Commercial object for sale for a hotel business in the village of Machara

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There is nothing left in Abkhazia until the 2016 holiday season. Some 3 months. And preparation for it is quite intensive.

We have already talked about the solutions designed to bring the beach areas into a normal form in the article "Beaches in Abkhazia for Rent". By the decision of the government of Abkhazia, beaches in cities and large resort centers will be leased. They will remain publicly available, tenants have the right to charge fees for additional services, but they will also have to invest in cleaning the territory, installing rescue towers, fences and buying a rescue boat. Boats, by the way, can be purchased in Sukhum on order from the A-Voat-Amshyn company. Here you can also repair a boat or boat.

In addition, refresher courses for guides and instructors will be organized. We remind you that only citizens of Abkhazia have the right to work with them. The Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Abkhazia will certify hotels and boarding houses where tourists and the tourist services themselves will be accommodated. Serious attention will be paid to the safety of tourist routes.

Deputy Minister for Resorts and Tourism of Abkhazia Astamyr Akhba said the following:

“Now the road to Lake Ritsa is being restored, during the resort time it will function to visit the Ritsa Park. There are also hiking trails where you need to re-examine, mark and make signs so that tourists understand which trails can be walked. Repair and restoration work is also underway inside the New Athos Cave. The railings that were installed at the time of the opening of the cave will change there. Otapskaya cave will be improved in eastern Abkhazia. "

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We offer to buy a commercial object in the village of Machara for a hotel business

We offer to buy an interesting object in the village of Machara. Many citizens of Russia and other countries are willing to invest their funds in the hotel business in Abkhazia. Some believe that in Abkhazia there is a ban on the purchase of any real estate by foreigners, but this is not the case. The same Russian individuals and legal entities can legally buy in Abkhazia or build a hotel or hotel by the sea. We place the most interesting and proven offers on our website. We present a commercial facility for a hotel business in the village of Machara. A new constructed three-storey building with additional premises and documents, drawn up in full accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Abkhazia. Professional legal support of the transaction by our specialists.

The price of millions of rubles! Registration for citizens of the Russian Federation!

Contact us now: + -

Description of the object in the village of Machara for the hotel business

The proposed object for the hotel business is located in the suburbs of the Abkhaz capital in the village of Machara, Gulripshsky district of Abkhazia at the address: Pkhazaria street, house 24, 400 meters from the central highway and 500 meters from the sea, near the Kyalasur river. The center of Sukhum is about 7 minutes by car. Asphalt road, mixed sand and pebble beach.

The area of ​​the land plot for the hotel business in Machar is 43 acres (0, 43 hectares), which allows solving the problems of creating a modern hotel infrastructure. The new building with additional premises is suitable for the implementation of business projects:

  • in the field of eco-tourism,
  • a departmental recreation center,
  • a sports and educational camp,
  • rehabilitation -wellness center
  • hotel, hotel, etc.

SUKHUM, November 27 - Sputnik, Asmat Tsvizhba. By November 2019, one million 50 thousand tourists visited Abkhazia, which is 25 thousand more than last year, the chairman of the State Committee for Resorts and Tourism of Abkhazia Avtandil Gartskia said at a press conference on Wednesday 27 November.

According to him, these indicators take into account tourists who came to Abkhazia for a long vacation and visited the republic on a one-day excursion.

The budget of the Ritsa National Relic Park was replenished by 127 million rubles, and the New Athos Cave by 136 million rubles. The natural attractions of the Ochamchira region are also becoming more and more popular among tourists, Gartskia emphasized.

"Tourists are increasingly visiting Akarmar waterfalls, radon sources. But it is still impossible to say that there are many tourist destinations in the eastern part of Abkhazia. People mostly come from the border, and these places are I think that with the appearance of an airport in Abkhazia, these directions will become as popular as the western ones, "he added.

According to Gartskiy, up to 65% of tourists come to the republic not for the first time, their average age is from 30 to 40 years. The most "busy" month was September, as in the last weeks of August bad weather stood out in Abkhazia, the chairman of the department explained.

Basically, residents of Krasnodar, Stavropol Territories and Rostov Oblast, as well as the central regions of Russia strive to see Abkhazia.

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SUKHUM, 18 Feb - Sputnik. About three thousand servicemen of the Russian military base of the Southern Military District in Abkhazia carried out night live fires from the guns of T-72B3 tanks and armored vehicles BTR-82AM, the press service of the Southern Military District reported.

The shooting took place as part of the training of military personnel at the Tsabal, Nagvalou and Gudauta training grounds in Abkhazia, as well as at the Maikopsky training ground in the Republic of Adygea. It is noted that the personnel improved their skills in tactical, engineering, fire and special training.

Also, when conducting live firing in the mountains and on the Black Sea coast, servicemen of motorized rifle units, equipped in the latest "Ratnik" uniforms, used modern portable reconnaissance, command and control systems (KRUS) "Strelets".

As part of the units, servicemen learned to solve various combat training tasks in the conditions of the dynamically changing situation of modern combined arms combat. The concept of the exercise was based on the experience of modern armed conflicts.

In total, more than 150 units of military equipment of the Southern Military District were involved in the events, including armored vehicles "Tiger" and KamAZ "Mustang".

