Agritourism is developing in the Samara region

Agritourism is developing in the Samara region

Outdoor recreation in the village can be an excellent alternative for Samara residents to travel to expensive resorts

Rural tourism is perhaps the youngest direction in the Russian tourism business. According to experts, it is quite promising, but not yet sufficiently developed. This type of tourism involves the temporary immersion of city dwellers in the village environment with all its charms: agricultural work, hiking in the forest for mushrooms and berries, fishing, swimming in the river, etc.

To the village, off the beaten path

To find out what agritourism is, you can go to some center of agricultural tourism or a village recreation club, since there are a lot of them in the Samara region today, there is plenty to choose from. Mostly these are small guest houses that can accommodate several (usually 3-6) people. Many tourists are well aware of the "Strausinaya Dacha" in the village. Syreyka, Kinelsky district, in the village. Tornovoe (Volzhsky district) is "Kornyashkino Compound", and in Krasny Yar there is a tourist complex "Kulkov Beelnik".

There are also larger centers of rural tourism. So, 60 km from Samara, in the Krasnoyarsk region, there is the old village of Russkaya Selitba. It is here, on the street. Rodnikovka, there is a Village Recreation Club "Senoval", which offers a lot of interesting things. For example, here you can visit the smithy, try to bake bread in a tandoor, or learn to stay in the saddle. While exploring the area, you can pick herbs or visit local attractions such as the Temple of the Archangel Michael and the holy spring. “There are a lot of excursion routes,” says D. Sablin, owner of Senoval. - To a beekeeper with different hives and beds on bees, to the felt boots museum, to the abandoned village of Berezovka, where only three people live, to a horse or dairy farm. You can get acquainted with eco-construction - see how houses are built from straw and light adobe, or with natural farming on the example of several private farms. "

Live in an eco-house

Separately, it is worth mentioning the house where agritourists are invited to live here. More precisely, about the eco-house. It has 14 sleeping places; additional places can accommodate up to 25 people. Comfortable kitchen, separate rooms for families, large guest room, shower and toilet. “We have specially built a house from natural materials - straw, clay and wood, soft beds - from hay, - continues the story of D. Sablin. “Our bathhouse is linden, the courtyard is based on the principles of organic farming”. So, if you wish, it will be possible to work in an organic vegetable garden, and to pamper yourself with rural, organic food. On the territory of the club there is a trampoline for children, ponds where you can go fishing. For guests, master classes, special entertainment programs, family competitions, etc. are organized. Accommodation in a 2-bed room of the village recreation club "Senoval" costs 900 rubles. per person per day on weekends, 600 rubles. - on weekdays. In the attic is cheaper - 600 rubles. and 450 rubles. respectively.

In the open spaces of Pokhvistnevsky district

You can not only have a great time in nature, but you can also get acquainted with the culture, traditions and cuisine of the Tatar people if you choose the center of agricultural tourism "Rural comfort", located in the village of Alkino, Pokhvistnevsky district. It is far from Samara - 174 km, but there are no industrial centers nearby, and the air here is completely different, and the people are different. The tourist center is surrounded by a forest, there is an artificial pond with a beach area, and two rivers flow nearby.

Guests are offered a variety of entertainment options. You can use the village method, by means of buckets and rocker arms, to bring water to the bathhouse, chop wood, flood it, and while it is heated, drive it on a quad bike to the nearest grove, break birch brooms. And you can have a wonderful and informative time at the stable - there are not only adult horses and foals, but also ponies, and camels, and donkeys. The animals are offered to be fed, to ride on them, and even under the strict guidance of the staff of the complex, try to milk milk, and then make kumis from it with your own hands.

You will also be offered to plunge into a cart and go to a real haymaking - not as a spectator, but as a direct participant. And then you can treat rabbits, goats and sheep with your own hay brought from the meadows. Animals, by the way, are all very tame and do not shy away from communicating with humans.

There is something like a small museum on the territory of the base - a national hut, with a samovar, a spinning wheel and a stove for half a room. National activities such as archery and crossbow shooting, knife and ax throwing are offered. And of course, modern sports entertainment - billiards, tennis, paintball and ball games in different versions.

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