Agrostartup grants: assistance to novice farmers

How to get a grant of 30 million rubles for the development of a farm

A new form of state support for the agro-industrial complex has appeared in Russia - “Agrostartup” grants. They will help those who are going to organize a farm to take the first steps. The size of the "Agrostartup" and the conditions for obtaining - in the material Agrobook. u

Who can apply for Agrostartup?

A citizen of the Russian Federation who permanently lives in rural areas and intends to engage (or is already engaged in) agriculture can receive an Agrostartup grant.

An Agrostartup Applicant must not be a recipient of any other grant from the Ministry of Agriculture (for example, a Novice Farmer or a Family Livestock Farm).

An applicant for "Agrostartup" must not carry out entrepreneurial activities for the last three years as an individual entrepreneur without forming a legal entity and (or) not be a founder (participant) of a commercial organization, with the exception of a peasant (farm) economy of which he is the head.

Unlike the “Beginner Farmer” grant, “Agrostartup” can also be provided to the owner of a personal subsidiary farm - but on the condition that within 30 days after the applicant for the grant is named a grantee, he will register his KFH in the Federal Tax Service.

What is Agrostartup?

An agrostartup is an opportunity to receive from the state, free of charge, up to 3 million rubles for the development of your farm, or up to 4 million rubles if the farm is a cooperative.

The money will be provided on the condition of co-financing. The farmer must decide how much money he needs to create and develop the farm: no more than 90% of this amount (excluding VAT and transport costs) will be provided by the state and at least 10% of the farmer will have to invest his own funds.

The funds are allocated on a competitive basis. The applicant for the grant will need to submit to the Ministry of Agriculture a business plan (project for the creation and development) of his farm. All business plans will be evaluated on a special scale (see below), drawn up in accordance with the priorities of the region (for example, if the priority is dairy farming, then dairy projects will receive more points than greenhouse projects). The winners of the competition will be determined by the sum of points - they will receive state support.

Grant for "loner" and for a member of the cooperative

The maximum grant size will depend on whether the farmer is working alone or in a cooperative.

In the first case, the maximum size of an "Agrostartup" is 3 million rubles.

Alas, the economic situation in the country has developed so that not everyone has the opportunity to start their own business based on their own capital. What to do if there is a desire. material base, but no financial base? For several years, the Government has been implementing programs that promote the development of medium and small businesses, including farms, by providing grants. In the context of agriculture, grants are allocated for the creation and development of a peasant (farm) economy or a livestock farm, and assistance is provided for the arrangement of the life of newly-made farmers. What is such a tempting business grant really like?

Grant or grants are provided in kind or in cash. The use of the grant is exclusively targeted and is subject to strict accountability. The grant can be used both as a start-up capital and for the development of an existing business.

Features of the grant

The Grant for Home Improvement is a one-time assistance to novice farmers for the construction of housing, purchase of furniture and other items necessary for home improvement. If the Consumer purchases housing, the grant is issued exclusively for a new building.

The foundation, that is, the entity issuing grants, can be either a private charitable organization or a state structural unit. The consumer, that is, the grantee, can be an organization or a private entrepreneur.

How to get a guarantor

Happiness from owning a grant will entirely depend on which of the entire host of Funds you apply to and what priority tasks you have indicated in your business plan. The state institution will treat the Consumer more favorably, the main task of which is employment and. accordingly, social protection of the population. For example - state. the committee will more favorably consider an application for a grant if in your business plan you focus on employment, for example, of graduates of agricultural universities.

A private organization or investor will be more interested in the targeted development of your enterprise. For example, a certain Fund is interested in the development of beekeeping, but latently finances gardening farmers in the country. Accordingly, when requesting a horticultural grant from such a Foundation, your application will be considered favorably than when requesting a grant for growing rapeseed.

How to avoid mistakes

To get started, you have to draw up an ideal business plan. It is on the correctness of drawing up a business plan that 70% of the result depends! A business plan is a project that details and details the process of future business activities. Includes a description of the direction of the consumer's economic activity, sources of financing; marketing analysis of the market segment into which the consumer seeks to join; a phased scheme of production and marketing of manufactured products; calculations of profitability and prospects of the consumer's activity.

Grant for the development of a family livestock farm

Read the article to the end and find out a life hack: how to get a grant of 30 million rubles!

What is a family farm?

Family farm - a peasant (farm) farm that carries out activities based on the personal participation of the head and members of the farm who are related (at least 2 such members, including the head), the duration of which exceeds 24 months from the date registering it.

What does "Family Farm Development Grant" mean?

A grant for the development of a family farm is money transferred from the budget by the decision of the competition committee to the head of the farm in order to develop the peasant (farm) economy, create new permanent jobs.

