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Georgians invite and Georgians invite - this is how you can describe in a few words the twentieth international tourism exhibition Caucasus Tourism Fair 2018, which is taking place these days in Tbilisi

Here are the leading Georgian travel agencies that specialize in both domestic and international tourism. And representatives of tourism departments of other countries who want to build bridges of cooperation with Georgian tour operators. There are also representatives of airlines, training centers for guides and guides, hotels and health resorts. Surprisingly, there were even sellers of furniture and kitchen utensils here - they, apparently, were also classified by the organizers of the event as a tourist segment.

Georgians invite

The most unusual stand at the exhibition is the Georgian Protected Areas Agency. Its main feature is the so-called augmented reality technology - visitors to the exhibition can see themselves on a special screen, where various animals appear side by side - dinosaurs, bears and many others.

"Protected areas are becoming more and more popular. Last year we had up to one million visitors, this year we are planning to exceed that mark. These events are very important. Last year we had a stand with virtual reality was presented, thanks to which it was possible to travel around six protected areas of Georgia. Now we are presenting a stand with augmented reality, "said David Markozashvili, Chairman of the Agency for Protected Areas of Georgia during the official opening ceremony of the exhibition.

The event features many stands of regional administrations of regions and cities of Georgia - Mtskheta, Akhaltsikhe, Poti, of course, the Black Sea resort of Batumi, Martvili, Gudauri. Each of them tells about their sights and iconic places - these are canyons, fortresses, temples, ski and sea resorts. The main goal is to interest tour operators, who will become intermediaries between them and their future visitors.

"This year, for the first time, the number of international visitors to the country will exceed eight million, and for the first time in the history of our country, the profit from international tourism will exceed three billion US dollars. Against this background, the success of this exhibition, the growth of its scale has And we will continue to hold various events so that this event grows even more and plays an even greater role in the development of tourism in our country, "said the head of the National Tourism Administration Giorgi Chogovadze at the opening of the exhibition.

Georgians are invited

Within the framework of the exhibition, foreign travel agencies were also represented, which are responsible for the popularization of their countries abroad. If there was a competition, then the prize for the brightest stand would most likely go to Turkey. From the first minutes of being in the pavilion, where the exhibition was held, a beautiful oriental melody beckons. Where it comes from is difficult to immediately understand, but you won't have to search for a long time, if you just go to the sound of an alluring musical motive. The lyrical melody on national instruments - kanun, oude and flute was performed by three Turks against the background of a large screen showing the beauty of Istanbul. There, all visitors of the stand are treated to national sweets.

In terms of brightness and originality, only the stand of a Russian air carrier can compete with the Turks. All visitors are greeted by two charming flight attendants.

"We are here today to inform about the number of flights, about prices. At the moment, namely from March, flights Moscow-Tbilisi are carried out twice daily, because the peak of the tourist season begins," Sputnik said Georgia Assistant to the General Manager of Aeroflot in Georgia.

The pavilion of China, namely the State Administration for Tourism of the People's Republic of China, cannot remain unnoticed at the exhibition. The purpose of the department is to popularize China in Russia, the CIS countries and Georgia as a tourist destination. According to the representative of the department Vera Utekhina, tourists from the PRC have recently been actively traveling to Georgia and now the task is to develop tourism in a bilateral mode.

Why can't Georgians get to Thailand?

Sputnik Georgia lists the ten most popular types of tourism in Adjara.

According to the latest data from the Adjara Tourism Department, the number of foreign tourists visiting the region in 10 months of 2016 increased by 19.5% compared to the same period last year. In January-October last year, the region was visited by 295.2 thousand foreigners.

Sea tourism

A mild subtropical climate, gentle Black Sea and a lot of entertainment make Adjara really popular among beach lovers. The average sea temperature in summer is 25 degrees. The length of the beach area is 21 kilometers, there are well-developed resorts and quiet seaside areas.

For a relaxing family vacation, tourists often choose the picturesque villages of Kvariati, Chakvi and Sarpi.

Ski tourism

In the highlands of Adjara, winters are relatively cold and long, while summers are cool and short. The average height of the mountains here is 2000 - 2500 meters above sea level.

Goderdzi is the youngest ski resort in Georgia, it was officially opened in December 2015.

Goderdzi is located at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level and is considered the highest point in Adjara. Last year, the thickness of the snow cover exceeded 2 meters. This is three times more than in other resorts in Georgia. There are still few attractions in Goderdzi, a young resort can offer vacationers a romantic dinner by the fireplace or an evening with friends over a glass of Georgian wine.


