Family vacation on a horse farm in South Ossetia

All about horse riding and communication with a horse

South Ossetia, from May to November

The owner of the farm, Alan Parastaev, with a horse. Photo: Zara Valieva

Rest on a horse farm in South Ossetia with outings in the surrounding gorges. If you don't know how to ride a horse, learn! Plus to the horses - interesting trips and immersion in rural life. The trip will be comfortable even for families with small children.

Vladikavkaz day

30 minutes (24 km) by minivan

Prospect Mira is a pedestrian street in the very center of the city. Weather permitting, one of the best views of Table Mountain from here. Photo: Timur Agirov.

The guide will meet you at the Vladikavkaz airport. After lunch, a leisurely stroll through the city, one of the most European in architecture and Caucasian in spirit. Overnight at the hotel in the historical center of the city.

Cei Day and Crozet Horse Farm

3 hours (160 km) on a Mercedes ML crossover

Rekom is the most famous and revered sanctuary of Uastirdzhi. More than 1000 people gather to celebrate this dzuar (holy place) every year. Photo: Timur Agirov

Transfer to Tsey (1.5 hours). Walk to the Rekom sanctuary - the most revered in North Ossetia (0.5 - 1 hour). If there is a desire, before lunch, you can also have time to go to the waterfall (1.5 hours). Transfer to the village of Croz in South Ossetia (1.5 hours). Riding lessons on the farm. Master class on Ossetian pies. Overnight at the farmhouse.

day Kudar gorge

2.5 hours (130 km) on a Mercedes ML crossover

Horse riding training is carried out both with completely beginners (from scratch), and with those who are not entirely confident in their knowledge. Horses are well ridden, soft on the mouth and on the leg, and do not just follow the tail, they need to be able to control them. Therefore, even if you confidently ride a horse, but you came to us for the first time, according to our rules, the first lesson will be held on the parade ground.

Our classes are never boring and monotonous. If you are a complete beginner, our instructors will competently and clearly explain the basic rules of horseback riding and will teach you step by step how to ride a horse and control correctly. If you already know how to ride, but are not entirely confident in your abilities or want to improve your riding level, we will take care of adjusting the fit and filling the gaps in your knowledge.

Persons under the influence of alcoholic and other substances affecting consciousness are not allowed to exercise and walk!

You can ride horses in the forest and in the field at any time of the year (in winter up to -15 degrees). Horseback riding in the forest is possible in two ways:

THE DECISION ABOUT YOUR EXIT IN THE FOREST IS ACCEPTED BY THE INSTRUCTOR. He does this after you walk and fly a couple of laps on the parade ground. If the instructor's opinion on what kind of cowboy you are and how great you ride does not coincide with yours, you will not get into the forest, but you can stay for a training session, during which you will be taught the basics of proper riding. (If you are an excellent horseback rider and do equestrian sports, but you have come to our equestrian club for the first time, we will still ask you to first demonstrate your skill on the parade ground - these are our rules).

A separate appeal to horse trekking survivors who learned to ride in holiday homes and from their grandmother (grandfather and other relatives) in the village

Note. Our horses are well trained. These are not "rental" horses in the generally accepted sense of the word, they are very soft on the leg and on the mouth, so a big request: treat adequately the explanations of our instructors. Even if you have been practicing in any well-known XC for a long time, this will not always be an indicator of a high level of riding. Unfortunately, in 90% of cases, little is taught, with rare and pleasant exceptions.

On the obligatory presence of helmets. Children under 18 years of age are not allowed to go horse riding without helmets. If you don't have your own helmet, you can rent it from our club. Cost - 200 rubles. check in. We cannot force adults to exercise in a helmet, but we strongly recommend using this protection to protect yourself from possible damage.

Before each lesson, you need to sign a document with the following content (and this takes time)

"I …… .. such and such a passport …… such and such, with this document I confirm that (not against my minor child's occupation… .. such and such - if you came with a child): <

1 - I understand and understand that equestrian sports can cause serious injury and harm to health.

2 - I release everyone from any responsibility arising as a result of gross negligence, force majeure actions (i.e. extraordinary coincidences), as well as deliberate concealment of health conditions that negatively affect horse riding.

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