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10 years on the air: how the brightest participants of Comedy Woman have changed

In Russia, there is hardly a person who has never heard of Comedy Woman. The premiere of this comedy show took place in 2008 and to this day it does not lower the bar. But it all started with the fact that Natalya Yeprikyan (better known as Natalya Andreevna) thought about creating her own humorous club cabaret. Who would have thought that this idea would turn into such a popular show in the future.

Comedy Woman is, perhaps, the only rating program on Russian television, the main highlight of which is female humor. In small sketches, the participants in the show kindly ridicule the main stereotypes about women, sneer at men, and also play up typical everyday situations. All this is spiced with hilarious humor, bright dance inserts and, of course, sparkling acting. The participants in the show are an integral element, thanks to which everyone loves Comedy Woman so much.

Natalia Yeprikyan

The author of the idea and the permanent host of the show was born on April 19, 1978 in Tbilisi. Looking at Natalia's creative talent, it is hard to believe that she is an economist by education, and that she has been studying at a physics and mathematics school behind her shoulders. But, despite her love for the exact sciences, inherited from her parents, Natasha also adored performing on stage, which in the future determined her profession.

Natalya Andreevna does not show her personal life. Whether Natalia is married or not is not known for certain. According to the artist's Instagram, one can judge that she has a close relationship with Kakhaber Tsiskaridze, with whom she often uploads joint photos. Natalia has no children.

Ekaterina Varnava

Sex symbol Comedy Woman was born on December 9, 1984 because of her father's service she lived in Germany until she was seven years old. Since childhood, she dreamed of entering a choreographer-director, but after the eleventh grade she could not pass the qualifying stage and entered a lawyer. But Katya's relationship with jurisprudence did not grow together. Now Catherine is doing what she has a soul for - she puts on dance numbers for Comedy Woman and is a favorite of the public.

Is in a relationship with choreographer Konstantin Myakinkov, who proposed to her in 2016. However, Katya considered the wedding an ordinary convention and decided to postpone this matter.

Maria Kravchenko

The owner of a daring image in the show was born on January 13, 1985 in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. After graduating from school, the girl decided to try herself in the field of linguistics and received a specialty linguist translator from English. She worked for several years at the Moscow Academy of Finance and Law, and since 2013 she decided to devote herself entirely to a humorous career in Comedy Woman.

Maria found her half thanks to humor. Her husband is producer Konstantin Zolotarev. In marriage, a daughter, Victoria, was born, whose godmother was Maria's colleague in Comedy Woman, Ekaterina Barnava.

Tatiana Morozova

Tatiana embodies the image of a simple Russian woman in the show. She was born on September 24, 1983 in the city of Ufa, where she received her higher education as a teacher of drawing, drawing and descriptive geometry. He is a very multifaceted person, trying himself in various fields of activity, including video blogging. He runs his own YouTube channel with an audience of thousands.

The Comedy Woman Show is celebrating a big anniversary. Over the past ten years, many participants have left the project, while others continue to participate in it. One way or another, the humorous program glorified the talented ladies, making them the favorites of millions of viewers.

Back in 2006, Natalya Yeprikyan decided to realize her extremely ambitious idea: she wanted to create a humorous show, in which the main characters would be not men, but women. The feminist idea attracted many former KVN members, who are tired of the fact that in the world of laughter there is sometimes a place only for the stronger sex.

After two years of successful performances, Natalia, together with the production team, decided to launch the show on TV. So, on November 21, 2008, for the first time the very program, which millions now love, appeared on the screens of the whole country. Initially, the project was called Made in Woman, but it was quickly renamed.

Now it's hard to remember what the now popular comedians looked like 10 years ago. During this long period of time, many events have happened in their lives, and it is time to remember the brightest of them.


It was this fragile, at first glance, girl who first decided to create a kind of women's club, which has been successfully performing on TV for ten years.

Natalia was born in Tbilisi and her parents were mathematicians. However, the girl, who from childhood could boast of a remarkable penchant for the exact sciences, eventually chose humor.

Having become famous thanks to her participation in the Megapolis team, Yeprikyan, together with her comrades, won all the prizes in KVN that she could. Then there were production projects, script writing and the birth of Comedy Woman.

Yeprikyan has repeatedly admitted that she wanted to collect completely different archetypes of girls, absolutely different from each other. She also got the role of strict Natalya Andreevna, who keeps the whole team in tight-knit gloves. Perhaps the main antipode for the comedian was the character of Catherine Barnabas. Despite the constant conflicts on stage, in real life the girls communicate well with each other.

It seems that Yeprikyan hasn't changed at all in 10 years of continuous filming. A fragile lady with a height of 152 centimeters is trying to do everything so that the project continues to exist and arouses interest.

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