Agritourism in law: deputies decided to recognize and legalize rural tourism in Russia

Rural tourism as a business started its development quite recently

The tourism industry is having a hard time. The holiday season begins, and the usual vacation spots are not available. There is only one way out: to urgently develop new routes, relying solely on internal reserves - something that may interest tourists in their home country.

Rest? To the village! It was decided to develop rural tourism in the country

And it was here that the businessmen, followed by the deputies, remembered about the actually existing, but not legally regulated and poorly developing direction in our country - agritourism, or rural tourism.

What is agritourism and who needs it

Agritourism is a kind of excursion to the village for a city dweller: the opportunity to live for some time in the countryside and join the peasant or farm labor. Of course, "pretend": a modern tourist is not ready to find himself in a remote village without amenities and work all day in the field or remove manure on the farm.

Agritourism - pretend rural life

Escape from city dust and bustle to nature; waking up to the crowing of roosters, walking barefoot on the grass; sit by the river, show the child real cows and sheep, geese and ducks; to drink fresh milk with fresh bread ... This is how a rural idyll looks like, which warms the soul of a tired metropolitan resident and for which he is ready to pay.

For the host country, agritourism means additional financial flows and opportunities to sell their products, new jobs (someone has to meet city guests, feed and drink, drive on excursions) and the development of rural infrastructure. For a tourist to come to a village, you need a good road, amenities like in a city, a stable connection and other familiar things, without which the "game of the peasant" is unlikely to attract many vacationers.

Not everyone is attracted to this rural extreme

In a word, the benefits are mutual. Then why is rural tourism not developing in our country?

There is a benefit, but there is no development - why?

First, there is no legal framework. And from this follows everything else - that which is "second", "third" and so on. We do not even have such a concept in the law - "rural tourism". There is a phenomenon, but there is no definition of it. And those who in fact provide such services are outlawed. What is fraught, you know ...

The head of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergei Katyrin said in an interview with TASS that about 8 million Russians choose rural areas for long-term or short-term recreation every year, and in the current conditions one can confidently predict an increase in demand. However, according to him, “in this regard, there are serious holes in the legislative and regulatory framework at the federal level. There are questions about the practice of determining and using land categories and their taxation. The law applies general norms to objects of rural tourism and private guest houses, but the village is not a city, much is simply beyond its strength. The bottom line is this: for many small farms and farms, rural tourism has become a shadow business. "

Moreover, rural tourism has become a sideline of farming

The demand for such vacation services has given rise to a sideline of farming activities - rural tourism.

The seminar "Development of rural tourism on the basis of farms" organized by the Committee on Agroindustry and the Department of Tourism of the Government of the Leningrad Region was held on the spacious veranda of the farm house

The participants of the seminar were hosted by the farm "Farm" Polyanka "in Chernichnoye. The farm manager Lyudmila Burtseva, a former photographer and head of the Lenfilm laboratory, is implementing a project based on a water route - kayaking down the Gorokhovka River. True, the seminar turned out to be almost 100% regional. Nine of the represented farms were from the Vyborg region.

The seminar once again confirmed the long-standing common truth: on whatever issue you collect farmers, they will start a conversation about a sore point. So to speak, they will start with an old song about the main thing. Someone did not meet the one-year deadline for the registration of the cadastral plan and did not receive the due compensation for the costs incurred, someone complained about the impossibility of solving various issues, but in general, the claims boiled down to such a common denominator: material assistance from the federal and regional budgets is far from is achievable for all farms.

The stumbling block was the conditions for receiving financial assistance: the need to submit a certain list of documents. Someone referred to ignorance, someone talked about the lack of time for fiddling with papers, someone, not wanting to listen to explanations, scolded some bosses who didn’t care about farmers.

Yelena Tikhomirova, a specialist of the agroindustry committee of the government of the Leningrad region, who was present at the seminar, explained to the audience that the established requirements are a means of ensuring that financial assistance does not reach those who have no rights to it. Vladimir Antonov, President of the Union of Farmers, spoke out quite sharply on this issue.

But Galina Abdulkhalikova expressed a wish that it would be nice to have such a person who would help farmers in processing all documents for subsidies. A thought, perhaps, and a sensible one, but who should support such a person ?!

Having had a lot of discussion about the main thing, the participants finally started to the topic of the seminar on the development of rural tourism. The hostess Lyudmila Burtseva took the floor. Her project is based on a four-hour kayak route from Dyatlov to Tokarev. For this, a base will be equipped with houses and a tent camp for tourists, a canteen and a place to eat for those who wish to eat on their own, a parking lot, a swimming pool with sea water. There are kayaks, a bathing complex, and car entrances to the base. However, there are already those who want to try the route. The project will cost at least 2 million rubles.

P.. Let's continue the discussion started in Vyborg in Murmansk. For example, a visit by tourists to a quail farm. It can be included in the tourism development program in the Murmansk region, and Murmansk residents will be interested. After all, few of the northern children can boast of having eaten a chicken egg on a farm.

In the Vyborgsky district of the Leningrad region, there are several farms that are seriously committed to the development of rural tourism. Excursions that include acquaintance with the farm, the highlight of which is a visit to an ostrich farm, lunch, overnight stay or accommodation for several days, are offered by the head of the Alder farm Vladimir Alsknis. He has established contacts with St. Petersburg travel agencies, advertising is organized. Galina Altsagirova from the Solnechnoye farm, with the help of her family, arranges folk holidays for guests: someone prepares horseback riding, someone has conceived a tent camp with all the amenities and fishing. Fishing, everyone tries to meet the demand for individual or corporate holidays in the bosom of nature, striving to fully utilize the local conditions.

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