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Sicily has an incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing nature. It is here that the famous and not dormant Mount Etna is located, which is one of the largest in Europe and regularly attracts tourists. It is this island that is washed by three seas at once: the Mediterranean, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian.

There are many famous resorts on the Italian island where you can always find a large number of vacationers. Therefore, tourists are often interested in the question of where to relax in Sicily and which resort is the best? The most unforgettable and interesting vacation, of course, can be presented by the large cities of the island, with which we will get acquainted below.

Sicily: where to relax

Catania, Syracuse, Trapani and Palermo have been favorite tourist destinations for many years.


Catania is one of the largest and most popular cities in Sicily. It is here that more attractions are concentrated. This city is also famous for the fact that it practically lies at the foot of the Etna volcano, which is also called the "fiery mountain". Repeatedly active volcano almost completely destroyed the city, but it rebuilt again and again. Since Catania has never once drowned in lava flows, fragments of frozen "rivers" can be observed here.

One of the main reasons why tourists tend to come here is the conquest of the "mountain of fire".

What can you see in Catania? Lovers of history and architecture should definitely see the following sights of the Sicilian city with their own eyes:

  • Central Cathedral Square;
  • Cathedral of Catania;
  • Theaters of Ancient Rome;
  • Ursino Castle; <
  • Church of St. Nicholas
  • Black Elephant Fountain

The Central Cathedral Square is considered the symbol of the city. This is where the hectic life of Catania takes place. It is an architectural splendid creation that belongs to the unsurpassed, legendary architect Giovanni Battista Vaccarini. Also worthy of attention are such historical buildings as the city gate of the late 17th century called "Uyezd Port", the Cathedral of the 18th century, as well as the famous "Black Elephant" fountain.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean with an area of ​​about 26,000 km 2 with a population of about 5 million and the capital of Palermo. In addition to the Mediterranean, the island is surrounded by the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. There are several volcanoes on the island, one of which is the famous Etna with a height of 3380 meters (the height is indicated approximately, since it is constantly changing, now one way or the other, thanks to eruptions).

Diverse and beautiful nature, picturesque bays and beaches, combined with the climate of the subtropics, attract tourists here. The beach season here lasts from May to October. Even in winter, the temperature here stays at least +10 o C.

Holidays in Sicily are relatively inexpensive, and the trilogy and film adaptation of The Godfather helped a lot in attracting tourists here. Now, almost every restaurant or bar in some way tries to associate its name with the "mafia". It is safe to tickle the nerves of anyone, so they attract tourists with unpretentious marketing, for example, the cafe "At the Mafia" or "Ice Cream with Explosives". But it seems that all the "mafia" and is limited only by names, holidays in Sicily are safer than many other resorts.

Sicily also pleases tourists with its sights, of which the most famous is the Valley of the Temples, an archaeological park included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997.

The cuisine of Sicily is very interesting, perhaps due to the fact that since ancient times, the Greeks, then the Romans, the Arabs, the French brought something of their own here, improving the local cuisine.

Being on this island, a tourist should definitely try local ice cream with pistachios, cinnamon, almonds, etc., as well as local wines, which are famous far beyond the borders of Sicily.

How to get there

There are no direct flights from Russia to Sicily, but you can get by Alitalia with transfers in Rome or Milan to the two main airports of the island - in Catania or Palermo. Most often, tourists usually combine a trip to Italy with a flight to Sicily from the same Milan or Rome.

Tickets to Sicily can be found using this SEARCHER. You drive in Palermo or Catania, the city of departure, and see the desired flights for the required dates.


Yes, although this is an island, you can get to it by rail, again from Rome or Milan, where trains from Moscow arrive.

Excursions in Sicily in Russian: prices and reviews

Many tourists agree that the island of Sicily is an ideal place for a calm, measured rest, but at the same time it has a rather impressive "excursion", so every guest will find here entertainment to his liking. After the beach sweet idleness, tourists go on excursions to Sicily to get acquainted with the richest architectural and cultural heritage of the island. The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea has long been considered a mafia, but today Sicily is quite a quiet region, ideal for a peaceful holiday. The island is especially proud of its magnificent beaches with sand, pebbles and cobblestones, and even black beaches can be found here.

The nature of Sicily fascinates with its beauty and brightness of colors, grandeur and special grandeur. It is not surprising that it is on this remarkable island that the main natural attraction of the entire continent is located - the active volcano Etna, which the whole of Sicily revered. An excursion to Etna is a must-see item in the entertainment "menu" of every tourist, and the volcano is really worth such close attention. As for architectural monuments, there are a lot of them in Sicily. These are the Valley of the Temples, the Greek theater, the Catacombs, medieval churches and castles, magnificent palazzo, ancient ruins and traces of the activities of several civilizations. On excursions in Sicily in Russian, you can learn about all these objects and many other equally interesting and iconic places of the island.

Where to buy excursions in Sicily of the year

In the modern world, the Internet is so tightly integrated into the life of every person that it has helped to significantly simplify our life. This also applies to the search for excursions, since travelers no longer need to wander the streets of an unfamiliar city in another country and look for travel agencies or private guides. Now you can just go to the site of one of the popular travel services in the post-Soviet countries, Tripster. Here you can find interesting excursions in Sicily and choose the best options for yourself and your friends. At the same time, no one will rush you, you can at a convenient time for yourself study the description of all the programs presented, get acquainted with the list of visited objects and find out the current prices for walks.

