Advantages of a travel agency for a franchise

Did you know that franchising in tourism brings staggering income

Franchising in tourism activities is widespread throughout the world. The largest American and European travel networks have been operating according to this principle for a long time. In Russia, the tourism franchise has also taken root well and is considered one of the lucrative business areas and has positive reviews.

Defining concepts

Let's start by defining the concepts of interest - what is a franchise in the tourism industry? This is an interaction between travel companies, which is based on the fact that the owner transfers his logo or other knowledge in the field of business to his partner, who must buy them, of course, receiving his own benefit from this.

The transferee is the franchisor and the purchaser is the franchisee. For the latter, this type of interaction is very beneficial, because he gets excellent opportunities for conducting such activities on behalf of a popular brand that regular tourists trust, he has good reviews, and they buy a huge number of tours within even one year. Naturally, his expenses pay off in about the first month of work in tourism activities.

As for the reviews of franchising, of which there are a large number on the Internet, they are very ambiguous. Someone is for, someone is against, and each has its own arguments for this activity. But in any case, practice proves that with a correct, competent and prudent approach to choosing a franchisor, you can buy and get a stable business and a large income.

In addition, an indispensable condition of the contract is the receipt of such "purchases" by the franchisee:

  • A company brand that is actively advertised, has positive reviews and makes it its goal to attract regular customers;
  • Each franchisee, as a rule, has a dedicated territory; <
  • Customers trust a proven brand, therefore they invite their friends there, thereby increasing the circle of potential tourists;
  • Company employees and the franchisee himself can travel with significant discounts;
  • Franchisee they order tours, use document templates, book hotels and settle accounts with tour operators.

In addition to the above, the franchisee uses a full database of various tours at various prices - both last-minute tours and premium tours. Last-minute tours, I must say, people are ready to buy immediately, they bring a considerable part of the total income.

Insurance deductible

Deductible in insurance implies a condition of the insurance contract, which provides for the exemption of the insurance company from compensation for losses of a certain amount. Insurance depends on the type: it can only be applied for losses that do not exceed the established threshold; or for all losses, regardless of their value, the so-called unconditional insurance deductible.

In other words, it is called the amount that the client independently reimburses in minor insured events. Today, a travel insurance franchise is a competent and caring approach to travel insurance.

Franchise Proposals

There are many franchise offers in the tourism industry.

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Business ideas

Selling goods under your own brand on marketplaces

The essence of this idea is as follows. We find high-quality and inexpensive goods in China, we agree with the manufacturer on the release of a batch of goods under our brand and then we sell it through marketplaces (Wildberries, Ozone and I take from Yandex)

Let's list the main steps to implement this business idea:

Step 1. Determining the product

For example, we decided that we would produce smart watches under our own brand. In this case, the best option would be to go to Ali and order at least a dozen smart watches from different manufacturers and personally test them for several weeks. This will allow us to choose the most suitable option in terms of price and quality and understand with which manufacturer we will cooperate in the future.

Step 2. Foreign economic activity training

Franchise: Agronomof. Parent company: Private company AGRONOMOF. Year of foundation: 2014. Type of activity: retail trade, agriculture - sale of crop seeds. Number of outlets: 50. Year of the beginning of the franchise: 2016. Cost of the franchise: 36,000 rubles. Royalty: none. Minimum investment amount: 65,000 rubles. Payback period: 1 month. Minimum retail space: not defined.

How to Buy an Agronomist Franchise

To do this, you need to contact the representative of the parent company, leaving an application for partnership on the official website of the company. As a rule, the priority is given to the applications of the participants of the Agronomof TV project, the owners of the company's seed collections.

  • franchising does not impose special conditions on the financial part;
  • according to the official statements of the brand, the target audience of the business is men and women who are passionate about plant growing, those who have experience in network business (sale of cosmetics, household chemicals, consumer goods), representatives of a similar home business, private households wishing to expand the scope of their business;
  • the applicant must commit to fulfill the sales plan approved by the franchisor.

The choice of participants through the TV projects "Golden Sprout", "Battle for the harvest" suggests:

  • Registration of participants by submitting an application, fulfilling the conditions of the competition: photos, diaries, creative ideas. Voting determines the rating of each project participant.
  • For each nomination, the jury conducts a vote, choosing the winners, prize-winners.
  • Those who have been chosen are invited to participate in the television broadcast.

At the initial stage, there are no requirements for documents, registration of entrepreneurship.

Agronomof Franchise Price

In addition to transferring a lump-sum fee (one-time) to the franchisor - 36 thousand rubles, you will need an initial investment (investment) - 65 thousand rubles, which are sent to buy out the basic set necessary to organize the initial stage of the business.

Basic set for start:

  • Showcase, which is a promo rack for 9 boxes;
  • Collectible seeds. Starter kits in boxes: 10 - "Flowers", 15 - "Greens and vegetables", 5 - "Medicinal herbs".

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Entries by tag: franchise

Organic farming franchise

On June 12, 2013 the Green-PIK industrial franchising program was launched. Green Corporation Green-PIK offers an effective business format for small (family) businesses. The commercial vermicompost plant with a processing capacity of 2 to 10 tons per day allows you to receive a stable profit from 0. to 3 million rubles per month. The buyer of the franchise (franchisee) will become a full partner of the green corporation "Green-PIK" for many years.

