Draw up a business plan for agritourism

Business plan for rural tourism is

The travel business in Russia has always been a profitable business. The profitability of this direction remains high, despite the emerging crises or difficult economic situations in the country.

Recently, rural tourism as a business has become entrenched in the service market, and is of interest to residents of large cities. Agritourism allows a person to plunge into the everyday life of the Russian hinterland. For sophisticated townspeople, such a vacation is exotic, and for this they are ready to give a lot of money. It is not difficult to organize rural tourism, but there are some nuances that a novice entrepreneur should be aware of.

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Ecotourism in the countryside: where to start

Ecotourism as a business is attractive for rural residents who have limited funds. A small start-up

capital will be sufficient for:

  • Purchase or construction of a small house on a personal plot;
  • Purchase of a vehicle that is necessary for the transportation of tourists.

In addition, you will need to purchase pets and set up a small vegetable garden where food will be grown. It is allowed to use a private house of an entrepreneur as a place for tourists. It is necessary to divide or allocate part of the room for the dining room, since food must be prepared in a special equipped room.

When drawing up a business plan, an entrepreneur must choose the type of ecotourism that he will offer to clients. There may be several options:

  • Camping on weekends;
  • Accommodation of guests in the countryside from 1 week to a month;
  • Comfortable rest in comfortable cottages ...

If circumstances allow a person to invest a large sum of money in the organization of rural tourism, careful planning is necessary. Before turning a business idea into reality, an entrepreneur must decide on the scope of the project and correctly assess his financial capabilities. These factors affect how the infrastructure of the enterprise will look like. It includes places for vacationers to stay, food and entertainment.

Pay attention! The tourist complex can be built in the traditional Russian style, in the form of small wooden huts, surrounded by picturesque nature. The meals of the guests staying are provided by the household.

Agritourism is gaining popularity among those who want to escape from the bustle of the city. It is not difficult to organize a business in this area, especially for rural residents and farmers. And how to do this is described below.

Relevance of this business

The relevance of agritourism lies in the fact that with the technological progress and growth of cities, some residents want to get closer to nature and take a break from the bustle of the city. This type of recreation is only gaining popularity in Russia, but has long existed in the Czech Republic, Hungary and other countries.

Target audience includes:

As you can see, the target audience is very diverse and affects a large segment of the population, or rather, anyone can become your client.

In addition, a villager who has a plot of land or his own large house can open his own business in this area. This niche is also relevant for those who own a farm, on the basis of which agritourism can be promoted.

Stages of organization

The main stages of starting a business:

Client search, advertising

Despite the fact that this item is in the last place in the list of stages, it makes sense to start looking for clients while equipping the hotel. This will help to avoid “idle time” when everything is ready and there are no visitors. In addition, by the number of responses to advertising, you can determine the number of people who want to visit such places.

It's better to start looking for the first customers through message boards and social networks. To do this, you need to create pages on Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and offer your services in thematic publics, place an ad on your page.

You can also create a separate group in social networks, where you need to describe in detail what you offer, prices, a list of entertainment, a description of the area. Upload lots of colorful photos of the rooms and surroundings. And always be in touch.

After the hotel opens, you can add other advertising channels that may be costly:

The development of megalopolises, the popularity of a healthy lifestyle and tourism have spawned the spread of a new tourist destination - rural tourism. This direction has long been popular in Europe, but in Russia it has been developing only in the last decade. High demand for this service has started to emerge in the past few years. Rural tourism is a great business idea. A rural tourism business plan will help an entrepreneur explore a niche and start a business.

Business Description and Benefits

Agritourism (rural tourism) is a young direction in the tourism business, focused on visiting cultural, historical and natural landscape places.

The duration of the tour varies from one-day mini-trips to long stays in the countryside.

The benefits of this business:

  • Low competition. This segment of the tourism business is just developing in Russia, the market has not yet been developed.
  • Low entry threshold. You don't need to buy a lot of expensive equipment. At the initial stage, you can even do without an office.
  • Minimal risks. The entrepreneur risks only the time spent on the implementation of the idea and a small investment.
  • High profitability. Agritourism, like tourism in general, brings good income for companies, because the main task of the company is to organize a tour. When all processes are streamlined and automated, it does not require much effort.
  • Opportunity to expand the business and the range of services provided. For example, you can not only organize tours, but also sell inventory, clothing and other travel accessories.
  • Possibility to open such a business anywhere in Russia. Each region has its own characteristics that are interesting to tourists.
  • Growing demand for the service.
  • Fast payback.


There are the following subspecies of such tourism:

  • Agritourism. Tourists live on farms during the harvest season. Their food is what they collect from the earth and prepare themselves. The purchase of ready-made products and even individual ingredients in stores is usually excluded.
  • Village life. Tourists just live in the village for a while. There is a demand for this direction all year round.
  • Community ecotourism. Visiting one or several villages, a short stay in them. The emphasis is on communicating with local residents, studying their living conditions and traditions.
  • Ethnographic tourism. Russia is a multinational country. In each region there are villages, the inhabitants of which represent separate ethnographic groups - Bulgarian, Swedish, Finnish, Kyrgyz and other villages. Their inhabitants honor their traditions and live as in their homeland. The architecture, layout and general appearance of such villages differs from traditional Russian ones. Tourists like to visit such places and learn from their examples the rituals and traditions of other nations.

How to start a rural tourism business

Target audience

Target audience (CA) - tourists, travelers, residents of large cities of different ages.

  • travelers ;
  • ecotourists ;
  • cyclists ;
  • mototourists ;
  • walking tourists;
  • residents of megalopolises;
  • athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

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