Bryansk wants to make money on event tourism

Bryansk wants to make money on event tourism

Bryansk can become more interesting for local residents and more attractive for tourists, including those from Moscow. The plans are to revive the wild, in a good sense of the word, nature of the city and its thousand-year history. And at the same time monetize.

A taste of impressions

Let us remind you that the region in general and the regional center, in particular, have moved to the third stage of lifting restrictions. The tourist cluster of the Bryansk region, created at the end of last year, also began to show activity. So, recently its residents have applied with their proposals to the investment council under the head of the city administration. There, the initiatives put forward at a recent meeting were considered and even supported. However, the execution is still to be thought about, but the first instructions have already been given. They do not require large budgetary investments yet, and in the future they will bring good dividends - they will help to raise the internal culture and image of not only the city, but the entire region.

Experience Economy

Our region ranks third in the country for the production of cheese. And one of the local travel companies suggested organizing a cheese fair on this occasion and making it, like Svenskaya, traditional. By the way, in the Moscow region, the cheese festival has been held for the last five years, and quite successfully - on August 27 in Istra, it gathered 400 farmers from all over the country. Such a gastronomic holiday in Bryansk, albeit on a smaller scale, could be timed to coincide with the City Day. But due to the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, the main part of the program was transferred to the online format on September 17. So the initiative, it seems, will have to be postponed until next year, but there will be time to thoroughly prepare.

As well as creating a network of tourist information kiosks, where you can buy not only souvenirs from local craftsmen, but also book excursions. Moreover, there is no need to install new stalls for this, it is enough to expand the range of existing ones with the same printed products, for example, and at least in the city center. Options for such a merger are currently considering.

Moreover, there will be more tourist routes. One of them will run from the embankment to Pokrovka, where they want to equip the first observation deck in the city.

“The Pokrovskaya Hill itself was put in order last year under the program“ Formation of a comfortable urban environment ”. The paving was renewed, the stele was repaired and the lighting was installed. They even lowered the pedestals on which the cannons once produced by the Bryansk Arsenal stand, so that children who came here with their parents to be photographed can safely climb on them, as kids love to do it. But it was technically difficult to cut trees growing on a steep slope, but now our specialists are looking for opportunities to open an overview of the city, ”said Viktor Predyokha, First Deputy Head of the Bryansk City Administration.

In harmony with nature

And it will be possible to see "Mystical Bryansk" already from September 20, when the organizers will resume one of the most popular city excursions - before quarantine it lasted only a few months and caused, if not paranormal, but activity.

“Nizhnye Sudki is a geopathogenic fault zone, and unusual phenomena are observed there. And the very place with a chalk spring and hinged paths above the swamp adds a characteristic atmosphere. Plus, for the entourage, we conduct excursions in the evenings and with flashlights, which we distribute to all participants in the hike. But so that none of them falls into the ground, the presenters have to stop and point people to the holes in the bridges. Of course, they need to be made safe, because the townspeople often walk along these paths to the spring, ”said the representative of the travel agency Elizaveta Kaplan.

The White Well spring was refined at the end of 2018 as part of proactive budgeting. The territory below can be improved according to the same program, but it has one condition - the initiators must make their own contribution. Moreover, we are not only talking about co-financing, help with work or the provision of materials is also suitable. Last time, residents of nearby houses rallied, and now it looks like a business that has entered the ravine has to do it.

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