Culture on the village will raise a new level

Culture on the village will raise a new level

March is celebrated by the professional holiday of cultural workers

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In Russia, the program "Zemsky Worker of Culture" may appear, similar to programs for supporting rural doctors and teachers. On behalf of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Culture should determine which experts most often need clubs and houses of culture at the village, and also find out what benefits and preferences are graduated specialists will be ready to move from the city to the village to carry culture to the masses.

in the outback will go agitative vehicles

The need for a separate program for rural librarians and cultural workers in the country has been crowded for a long time. Houses of culture on the village are not just cultural centers, this is the place of communication of rural residents, a kind of "window in the world" for villagers. Meanwhile, the state of such "windows" on the village two years ago was catastrophic. More than 80 percent of them needed overhaul.

Since 2017, about 17 billion rubles were allocated for the repair and construction of new rural houses of culture from the federal budget. Regional and party projects were also devoted to the implementation of this task, for example, the United Russia Project "Culture of Malaya Motherland".

As it turned out, not all buildings are subject to recovery. Then it was decided to replace some cultural houses by mobile centers. They constitute a car that transports the scene with equipment. Such a platform is suitable for performing artistic teams of various directions: from theatrical action to rock concert. In addition, information services may also be provided in this center.

The forgotten principle of Soviet propaganda teams is at the heart of the work of mobile platforms. “Today, several campaign vehicles are already working in experimental mode. More than one hundred of these "cultural transfers" will be purchased annually. Their equipment is estimated at up to 12 million rubles. This is the most modern concert equipment, "said Olga Kazakova, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture.

According to the Ministry of Culture, last year 102 mobile cultural complexes went to the outback, which made cultural events accessible to four million Russians in settlements where there are no stationary clubs and houses of culture. According to the plans of the department, by 2024 in each of the 1.8 thousand municipalities where there is no stationary club, at least one mobile will work.

After the renovation of cultural centers and the launch of mobile centers, it became clear that construction, reconstruction and technical equipment are far from all the problems that need to be solved in order to raise rural recreation centers to the level of urban ones. The more complex the equipment, the more highly qualified specialists it requires for its competent service.

Today, only the lazy does not speak about a sharp drop in the cultural level of Russians and, as a result, the need for prompt reforms. In the meantime, three main national projects are being promoted in the country: education, health care, and agriculture.

With regard to culture, all proposals ultimately boil down to cutting government funding for theaters, children's art schools, clubs and other institutions.

On sheer enthusiasm

To destroy the culture in the countryside - of course no one sets such a goal, especially in the year of culture, everyone only talks about its development. But often everything is limited to talking. The optimization process launched a few years ago under its millstones is crushing small schools and rural clubs.

- What kind of culture can we talk about in the village, if people are not needed, - Antonina TORKUT, a resident of the village of Novomaryevka, Akbulak district, is indignant. - I ran the village club for almost ten years, but what's the point, as soon as the state farm collapsed, people from the village began to leave, first they closed the school, then the FAP, and then the turn came to the club. Now there is nothing left, we live as on a desert island. In the neighboring village of Vershinovka, the situation is the same, in order to join the culture, we now have to go almost 70 km to the regional center. They promised that I would come to mobile auto clubs, but something, I haven’t seen a single one yet, ”the former head of the club continues.

In the same place, where the life of a cultural institution is still glimmering, to hold on to naked enthusiasm.

In the village of Meshcheryakovsky, Adamovsky district, the club was opened in Soviet times. Cultural life in the virgin land was in full swing, there was even a small cinema. The club had circles, there was a creative team. Now only memories are left of this. The club is still operating, only one person works in it. His responsibilities include everything from creative activity to cleaning floors.

- I love my job and I can't see myself without work in the club. The authorities would help us, then everything would be fine. The building is old, one might say dilapidated, there has been no major overhaul for several years. Yes, plastic windows were installed a year ago, and it was thanks to a local entrepreneur. I am offended for the rural youth, why are they worse than city guys? They also want to rest somewhere, have fun. And what will happen if the club is closed, - complains Serzhan Imanov, the head of the club.

Not so bad

Rural clubs began to appear on a large scale in Russian villages in the post-war period. A large dance floor, a stage for performances, a cinema booth for watching films and a large number of reclining chairs knocked together in rows - in days of dances and mass festivities, these chairs were placed around the perimeter of the room, and at the moments of concerts, film screenings or party-people meetings, they were made up in slender rows ... In this form, rural centers of culture still exist. For the most part, they have the status of “bureaucratic unsubscribe”: since there is a club in a village, it means that it has “social and cultural facilities for the population”. Accordingly, the participation of the state in the life of modern rural residents (and primarily young people) takes place.

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