Agritourism in Russia

Agritourism in Russia

"My native land, my village I sang a lot in poetry ..." pp. ... senin Many, many years ago, Russian classics wrote about villages with love, singing them as a lost paradise for a city dweller. It is in the village that the feeling of a small homeland with its modest and unattractive beauty is acutely manifested, which arises in a person in childhood, at a time of memorable impressions of a child's soul for a lifetime, when a child comes to visit his grandmother, plays with geese and chickens, admires cows and runs racing with the dog. Since then, nothing has changed, despite the large-scale globalization, villages attract and attract city dwellers, bringing relaxation to soul and body.

Agritourism is one of the opportunities to escape from the bustle of the city and not only plunge into childhood, but also acquire new skills. For example, learn how to ride a horse, cook cheese or wine, take care of a cow or goat, fish, and learn about the cultural traditions and history of local people.

History of the origin and development of agritourism

Agritourism is a relatively new direction in Russia, but in European countries it has existed for a long time. The history of the emergence of "green" tourism goes back to the 70s, when active globalization began in Italy, large agro-industrial complexes appeared, and ordinary farmers were simply unable to compete with them. Some gave up and left their farms, while others decided to fight to the last. The Italian government invited farmers to open cafes, shops, hotels on the territory of their farm, which brought additional income and were not taxed in any way. This is how the agritourism system appeared. Since then, "green" tourism has developed successfully, unemployment has decreased, and rural incomes have increased. This direction is most common in Italy, France, Poland and the Baltic States.

In Russia, agritourism is in its infancy. Farmers are fixated on the production and sale of products: milk, cheese, etc., forgetting that a decent income is possible only in a complex. The easiest first step to developing agritourism is to conduct excursions on your farm, because it only takes time and desire. You can give visitors unforgettable emotions and immerse them in the amazing atmosphere of a real farm, where people are doing what they love.

Share of proceeds from agritourism in the income of farmers in Europe and Russia

So where can you go to try this “exotic” agritourism? Each region has certain characteristics. In Karelia and the Arkhangelsk region, you can stay in the old Pomor villages in the area of ​​Ladoga and Onega lakes, as well as on the shores of the White Sea. In Dagestan, you can settle in a high-mountainous village. You need to go to Kalmykia and Buryatia to live in a real yurt and wake up every day in the middle of the steppe. But we will not go far in this article, we will consider the most ambitious projects in the field of agritourism in the Moscow region.

Homestead of the season

Manor Four Seasons is organically integrated into the landscape of the nature near Moscow with its fields, hills and ravines. It is located on the high bank of the Protva River, surrounded by a mixed forest. Local farmers offer to fully immerse themselves in the rural atmosphere: take a tour of the estate, look at cows and sheep, enjoy the fresh air, take part in making cheese and much more. On site there are accommodation rooms and houses, as well as a restaurant that serves local farm products.

Ekorancho Alekseevka

The Ekorancho Alekseevka agritourism complex is located in the Mozhaisky District, Moscow Region. On the territory of 40 hectares there are endless flooded meadows and pastures, a calm river and, of course, the purest air. Natural resources have been complemented by modern infrastructure for comfortable and exciting ecotourism: from baths to kayaking, from fishing to horseback riding.

Farm "Bogdarnya"

Bogdarnya is a fully functioning complex with a developed infrastructure and offering its guests a wide range of services in various price categories. This exemplary agricultural farm was created by the Englishman John Kopiski back in the 90s.

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