place of growth of chalk pine, but there are also many other rare species. In total, about 368 species of flowering plants are credited on the territory. This protected area is located near the village. Malo-Mikhailovka of the Schebekinsky district of the Belgorod region ..

The beauty of the ancient forest "Bekayurovsky pine forest"

Nezhegolsky Natural Park

Distance from Belgorod to the village. Popovka Korochansky district - 58 km

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General information about the nature of the Belgorod region

Belgorod Region is located in the southwestern part of Russia. A natural feature of the Belgorod region is that it lies in the southern part of the Central Russian Upland.

Climate of the Belgorod Region


The climatic character of the Belgorod region is moderately continental. Snowfalls and thaws are observed in winter, with the first snow in October or November. But the winter temperature does not set immediately, the weather is changeable for about two weeks: the snow either falls in a thick cover, then it immediately melts. Permanent snow covers the ground only in December and will last a little more than three months. The maximum height of snow cover in open areas is 21 centimeters, for the southern regions of the region it is slightly lower. But there are times when the snow completely disappears in the middle of winter due to a thaw.

The coldest time of the year is January. Average minimum temperature -8. ° C. There are also very cold winters, when the temperature can reach -37 ° C.


Summer in the region is rather long and hot, with little precipitation. The average summer temperature is + 15 ° С. About 25 days per season, precipitation falls in the form of rain, for this reason the territory of the Belgorod region is considered arid. The maximum temperature in summer can reach + 39 ° С.

The first frosts can come as early as August, when there is a sharp drop in summer temperatures. Autumn is rather fleeting, just like spring. The first half of it falls on the warming period, the so-called "Indian summer". Since October, there is a cooling and preparation of nature for winter.

The flora of the Belgorod region

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