The grant is provided on a non-refundable basis, however, there are obligations both for the use (development) of the grant and for the conduct of production (economic) activities.

What can the grant be spent on?

The Family Farm Grant may be spent on:

  • development of design documentation for the construction, reconstruction or modernization of facilities for the production and processing of agricultural products;
  • acquisition, construction, reconstruction, repair or modernization of facilities for production and processing agricultural products;
  • completing facilities for the production and processing of agricultural products with equipment, agricultural machinery, specialized transport;
  • purchase of farm animals (except for pigs) and poultry. At the same time, the planned breeding stock of cattle should not exceed 300 heads, sheep (goats) - no more than 500 conventional heads;
  • purchase of fish stocking material;
  • purchase of snowmobiles corresponding to code 29. 0. 2. 10 OKPD 2;
  • to pay part (no more than 20 percent) of the cost of acquiring property with a preferential investment loan, as well as to pay part of the interest (for the first 18 months from the date of the loan);
  • for the payment of expenses related to the delivery and (or) installation of property;
  • for the purchase of autonomous sources of electricity, gas and water supply.

What is the size of the grant for the development of a family livestock farm?

Amount of the grant for the development of a family farm.

The size of the grant for family livestock farms is 60% of the total costs, but should not exceed 30 million rubles.

Vladimirsky pre-retirement Alexei Kupriyanov, 58-year-old rabbit breeder, with a computer and the Internet, as they say, "you". I learned about the new program of assistance to farming villagers last year, as soon as it appeared. But then I did not have time to prepare the necessary documents to take part in the competition for a grant.

The pre-retirement and his wife moved to the countryside from the city three years ago, to the old but strong parental home. His wife prefers to work in a vegetable garden and a garden, but Alexei Mikhailovich from the very beginning set his sights on breeding rabbits. I registered a personal subsidiary farm (LPH) and got down to business: today in the private farm of the Kupriyanov family there are about 60 rabbits of meat breeds.

- You can't lie on the couch for days on end, staring at the TV, and you will cover yourself with moss! He laughs. - While there is enough strength and desire, I would like to expand the livestock twice, or even three times, but there is no sufficient capital for this. And then, look, the state decided to help ... Why not use it?

What is the Agrostartup grant

For villagers, this is a real opportunity to receive from the state a free amount for the development of their business: up to 3 million rubles for a single farmer, or up to 4 million if the farm is a cooperative of five or more individual farms ... In the latter case, there is a condition: from 25 to 50% of the money received must be sent to the indivisible fund of the agricultural cooperative, in which the grantee is a member.

Grant "Agrostartup" is provided to a citizen of the Russian Federation only once, the money received must be spent as intended within a period of no more than 18 months.

Another important condition is that the farmer who won the competition and received the money must give work to other villagers:

  • those who received up to 2 million rubles must create at least one job;
  • more than 2 million rubles - at least two jobs.

Moreover, workers cannot be relatives of the farmer.

The money is provided based on the results of the competition. Applicants must submit a business plan for the creation and development of their farm to the department (ministry) of agriculture of their region. The applicant will be informed directly in the department about what other documents will be required to participate in the competition - the list of documents varies from region to region.

Business plans of the participants of the competition are evaluated on a special scale (in points), by the sum of points and the winners are determined.

  • 3 points - a request for a grant for the development of dairy farming, beekeeping, cultivation of perennial plantations (fruit trees) is estimated at 3 points;
  • 2 points - meat animal husbandry , rabbit breeding
  • everything else - 0 points.

There are several more important points in the scale of points, you can see them on the website of the Department of Agriculture of each specific region.

Hello! Today we'll talk about subsidies and grants for agriculture in 2021.

In connection with the sanctions rhetoric against our state, serious measures are being taken to develop and improve the level of agriculture. This year, the state plans to allocate an even more serious amount of funds for this industry.


Types of grants for agriculture

Grant programs allow farmers and owners of peasant farms to reach a new level of development, to build a farm that will be economically successful.

Now let's look at what grants are available:

  • Grants allocated for communications in agricultural enterprises, for the acquisition of land plots, for the construction of various objects in agriculture;
  • Subsidizing measures to modernize the economy; <
  • Subsidies for repayment of lease payments;
  • Partial compensation for funds spent on construction work for the construction of production facilities;
  • Grants for the purchase of farm animals;
  • Compensation for funds spent on fertilizers.

In general, there are 2 options for supporting the agricultural sector. Grants given by the state to budding farmers and family farms.

A beginner farmer who meets certain criteria, which will be discussed below, can apply for such a grant.

Professional Assessment Criteria

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