How to start your own successful small business in Ecopark "Suzdal"

10 thousand entrepreneurs whom we invite to move to Suzdal to live and directly manage their tourism business, or become investors in such a business, will not come to the "open field". The Ecopark "Suzdal" project is being implemented in accordance with a single plan and forms an effective structure with a single control center. Conditions will be created here for the daily residence of up to 50 thousand tourists, and at peak loads, on the days of holidays and festivals - up to 100 thousand! This is a unique, the only one in Russia, tourist and recreational cluster for the development of ecotourism and green rural tourism, consisting of 10,000 objects of tourism infrastructure, which will create 25,000 jobs. Most of these facilities are business forms of the tourism business, the observance of the standards of which ensures entrepreneurial success. This is a frechising system - organizing a business in accordance with commercial concession agreements. This system of sales through tour operators and travel agencies around the world of tourism products of Ecopark "Suzdal". At the same time, you work only for yourself, for your business! And no one will offer you more comfortable conditions on the market.

The uniqueness of the organization of ecotourism and green rural tourism is that it involves the obligatory stay of tourists on the territory of the Ecopark. For example, if the city of Suzdal has actually turned into a place of one-day excursion pilgrimage, the Ecopark is planned in such a way that to get even half of the impressions, you need to live here for at least a few days. Many tourists who come to such places pursue as their goal a rest from the stressful life in the metropolis, recuperation, recovery, and often rehabilitation after recovering from serious illnesses. Thus, a tourist of Ecopark is a guest who comes for a long time. Due to this circumstance, the ecotourist must be offered not only a high level of comfortable accommodation, individual food (organic products, tastings, diets), outdoor activities, but also subsequent relaxation (spa treatments, baths, thermal baths, massages), and even such procedures , as mud therapy, treatment with herbs, honey, natural juices, etc.

Ecopark "Suzdal" is based on the most effective tourist business formats, time-tested and international experience. Ecopark "Suzdal" in fact is a Network of business formats, which is organized on the principles of mutual benefit and cooperation. The Network includes business formats that can be operated by independent small business operators. It is easier for networks to negotiate discounts and delivery times with suppliers; many procedures can be standardized and transferred to the appropriate departments that will serve the entire network. Scarlet business receives on the territory of Ecopark not only the right to use the business format, it enjoys the entire range of exclusive rights belonging to the management company, including the right to a trademark, service mark, as well as rights to other objects of exclusive rights provided for by the contract, in particular to a commercial designation, production secret (know-how).

The uniqueness of the proposed business formats of Ecopark "Suzdal" is that entrepreneurs will not have to pay extra for a commercial concession agreement if they are already the owner of a land plot on this territory. Therefore, for example, residents of settlements included in the territory of Ecopark have the right to conclude a commercial concession agreement for the business formats of Ecopark “Suzdal” free of charge and enjoy the benefits of a project partner.

Networked small businesses have tremendous advantages over single-handed businesses. This is saving money on the purchase of goods from suppliers, brand promotion and advertising budgets, saving time on planning and training personnel, establishing contacts with suppliers and customers, travel agents. For managers, this is ease of planning and management, and for owners it is also control over the expenditure side of the budget of enterprises, minimizing all kinds of risks.

Business formats Ecopark "Suzdal" is a huge tourist resource that can turn your investments into a business that will be a real "cash cow" and feed you for many years.

All tourist facilities included in the business formats of Ecopark are designed and built taking into account the requirements of the "eco-house" with the expansion of functions to the "smart eco-house". They necessarily have full hotel rooms that meet the requirements of privacy, security and 100% comfort. Business formats will have a mandatory "star rating" in order to be able to offer tourists different levels of comfort and service.

You may have heard that the tourism industry continues to grow despite economic difficulties. A travel agency franchise will help the entrepreneur to avoid unintentional spending. People love to travel and travel agents have regular customers who return year after year. Therefore, with the best travel agency franchise, you can get the highest commissions of any service sold.

What is a travel agency franchise

A travel agency franchise is essentially a business in a box. It's like buying a house - the foundation and scaffolding are already in place.


If an agent invests in buying a franchise, he goes to an established brand. He will be provided with everything from effective marketing materials and plans to procedures and operations. An entrepreneur who buys a franchise can bypass certain business developments when starting an agency.

The advantages of opening a travel agency on a franchise - an advanced brand and ongoing support

Among other things, brand recognition is an important part of a franchisee's investment. For people who don't want to invest the time and energy to build their own brand, this can be appealing.

Franchises are regulated by law, so there are certain things to follow:

  • First of all, the franchisor must show the interested parties (you) his franchise disclosure document.
  • Up to 14 days are given for document review. During this time, you must either sign an approval on the contract or reject cooperation.

Types of Franchises

The franchise model for starting a travel company can be broken down into two different types (some have agencies in both categories).

Home Business

Typically has lower startup costs compared to retail. This model is more suitable for beginners:

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