Agriculture in Germany 2019-2020 - industries and specialization, work on farms

Agriculture in Germany 2019-2020 - industries and specialization, work on farms

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Farm Holidays

Rest on a farm is a great way to get away from the bustle of the city, restore peace of mind, distract children from computers and tablets, teach how to take care of animals, love and understand nature

Picturesque alpine landscapes, developed agriculture and small picturesque villages - all this allowed Austria to become one of the leaders of agricultural tourism in Europe. Currently, about a tenth of all farms in Austria, in addition to the main agricultural activity, offer agritourism services in several directions: ecological recreation, children's recreation, recreation for people with disabilities, recreation in the vineyards, recreation on horse farms. In the wake of the popularity of healthy food on farms, all products are grown exclusively organically. In addition, this way of spending leisure time allows you to fully learn the culture and feel the originality of local residents. Choosing one of the Austrian farms for recreation, tourists can plunge into village life and gain a unique experience in farming - from caring for animals to whipping butter and making wine. Fresh milk in the morning, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, bird watching and just lying in the hayloft are excellent therapy for rejuvenating physical strength and rejuvenating your spirits.

Urlaub am Bauernhof, whose name can be translated as "Leisure on the farm", unites 2,800 farms in 8 states of Austria. All of them are presented on the website www. armholidays. om We have selected those that will certainly appeal to both adults and children.

Honey, yogurt, bread, cheese and meats are produced on our own organic farm. Guests, if desired, can participate in the process of their manufacture. This cozy farm is located in the resort of Gross Gerungs, from where hiking trails start through amazing rock formations. Tourists are also attracted by the nearby Xundwärts park, where with the help of unusual simulators you can improve your physical shape - improve your orientation, balance, reaction skills, increase your agility, strength, and endurance.

The farm is located in the mountains at an altitude of 1803 m above sea level near the Mooserboden reservoir. The Aberger family maintains cows, pigs, sheep, goats and horses on the farm, which they are ready to teach the guests of the farm to handle. Local activities include animal care, hiking in the mountains along the developed routes. Only natural products of our own production are served on the table - milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt, freshly baked peasant bread. The farm has its own alpine meadow museum, organized in a 17th century hut, the setting of which introduces the long traditions of peasant life. A special trail "Tobi Turbo" has been organized for children around the reservoir, following which they will learn a lot about the local nature in a playful way. The route is also equipped for walking with a wheelchair.

  • Die Gruberalm (Lämmerbach, 11, Mayerlehenbauer alpine meadow)

Where to go with tents in Altai: climb the mountains and see lakes of different shades

Germany is one of the most popular countries for Russians looking for work. A stable economic situation, a high standard of living, the possibility of career growth are the factors that attract labor migrants not only from Russia, but also from many other countries.

Peculiarities of agricultural business in Germany

Germany occupies a leading position in the world in all major sectors of agriculture: livestock, horticulture, poultry, vegetable growing. The high results that the country demonstrates were largely made possible by such a form of management as farming, which has gained immense popularity among the Germans.

Farms in Germany are small businesses, usually of the family type. Most of the processes for the production of agricultural products in such farms are mechanized, so the number of workers for farmers is usually small - up to five people.

The main features of doing a German farming business are the following:

  • The state provides the farmer with targeted subsidies for the complete automation of production processes.
  • Small farms are joining alliances to withstand fierce business competition. The associations operate schools in which farmers and their workers improve their skills, conferences are regularly held at which farmers are introduced to changes in legislation and the latest agricultural technologies.
  • There is no gender division of responsibilities: men and women work on equal terms. Therefore, an employee can be transferred from one place of work to another - for example, from picking strawberries to picking vegetables.

The harvest season in Germany usually starts in May.

Features of the economy

The country is characterized by a high level of infrastructure development and a large number of economically active population (44.3 million in 2017) with a high level of qualifications.

The entire economy is built on socio-economic principles with a predominance of market structure, freedom and social balance. These principles were developed back in 1947-1949 in the post-war reconstruction of the country. According to these principles, free market relations are implemented, but the main forces are aimed at decent social security. This model implies the development of the economy, stable economic growth and an even distribution of wealth among the population.

There is a high life expectancy in the country, which leads to the aging of the population and an increase in the cost of pensions. The country is characterized by a huge role of the banking sector in the economy, i.e. banks are major shareholders in industry and service companies.

Germany is a highly industrialized country in which industry plays a vital role in the formation of national wealth.

Germany is an export-oriented country that is interested in a large open international market. In recent years, German policy has achieved significant expansion of the export market for German goods. Exports in 2017 amounted to about $ 1.3 trillion. The main share of exports goes to the following countries:

Everyone dreams of seeing the transparent Altai lakes and landscapes admired by artists and travelers. We will tell you where to go with tents in Altai to find yourself among this beauty.

Staying on an Italian farm

It's hot ... The bottomless blue sky and the scorching sun of Central Apennine Italy. And although the air conditioner does not cope with the stuffiness inside Renault Clia 1. , and the engine is straining to hum on the narrow serpentines of Umbria and Tuscany ... anyway: Italy is a completely different feeling from life, when it beats over the edge and after spending 2 days on a trip, you start to remember what day it is, the date and how long we are in this country.

Mobile Internet in Italy

It was very fortunate that I took the TIM micro sim card immediately upon arrival in Rome. Tariff: unlimited internet for 24 euros (probably a month, but I don't give a damn - we have 7 days of Italian vacation). Mini SIM cards are sold at TIM offices (I bought it at Termini station, 2nd floor).

Itinerary in Italy

Now, even if my memory fails, I can reconstruct the chronology of events in their maelstrom. Everything is mixed here: people, melodious Italian speech, smells of mown grass and flowers, taste of wine and food…. as well as absolutely stunning rural landscapes.

Why do we need Rome? Rome is the point of arrival, especially since everything basic has been rewritten and re-photographed many times, as well as seen more than once in person.

Rome is a retail outlet where you can buy necessary and beautiful things on the road, on a journey through the Italian outback, where they do not know how Valentino differs from Morello. I need shorts, T-shirts, slippers. Perhaps a shirt and trousers, in case I go out to a restaurant in the evening - I am flying light: should I go to Italy and take my clothes and shoes with me? Of course not. You put on old clothes, which are thrown out on the first evening, after walking along one of the narrow streets far from the stupid Via del Corso, where Osklen and Roy Roger's brands suitable for trips across Europe are located, and now Rome becomes unnecessary.

Everyone! Off the beaten path, the village !! To Umbria.

True, I confess that the original plan was the province of Abruzzo, but Victoria (chonkin) so politely attached me in Questions about Italy that I immediately changed my plan and decided to take three central provinces of Italy for the crazy race: Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany.

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