Extra people "

Extra people

Publicist Vladimir Mamontov told AiF about what is behind the sudden surge in social activity of young people.

"Office Plankton"

- We say that so-called "extra people" began to take to the streets. But how did they become redundant? Recently, we have brought up our children in such a way that many qualities - the ability to resist, break through, overcome, which prevailed in our fathers, mothers and grandmothers - cannot be found in the young generation. And, by the way, we ourselves are to blame for this. Our children today want to hide from the real, sometimes difficult world as quickly as possible: some to the computer, some to the office, and some desperately mows away from the army. And we are constantly encouraging them. Therefore, when, faced with real difficulties, young people suddenly take to the streets (realizing that, by and large, they will get nothing for it), they perceive it as fun and excitement. Who can we blame for this ?!

With a diploma as a loader?

Why am I saying that the authorities are also pushing them into "extra people" to some extent? Because our officials do not show on their faces that they care about how to solve the problems of young people. It is not without reason that some time ago, in one of his messages, Vladimir Putin said the right thing: we need to create at least 25 million jobs associated with modern technologies. That is, we must build an economy capable of digesting such a number of educated smart guys with university diplomas, which we have produced recently. But for some reason this project is not developing. And often young specialists in large cities, ambitious and educated, are trying to just somehow survive.

By the way, against this background there is a shortage of working specialties in the country. In Moscow, we could not find a professional young man who is engaged in fine metal processing. It is difficult to find a young man who is well versed in mechanics. Not only has qualifications dropped dramatically, but in general no one wants to do this kind of work. There are plenty of lawyers, but there is no one to do the assembly. Because of this, the contacts are incorrectly soldered and the second stage of the rocket explodes before reaching it.

But, on the other hand, the salary of an engineer at a military-industrial complex plant is 35-40 thousand. And this is also the root of the protests. We have no social justice. An engineer gets less loader at the airport - is that fair ?! We have 90% of the national wealth owned by 10% of the people. I'm talking about individuals, no matter how they disguise themselves under the beautiful slogans about "our property". Whose is ours? These are objective things that cannot be discounted either. The Americans, when they were pinned down during the Great Depression, built a bunch of good roads. Just to feed people. This is the correct social policy. We are critically lacking such solutions. Maybe it's time to remember what Putin said and finally create 25 million jobs for smart people? For engineers, IT specialists and others, so that they do not leave for the West, do not go out into the streets and feel like people here, in Russia.

Missing "social elevators"

It is also very important that the "social elevators" that were in the USSR have disappeared. And then there was injustice, nepotism and cronyism - this is how people are at all times, nothing can be done about it. But in general, then the car creaked, puffed, but worked. Both working youth and university graduates understood where to go in order to climb the stairs. The film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" is, of course, a fairy tale, but there all these "social elevators" are shown perfectly. Now they are virtually nonexistent. And if a person does not see these elevators, constantly comes across the fact that no one needs him, then this also leads him to social protest.

But I want to note that in addition to "extra people" there are those who just organize this infantile youth for all kinds of street actions. Moreover, we have uncles and aunts in big positions who look condescendingly at all these rallies and say: “Let the guys run, breathe, and get a breath of freedom.” The guys are running around, the country will be ruined, and the clever uncles and aunties will dump them abroad, where they have long ago built spare airfields for themselves. And what will the people do again? Where will these "extra people" who are taken to the streets go? They are not a frightened generation. We experienced a lot of things in the 90s, and therefore we don't want grandmothers to sell a bunch of radishes near the metro again, so as not to starve to death.

And yet I am not inclined to dramatize the current situation and I believe that the police and the National Guard are behaving correctly. If you want to hold a meeting, agree on this issue, and if you didn't agree and got it in the face, don't complain. No civilized country will allow anyone to just go to storm the Bastille. But the state must take care to ensure its own security not only with police measures, but also with a very deep state policy: social elevators, peace of mind for its future, etc.

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