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Depending on the dollar/euro exchange rate, the cost of the tour can change both upwards and downwards!

Jerusalem will host the International Jazz Festival in mid-December. From 12 to 14 December, music from the best jazz musicians in the world will sound in the building of the Israel Museum. This year the famous double bass player and vocalist Avishai Cohen was appointed the director of the festival. Under his leadership, an extensive program was created, which embodied modern jazz. This is both classics of the direction, as well as modern compositions, free jazz and, of course, many unexpected joint performances, including jam sessions.

The names of the musicians invited to the festival are already known. Thus, guests of the holiday will be able to see the group Matt Wilson Trio (together with Avishai Cohen), Anat Cohen and Marcello, Christophe Chassol, Camilla Battaglia, Dintoni Parks and many others.

The Museum of Israel became the venue for the festival. Time of the festival: December 12 and 13 from 18:00, December 14 from 11:00.

A grand shopping festival will take place in South Korea. The next holiday of sales starts across the country on January 17, 2019 and will last until February 28. Seoul, metropolitan areas and several other popular tourist cities in South Korea will be the main places of discounts.

Guests of the tenth anniversary festival of shopping, culture and tourism are promised not only interesting prices for goods in malls and supermarkets, but also bonuses from airlines, restaurants and hotels, discounts when buying tickets for various shows, attractions and themed parks, special prices in beauty clinics and much more.

The festival will also host culinary art master classes and tasting traditional Korean alcoholic beverages.

Traditional Christmas markets in Prague will open their doors at the very beginning of winter. On December 1, Christmas markets will begin their work on the main squares of the Czech capital, which has been repeatedly noted as one of the most beautiful in the world. And it’s not just that, because during their work, Prague is truly filled with festive and magical atmosphere.

The markets will be located in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, Republic Square and Peace Square, as well as Havel Square and Holešovice Exhibition Center. Here you can buy traditional Czech souvenirs and Christmas tree decorations, as well as taste the local cuisine. A cultural program has also been prepared: concerts and theatrical performances will be held at the bazaars, and fairy tales will be broadcast. Especially a lot of entertainment is prepared especially for children.

The Prague Christmas markets will be open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, with the food court opening hours extended until midnight. The Christmas markets will close on January 6th.

Our company's specialists are constantly involved in lawmaking activities, including through participation in public discussions of draft regulatory legal acts. The main area of ​​work of our team is to support business and entrepreneurs, we are actively investing in the development of the legislative framework in the interests of people employed in the entrepreneurial sphere. The legislator appreciates our contribution to the development of the regulatory framework of the Russian Federation, both at the regional and municipal levels, and at the federal level. So this time, the managing partner of our company, Alexander Yuryevich Krylov, received a personal invitation to participate in a public discussion of a regulatory legal act

The Ethnomir Cultural and Educational Center, located in the Kaluga Region, is the only large-scale open-air museum in Russia showing the diversity of cultures.

On the territory of the Ethnographic Museum there are cultural objects (ethno-yards), symbolizing the achievements and characteristics of different countries. Show in full. Here you can see the Russian courtyard, the museum of the Russian stove, Ukrainian and Belarusian farms, ethno-yards of the countries of Central Asia, Siberia and the Far East, travel to South Asia and see the palaces of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

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