Ecotourism in Germany

Ecotourism in Germany

Most Europeans love to travel to Germany, and in recent years, ecotourism has become especially popular among travelers. And this is not surprising, because in Germany there are many natural wonders, forests, highlands, lakes and rivers that amaze with their beauty.

Facts you can't argue with

Germany is one of the best countries on earth to develop ecotourism destinations. Let's take a look at the facts. As of today, Germany recycles 85% of its industrial and domestic waste. 25% of electricity is generated from renewable energy sources, and this is not counting the ambitious plans for nuclear power, which are due to be implemented by 2022. Since 1990, the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere has been reduced by 30%. Is this not a confirmation that the Germans take environmental protection very seriously? In addition, green hotels and organic food markets have long been common in many German cities.

Castles in the Rhine Valley

The Rhine Valley, with its many castles, is one of the most beautiful and romantic areas in Germany and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can take a bike tour along the tops of the steep slopes and see the various castles lining the Rhine River. But one day is definitely not enough to explore all the sights. Therefore, many tourists stay for the night in campsites, "green hotels", vineyards and even on farms, which kindly provide everyone with a place to relax. This 220 square kilometer site can be reached by train or river, so you don't need a car.

The green city of Freiburg

Freiburg is not only a vibrant university town with picturesque historic streets. It is also a green lifestyle model. There is no automobile passenger transport here at all. There are only trams, green areas, pedestrian and bike paths. And next to the Gothic cathedral and other ancient architecture, solar panels harmoniously coexist. They are the only source of electricity that supplies the entire city. Freiburg not only surprises tourists living in industrial cities - it shocks with its originality.

Baltic coast

The Baltic coast is considered a German ecological resort, where you can enjoy all the earthly benefits. By the way, you can also live in picturesque beach bungalows in a protected area, pamper yourself with organic cuisine, Ayurvedic treatments and naturopathic medicine, take part in seminars and workshops, or simply admire the 100% ecologically clean nature.

Yes, if you find yourself in Germany for Christmas, don't forget to visit these 10 Christmas markets that we covered in one of our past posts.

About half of the territory of Germany is occupied by agricultural land. It is not surprising that the locals work very intensively in the production of food of plant and animal origin. Thanks to this, they almost completely provide themselves with grain, sugar, meat and milk.

And among European manufacturing countries, Germany bypasses such leaders as France and Italy.

Agriculture occupies a small share in the structure of the German economy

Providing the country with raw materials is only one of the important functions of German agriculture. Rules that absolutely all farmers follow:

  • Create beautiful natural landscapes.
  • Preservation of natural life foundations.

In the country, every square meter of land, due to its shortage, is used rationally. And any territory is unusually organically fits into the surrounding landscape.

Natural resources and their adequate assessment helped the people of Germany to competently build the country's agricultural sector and engage in almost all types of agriculture:

Agriculture in Germany

More information about the German economy in all areas can be found on our website.


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