Conversion of agricultural land to recreational

How to register an agricultural land plot for rent and what are the features of the procedure

Construction of a residential building on agricultural land is permitted subject to legal regulations. The rules and conditions for the use of such territories are regulated by the provisions of the Land Code of the Russian Federation.

Legislative regulation

The Land Code classifies seven categories of plots based on their permitted use:

  • settlements ;
  • agricultural plots;
  • industrial zones;
  • specially protected areas;
  • forests ;
  • water areas;
  • reserve lands.

In Federal Law No. 101, agricultural lands are divided into two types of activities:

  • for agriculture;
  • for personal farming and gardening.

Residential development is prohibited on land plots of the first type. For the construction of other buildings in the territories of the second type, you must first study the legislative norms.

To build a house on plots for farming, the following rules must be followed:

  • housing is being built for one family;
  • the site must be located within SNT;
  • the number of floors in the constructed building is no more than three.

Non-compliance of the erected object with all the conditions is the basis for declaring it illegal.

What can be built on agricultural land

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Recreational lands are territories used for recreation, for tourism purposes, or by organizations whose activities are related to sports and recreation. Various objects are being erected on them, serving to organize work in these areas: parks, sanatoriums, campings, holiday houses and other structures. Tourist routes and trails are laid along them. The use of these lands for other purposes is strictly prohibited.

For these purposes, the most suitable areas for agricultural purposes. But the process of transferring lands to the category of recreational ones requires a lot of time and effort, since it is quite difficult to organize it.

In addition to the petition filed with a special municipal authority dealing with these issues, and the collection of the necessary papers, which must include identity documents and confirming land rights, it is necessary to conduct a state environmental impact assessment. To obtain permission to move, it is also required to provide sufficient grounds and go through a large number of approvals.

How to convert agricultural land to recreational land

The legislation stipulates that land plots intended for agricultural purposes can be used for truck farming, gardening and farming. And the transfer of such allotments to another category can be carried out only in exceptional cases.

These include:

  • Termination of land cultivation due to the need to eliminate pollution or restore soil fertility;
  • Transfer of land holdings intended for agricultural work into the category of protected natural objects or assignment to them the status of recreational state lands;
  • Settlement of land near cities and other settlements;
  • Use of land for the needs of industry, if it is impossible to engage in this activity on the territory of other sites;
  • Transfer of land to the water or forest fund in order to prevent their degradation;
  • Construction of structures in accordance with international agreements or federal projects adopted by the government;
  • Use of territories classified as agricultural appointments to ensure the security and defense of the state, if the existing geopolitical situation forces it;
  • Reclamation and transfer of land for public needs, or exploration of mineral deposits;
  • Construction of objects with economic purposes, which are designed to provide public and consumer services.

From the above it follows that the territories included in the category of land intended for agricultural work are used only for municipal or state needs, or for the implementation of activities for which they are directly intended.

The list of territories subject to special protection by the state includes allotments that need protection from improper use or from depletion. This category includes lands that are of historical or cultural value, as well as recreational areas.

The transfer of land plots that are in the status of specially protected is possible only if they lose their scientific, cultural, recreational or historical value.

The procedure for carrying out protective activities is established in the provisions of the Land Code of the Russian Federation and in some other regulatory legal acts adopted by the executive authorities. There are cases when lands from other categories are transferred to specially protected ones.

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Settlement lands are land areas where it is planned to build urban and rural settlements with the development of the necessary infrastructure. Such lands are designated by boundaries, the task of which is to separate them from other types of land.

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Russian legislation has established a separate procedure for their operation. This order is closely related to land zoning. These territories are divided into separate zones. Such zoning is regulated by a certain regulatory framework.

If a person is the owner of a piece of land that the state needs, then he will be seized without fail. In this case, there is a program for the purchase of land plots.

Settlement land exploitation

Each zone falls under certain requirements, on the basis of which the border is designated and the type of permissible activity.

Land composition

For the purpose of comfortable and harmonious living of residents of future settlements, the lands of settlements are subject to mandatory zoning. These include:

  • zones for military objects;
  • zones for special needs;
  • industrial;
  • agricultural production;
  • areas for infrastructure development;
  • areas for recreational work;
  • public and business;
  • populated areas.

Such a site can be rented by individuals and legal entities, acting in accordance with the established procedure.

The procedure for applying for a lease depends on who the land is purchased from.

Legislative regulation

According to Article 130 of the Civil Code, a land plot is equated to an immovable property. Issues related to agricultural land are regulated by chapter 14 of the Land Code, and the provision of plots that are municipal or state property is regulated by chapter 5.

The essential terms of land lease are listed in article 22 of the RF LC.

Renting agricultural land

Agricultural land - territories not related to residential settlements. Areas with forest plantations, water bodies and agricultural land are popular areas used for entrepreneurship.

The object of lease is a land plot with clear boundaries. Without a land survey, it will not be possible to find out which part the tenant uses.

The lease agreement cannot change the type of permitted use of land. Such changes are equated to unauthorized ones, which threatens with administrative responsibility.

Who has the right to receive a land plot?

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All lands are subject to mandatory division in accordance with their intended purpose, during which they are assigned certain statuses. In addition to the main category, the site is assigned a certain type of permitted use, which the owner, carrying out his activities, must comply with.

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A special protection regime has been established for agricultural lands due to their importance for the life of people. So what is agricultural land and how can it be used?

Concept and composition of the category of agricultural land

These lands include the best fertile soils in the country and are used as the main means of production. That is why the state is tirelessly monitoring the observance of the rules for their use by the owners, and the right to own such land is regulated by multiple regulations.

Agricultural land is:

  • land provided for the needs of agriculture - the production of plant materials or food;
  • land located outside the settlements.

This category includes:

  • structures and buildings used for storage, primary processing, production of agricultural products (elevators, currents, barns, etc.);
  • land occupied by forest plantations that protect sites from negative impact;
  • on-farm roads;
  • communications on the site;
  • agricultural land;
  • bodies of water used, for example, for fish farming.

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