Beregovo: what to see, where to go, where to stay

Thermal springs Beregovo: properties and prices

Few people know that Beregovo thermal springs, similar in their characteristics, have only three analogues: in New Zealand, Iceland not far from Sakhalin Island. According to their characteristics, they belong to the group of silicon-nitrogen-carbon dioxide-chloride-sodium thermal waters of high mineralization.

Water properties

Beregovo has been known about the healing properties of water for a long time, they are known far beyond the Transcarpathian region. People come here to recover after surgery, improve the state of hormonal levels, stabilize the work of the endocrine and nervous systems, treat cardiovascular diseases, or take a break from the working week.

Water in Beregovo is extracted from a depth of 1080 - 1150 m, its temperature is 57, for bathing it is cooled. The temperature in the pools is constant and is approximately 33⁰C (in children's pools - 36⁰C).

The water is cloudy due to its special chemical composition. It should be remembered that doctors do not recommend staying in the water for more than 2 hours a day - this can lead to loss of consciousness.

What heals

Main indications for prevention and treatment:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system. These are various arthritis, arthrosis, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, the consequences of damage to bones, muscles and tendons;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system: hypotension, hypertension I-II degree, atherosclerosis, phlebitis;
  • Diseases of the nervous system: sciatica, sciatica, neuroses, neurasthenia, migraine, insomnia.

Spirit of the Past

Beregovo thermal pools are located on the territory of the sports complex "Transcarpathia" and the health-improving complex "Zhayvoronok-Pachirta".

The sports complex "Transcarpathia" has at its disposal one large pool (51 m in length) and two small pools with a temperature of + 44 ⁰С. In winter, small pools are covered with a polycarbonate frame and create a "Turkish bath" effect. For a 1.5 hour stay in the baths of the complex, you will pay about UAH 100. It should be noted that it was here that athletes of the USSR Olympic team trained and underwent rehabilitation.

Keeping pace with the times

On the territory of the Zhayvoronok-Pachirta complex there is one indoor pool and two outdoor (large and children's). Geyser, hydromassage points, waterfall function in the indoor pool, in the large outdoor pool there is only a waterfall. The water temperature is + 42-45 ⁰С. It should be noted that the conditions for staying here are much more pleasant than in "Transcarpathia". In addition to the pools, you have the opportunity to visit the bathhouse, salt room, hammam or use the services of the SPA salon.

Beregovo is a small Hungary in Ukraine. The locals speak very quickly and you can't tell which language at once, and the signs are in Hungarian, and the faces are completely different.

Thermal pools of the European level, charming architectural heritage, Hungarian cuisine and Transcarpathian flavor all this is Beregovo.

Where to stay in Beregovo

Where to eat in Beregovo

What to see in Beregovo

"The Face" of Beregovo is unforgettable. It is so pleasant to walk the streets of a small and cozy town, realizing that it was once an administrative unit of Hungary.

After all, some architectural monuments here have a truly "metropolitan" scope.

One important feature of the city is wine. Here, each resident has his own and unique recipe. Wine festivals are held here, where it is impossible to leave without gifts.

A must-see is the Count's Courtyard, which houses not only a museum, but also a winery with a tasting room. People come here to see the traditional ethnics, which, in a mixture of age-old traditions, impresses with its scope and beauty.

The Small Synagogue in Beregovo was built in 1921 and is still active until now. Here you can visit the Jewish ritual bath and learn more about Jewish traditions.

If you have already reached the center, then go to the Exaltation Church. It is considered one of the oldest in Ukraine, its creation dates back to the 11th century. In the courtyard there is a monument to the Hungarian king Istvan the Holy.

Visit the pompous city court designed by arch. F. Yablonsky, which presents traditional architecture mixed with Gothic motives. Here, by the way, was formerly the institute of M. Ferenc II Rákóczi.

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