Ecotourism as a business idea for beginners

Examples of a business plan for agritourism

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What kind of business can be opened in the village, types of programs

In this article, we will present you with some interesting options for what kind of business you can open in a village. By the way, according to experts, it is better for beginners to initially try their hand in the villages, and not in megacities, where the level of competition is very high.

Fish farming

What do each of us associate the village with? Picturesque nature, fertile fields, gardens, ponds and rivers. All this beauty is simply created by nature in order to fish. And for those who are looking for a business to start in the village from scratch, fishing can become a stable source of income.

Carp can be raised in the countryside. You can actually either buy their fry, or catch them in a pond, or grow them in an aquarium. If you want to make a profit as soon as possible, then immediately purchase two-year-old carp. Now we will figure out in detail how to start a business in the village related to fish farming.

This is a great idea of ​​what kind of business to open in the village. For its implementation, you can also use a conventional fiberglass pool. Experienced entrepreneurs in this direction argue that fry launched into the water in March can already weigh 1.5 kg in December.

For start-up capital, you will need approximately 100,000 rubles. After 3 years (this is exactly how much it takes to grow carp for sale), you will already have 500,000 kg of fish. If you sell all this amount at 60 rubles per 1 kg, you can earn 3 million rubles.

Hairdresser at home

Village residents often have to travel to the city to get themselves in order. Therefore, of course, they will be happy to use the hairdressing services of a private master in their village.

Agritourism is gaining popularity among those who want to escape from the bustle of the city. It is not difficult to organize a business in this area, especially for rural residents and farmers. And how to do this is described below.

Relevance of this business

The relevance of agritourism lies in the fact that with the technological progress and growth of cities, some residents want to get closer to nature and take a break from the bustle of the city. This type of recreation is only gaining popularity in Russia, but has long existed in the Czech Republic, Hungary and other countries.

Target audience includes:

As you can see, the target audience is very diverse and affects a large segment of the population, or rather, anyone can become your client.

In addition, a villager who has a plot of land or his own large house can open his own business in this area. This niche is also relevant for those who own a farm, on the basis of which agritourism can be promoted.

Stages of organization

The main stages of starting a business:

Client search, advertising

Despite the fact that this item is in the last place in the list of stages, it makes sense to start looking for clients while equipping the hotel. This will help to avoid “idle time” when everything is ready and there are no visitors. In addition, by the number of responses to advertising, you can determine the number of people who want to visit such places.

It's better to start looking for the first customers through message boards and social networks. To do this, you need to create pages on Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and offer your services in thematic publics, place an ad on your page.

You can also create a separate group in social networks, where you need to describe in detail what you offer, prices, a list of entertainment, a description of the area. Upload lots of colorful photos of the rooms and surroundings. And always be in touch.

Agritourism business is a fairly new phenomenon for modern Russian reality. And for this reason it deserves close attention.

In the USA, Japan and in European countries this type of entrepreneurship has been developing as an independent direction of the travel industry for many years. It brings substantial income to the villagers.

What is agotourism?

House in the woods - a place for solitude and relaxation

For trips to the countryside, or for recreation outside the city limits, it is customary to apply such definitions of tourism as agritourism, rural, green, soft, natural, biological. Although these concepts are close in meaning, each of them has its own characteristics.

Without going into scientific terminology, agritourism (rural tourism) is called the outings of people, mainly city dwellers, to the countryside with a fairly deep immersion in "rural exoticism". Often, agritourists not only contemplate, but also actively engage in rural labor. They help the owners in feeding and caring for the animals, as well as in harvesting.

It happens that guests take part in holidays, where they get acquainted with the national culture of local residents - customs, songs, dances, objects of applied art. Adventure trips, horseback riding, picnics on the shore of a reservoir or in the forest, fishing or hunting trips, picking mushrooms and berries - all this can be included in the recreation program.

Why agritourism business?

For a good rest, people need a change in their usual environment, new, vivid emotions. A village, a village, a hamlet are capable of giving them. After all, many townspeople have never mowed grass or made hay in their lives. Some of them did not chop wood or stoke the Russian stove. What can we say about milking a cow or a goat, feeding chickens or rabbits.

The desire of city dwellers to diversify their lives by contact with nature, with the historical way of life and village life is a fertile ground for agritourism.