And when the suitable excursion programs are determined, you can in a matter of seconds order excursions in Sicily for the dates and even times suitable for you. If you have any difficulties or have any questions, you can always clarify the points of interest directly from the guides, simply by writing to them. Tripster presents programs in different regions of the island, so you can use the service to order excursions in Sicily in Russian in the city you plan to visit, or book several excursions around the island at once on different days. Each tour guide who collaborates with Tripster is an experienced and qualified professional, which, together with the stunning natural and historical attractions of Sicily, guarantees an interesting and fulfilling holiday on the island.

Prices for excursions in Sicily per year

For every tourist who goes to an unfamiliar city in another country, it is extremely important to correctly assess and calculate their financial costs and prepare the necessary vacation budget. And if you are interested in how much excursions in Sicily cost, then you can find the answer to this question on the Tripster website. The service contains the current prices at which you can order the excursion you like. The cost of excursions in Sicily is largely influenced by their duration, and the longer the walk takes, the more expensive it will usually be. Also, the price of some programs includes transfers, lunch, tasting and other additional services. In other excursions, the basic price is indicated, and for all additional services you must pay extra separately. The guide must separately stipulate these nuances in the description, protecting guests from misunderstandings.

The number of sightseers also has a significant impact on the formation of prices. For example, there are group excursions in Sicily in Russian for large groups consisting of unfamiliar tourists, so the prices for one person for them are usually lower compared to the price of individual programs. The price of such excursions ranges from € 25 to € 35. Individual excursions in Sicily are conducted for 1-2 tourists or small groups, so they will be more expensive. Their price can vary from € 65 to € 400. At the same time, the guides regularly hold promotions and offer substantial discounts on their excursions. You can find promotional offers in the section of the Sicilian city of Tripster you are interested in in the section "With a discount".

Excursions in the cities of Sicily

Although the island of Sicily is the largest in the Mediterranean, it is quite compact. Therefore, while resting in one of the island's resorts, you can easily relax in other parts of Sicily with minimal time expenditures and get acquainted with the peculiarities of life in its different regions. You will definitely like an excursion around the island of Sicily, as it will acquaint you with very beautiful places, distinctive towns and the most interesting colorful features of its different regions. A complete list of excursion offers on the island can be found at this link.

Sicily is the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, the southern part of Italy, an island that, with its historical and natural attractions, attracts millions of tourists with a wide variety of requests.

Significance of Sicily in the modern world

The island of Sicily is of volcanic origin. Its highest point at this time is the Etna volcano, which rises above the entire mountainous terrain at an altitude of 3340 m. Etna and Stromboli are active volcanoes that have not stopped boiling since their formation.

The largest province of the state of Italy is separated from the Apennine Peninsula by the Strait of Messina, the widest part of which reaches 16 km. A number of nearby islands also have territorial affiliation with Sicily.

Sicily, the sights of history which have their origins since antiquity, got its name from the name of the Sicula tribe, which occupied the territory of the island for a long period. From prehistoric times, the name of this region has been preserved - Trinacria.

Basic geographic data of Sicily:

Coordinates 37.35 o north latitude and 14.00 o east longitude Area (with islands) 25 832 km 2 Administrative center Palermo Largest mountain range Sicilian Apennines Sea: North Tyrrhenian West-South Mediterranean East Ionian, Largest rivers Salso

Before starting your trip to Sicily, you need to apply for a visa. Entry into the region is permitted with an Italian or Schengen visa.

For the traveler, the second option is more profitable, since it makes it possible to cross the borders and stop not only in Italy, but also in all countries of the Schengen area. It is possible to get to Sicily by several types of transport: air, land, sea.


Before a trip to Sicily, many people have a question where to go in Sicily, as well as where is the best in Sicily and where to go with children. There is no unequivocal answer to all these questions, since the place of rest in Sicily is determined, first of all, by your goals.

Best places to relax in Sicily

If your main goal is an excursion vacation

, you want to ride around, get to know the country, so to speak, from the inside, then it is better to settle as close as possible to those attractions that are most interesting to you, especially if you do not plan to rent a car, but move by public transport ... So, for example, if you are interested in culture, history, the mafia past of the island, it is better to live in Sicily in the Palermo region, from where you can go to cities such as Carleone, Monreale, Bagheria.

Where to stay in Sicily in Palermo

If you have chosen Palermo as your destination, then the choice of hotels is huge. Palermo is the main city of the island, with all its pluses (good transport links, a large selection of hotels, restaurants, shops) and minuses (migrants, dirt on some streets). Examples of hotels in Palermo look at Booking:

There is also a direct train connection from Palermo to Agrigento (see the website for details). You can combine the excursion program with a beach holiday - Mondello beach

in the vicinity of Palermo is one of the most popular on the island.

Beach holidays in Sicily: where to stay

If your goal is a beach holiday, then you can opt for the beaches of Mondello

(near Palermo) or Cefalu (a very popular resort about 70 km from Palermo, but prices are slightly higher there).

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