The enchanting nature of Abkhazia invites its guests to see natural beauty, famous architectural monuments and azure waves on the beaches. How to save a budget while vacationing in Abkhazia, but at the same time not deprive yourself of vivid impressions and healthy rest? Where is the best place to relax, and at what time? How to get there, where to live and how to save on purchases? It's time to answer these questions and plan your summer vacation!

Getting to Abkhazia

To save money, you will have to forget about a comfortable flight by airplanes. I suggest you consider two options - a private car and a train. The cheapest tickets can be bought by train from Sukhumi. A reserved seat ticket will cost about 6,000 rubles, in both directions. Traveling the same distance by car will be twice as expensive. In addition, it is worth remembering that some roads are toll, therefore it will be necessary to look for alternative routes along which it will be possible to bypass such routes.

For example, if you decide to go through Krasnodar, then find out about traffic congestion during rush hour. Crossing the border is best done at night, as border crossings are less crowded during this time. Another useful tip is to take with you spare cans of gasoline, since in the territory of Abkhazia the cost is more expensive.

We are looking for profitable rental options

If we compare the budget costs for recreation, for example, in the Krasnodar Territory, then the rest here will cost about 30% less. Some hotels can be booked even at half the price that may be requested in more sensational resorts. If you book accommodation in advance, and at the same time in a group, then you may be provided with discounts and more advantageous collective offers. If we consider the prices during the season - July and August, then the average cost of living in a hotel will be from 1,000 to 2,500 rubles. This is the price of a double room, and a four-bed room will cost only 1,000 more - that is, about 3,500 rubles, which is very beneficial for living with a company or family.

The most favorable period for a trip is June and the second half of September. However, remember that in June the water in the sea may not be comfortable enough, and in September, the sea is still warm, but stormy

The hotel option is just one of the few. Another type of accommodation is guest houses. Living in a place like this has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, not everyone likes the location of most guest houses in relation to the sea. The beaches are far enough away, and farm animals often roam nearby.

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The cheapest option is houses for rent in the private sector. There are a lot of offers from local residents, even in the season you can find many options for different housing. The only thing to keep in mind is that conditions can be Spartan. Often in such budget options, a bathroom and a kitchen are common for all tourists staying. In general, this will not create much trouble if the room, kitchen, shower and toilet are in satisfactory condition, that is, if not new, then at least clean. This is the first thing to pay attention to. The price for housing of a similar plan is about 300 rubles. However, the Abkhaz are very hospitable and friendly people who like to bargain, also include all your acting skills, bargain, make friends and rent a place for an even lower price.

Go to shops, bazaars and ask if someone nearby is renting out housing, or just call the phone numbers that the owners leave right on the fences and gates.

We make profitable purchases and save on cost, but not on quality

If you are traveling by car, the best way to save money is to take your main supply of food with you. The only thing that needs to be done when drawing up a "food menu" is to familiarize yourself with the rules for customs import. Some products may be banned altogether or may only be imported in certain quantities.

The creation of a tourist brand of Abkhazia and new methods of attracting tourists were discussed at a round table by the President of the Abkhaz Tourism Union Anna Kalyagina, director of the Mountain Abkhazia Foundation Tengiz Tarba, representative of the hoteliers guild Igor Zhigun, head of Sputnik Abkhazia Ruslan Bganba, representatives of the Ministry of Economy, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Federation of Social and Cultural Events of Abkhazia.

Unified brand and place names confusion

Representatives of the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Abkhazia could not come to the round table, so the discussion was at the level of proposals for initiatives, not questions and answers.

The creation of a tourism brand for Abkhazia has become one of the main topics of discussion.

“Such brands exist in many countries of the world,” said Tengiz Tarba, director of the Mountainous Abkhazia Foundation. “Now Abkhazia is no longer enough just state attributes, we need a single tourist logo, on the basis of which a brand book will be prepared with appropriate fonts, music tracks, corporate styles of cities, which should eventually evoke associations with Abkhazia among tourists.”

As the president of the “Abkhazian Tourism Union” Anna Kalyagina said, the creation of a single brand for the republic is a subtle marketing move that should be discussed with all market participants. Tourists often receive conflicting information from different resources.

According to the participants of the round table, work on such a brand is being carried out in the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Abkhazia. In the meantime, all information resources of Abkhazia are promoting the country under their brands.

Tengiz Tarba said that now there are problems with discrepancy in toponymy. The lack of information about some attractions leads to the fact that tour operators come up with their own place names, which are fixed in the minds of tourists. The 1997 three-page white paper on this topic is very general and cannot regulate such a vast area. For example, there are still two spellings of the Arabica and Arbaik mountains, and the established name “Valley of the Seven Lakes” is used very arbitrarily.

Russian and English-language media

The head of Sputnik Abkhazia Ruslan Bganba said that analyzing the reader's demand, we can say that winter holidays in Abkhazia began to attract much more interest from tourists. In 2016, Sputnik prepared two longreads for summer and winter vacations in the republic. These are mini-guides with a story about sights, cuisine, traditions, prices. In the future, the news agency plans to expand them and increase the number of publications on these topics, they are in demand by readers.

Anna Kalyagina noted that there is a great lack of positive publications about Abkhazia in English.

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