Agritourism business is still an almost free niche in domestic entrepreneurship. Taking into account the truly vast territory of the country and natural diversity, we can safely say that the prospects for rural tourism in Russia are endless.

The development of megalopolises, the popularity of a healthy lifestyle and tourism have spawned the spread of a new tourist destination - rural tourism. This direction has long been popular in Europe, but in Russia it has been developing only in the last decade. High demand for this service has started to emerge in the past few years. Rural tourism is a great business idea. A rural tourism business plan will help an entrepreneur explore a niche and start a business.

Business Description and Benefits

Agritourism (rural tourism) is a young direction in the tourism business, focused on visiting cultural, historical and natural landscape places.

The duration of the tour varies from one-day mini-trips to long stays in the countryside.

The benefits of this business:

  • Low competition. This segment of the tourism business is just developing in Russia, the market has not yet been developed.
  • Low entry threshold. You don't need to buy a lot of expensive equipment. At the initial stage, you can even do without an office.
  • Minimal risks. The entrepreneur risks only the time spent on the implementation of the idea and a small investment.
  • High profitability. Agritourism, like tourism in general, brings good income for companies, because the main task of the company is to organize a tour. When all processes are streamlined and automated, it does not require much effort.
  • Opportunity to expand the business and the range of services provided. For example, you can not only organize tours, but also sell inventory, clothing and other travel accessories.
  • Possibility to open such a business anywhere in Russia. Each region has its own characteristics that are interesting to tourists.
  • Growing demand for the service.
  • Fast payback.


There are the following subspecies of such tourism:

  • Agritourism. Tourists live on farms during the harvest season. Their food is what they collect from the earth and prepare themselves. The purchase of ready-made products and even individual ingredients in stores is usually excluded.
  • Village life. Tourists just live in the village for a while. There is a demand for this direction all year round.
  • Community ecotourism. Visiting one or several villages, a short stay in them. The emphasis is on communicating with local residents, studying their living conditions and traditions.
  • Ethnographic tourism. Russia is a multinational country. In each region there are villages, the inhabitants of which represent separate ethnographic groups - Bulgarian, Swedish, Finnish, Kyrgyz and other villages. Their inhabitants honor their traditions and live as in their homeland. The architecture, layout and general appearance of such villages differs from traditional Russian ones. Tourists like to visit such places and learn from their examples the rituals and traditions of other nations.

How to start a rural tourism business

Target audience

Target audience (CA) - tourists, travelers, residents of large cities of different ages.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Ecotourism as a business idea for beginners." We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Fresh variants of the West

There are many ways to get rich. You can start producing consumer goods, open a store, find ways to make money on the Internet. It is especially important today to open an advertising or travel agency. This business is profitable, but quite old, and not everyone can beat the competition. Most niches are already occupied by someone, and it is very difficult to make your way.

Otherwise, business consists of business know-how. Some people come up with directions that are original and unusual, and after a few months they already have good capital. Often such ideas come to us from abroad.

But, unfortunately, many developments that are popular in the West cannot take root in Russia. For example, a service has recently appeared in the United States where anyone can subscribe to food. For a subscription, a person pays a certain amount and a weekly homemade cakes of the highest quality are delivered to him using organic fresh products. What do you think was the future of such a service in Russia. Almost all women in our country know how to bake pies. So why waste money on something that a mother, grandmother, wife or compassionate neighbor in the staircase can do for free.

Growing and selling healthy food

A healthy food business will surely take root in Russia. It is not necessary to deliver it to your home, as is popular in the United States. You can open your own grocery store, which will sell vegetables and fruits grown without the use of chemicals and fertilizers. Surely loving mothers will buy products for their children in such stores.

Crop production

At the present time, crop production is considered a promising business. It is not necessary to use western directions. You can start growing cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables and herbs in greenhouses. It is best to focus on the sustainability of products, as the market is already full of different products grown using chemicals.

Subscription for vegetables and fruits

There is also a Community Support to Agriculture program in the United States. People subscribe to it like a magazine. The subscriber receives fresh vegetables from a local farmer every week. When signing the contract, the farmer and the subscriber share equally all the risks associated with the unpredictability of the weather. The buyer pays an advance payment for the entire season (about $ 400-600), while the farmer receives enough funds to carry out spring work: plow the land, sow grain, etc. Fresh organic produce is regularly delivered to the subscriber from June to November (and sometimes longer).

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