Georgia is known for its winemaking traditions: here you can taste wine made from grapes of various varieties, while the cost, by Russian standards, will be inexpensive. Wines are made both by small wineries located in ordinary village houses, and by large factories using advanced technologies in their production. Most of them can be visited to taste the drinks and get acquainted with the process of their production. We have selected several places for wine tourism in different parts of the country.

Pheasant's Tears Winery, Sighnaghi

Known for making natural wine according to old Georgian technologies, the "Tears of the Pheasant" winery is located in the city of Sighnaghi in the Kakheti region. It produces wine from nine grape varieties, and does not use preservatives in its production. The drink is aged not in oak barrels, believing that they hide the true taste of wine, but in qvevri jugs dug into the soil in order to minimize the loss of the taste of the grapes. A visit to the wine cellar and tasting will cost 20 GEL per person, but the tour is possible for at least four people. The winery also houses a restaurant with traditional Georgian cuisine.

Yago Cellar, Mtskheta

Yago Bitarashvili's cellar is a private wine farm located in the village of Chardakhi in the vicinity of the city of Mtskheta. It is a typical village house with vineyards in the distance. There are two types of wine here: red dry "Saperavi" and white dry "Chinuri". It, like in "Pheasant's Tears", is produced in qvevri, trying practically not to use modern technologies and without adding preservatives. You can get to the village of Chardakhi from Tbilisi by minibus from the Didube bus station, and any local resident will tell you the way to the cellar.

Winery "Chateau-Mukhrani", Mtskheta

The Chateau-Mukhrani winery, revived on the basis of the 19th century palace, is located 25 kilometers from Tbilisi. You can get to it by any minibus going from the Didube bus station in the direction of Gori - however, you have to walk through the village of Mukhani. Chateau-Mukhrani produces 13 varieties of wines and chacha - some of them are quite rare. Tasting of four varieties will cost 35 lari (860 rubles) per person, while it is worth considering that you need to sign up for a wine tour in advance.

Khareba Winery, Kvareli

The Khareba winemaking company owns two factories, but most of all it is known for the seven-kilometer warehouse-tunnel carved into the rock, where about 25 thousand bottles of wine are stored - however, only the first 300 meters of the tunnel are accessible to tourists. During the tour, you can taste the drinks produced by the company and listen to stories about the traditions of winemaking. Tasting of two wines produced according to European technology will cost 12 lari (290 rubles) per person, and wines from qvevri jugs - 15 (370 rubles). The tunnel is located in Kvareli - a small town in Kakheti.

Kindzmarauli Corporation, Kvareli

There are legends about Georgian hospitality, so many people want to get to this country, and having arrived once, they strive to return again and again.

It is worth coming to Georgia for the bright sun playing in the emerald leaves of grapes, for the clean mountain air, for the songs pouring over the generously set tables.

These tables will become the subject of conversation. A country with a great history has a huge cultural heritage, one of the pearls of which is its culinary arts. Georgians have been training to eat and drink for many years, a tourist is unlikely to chase after them, but you can certainly enjoy a gastronomic tour of the country.

About drinks

A stranger in the Caucasus is always a guest. And what is a guest without a feast? And what is a feast without wine? Starting to cultivate vineyards in the 5th millennium BC. e., the country is still improving the technology of its cultivation. More than five hundred types of grapevine allow Georgians to produce a great variety of wines. "Saperavi", "Khvanchkara", "Kindzmarauli" are known all over the world. And inside the state, the drink is consumed in huge quantities. So it is quite possible to call it a strategically important product of the country. When preparing a large feast, Georgians stock up on white wine, it does not increase the pressure and you can drink more of it than red. And it's not about the amount of drink, but about the amount said, because a feast without a lot of toasts with a mention of all relatives, with the wishes of their health and well-being is not a feast, but just a gathering. It is precisely such small gatherings that are accompanied by drinking red wine and unhurried conversation.

Speaking of Georgian drinks, of course, one should also mention mineral waters. Borjomi and Sairme are known far beyond the borders of the country. Lagidze Waters are also widely known. For many in the post-Soviet space, this is the taste of childhood. To learn the taste of real mineral water, people go to the city of Borjomi. The trip will provide an opportunity to see the beauty of Georgia and improve your health. Borjomi will also surprise travelers with pine cone jam - a branded product of the city.

About regional differences and similarities

Georgia is a small country, but regional differences in cooking are pronounced here. Historically, Western cuisine has been strongly influenced by Turkish traditions. This is a more spicy cuisine, the meat dishes of which are mainly prepared from poultry, and corn flour is used in the manufacture of flour products. Oriental cuisine has adopted the traditions of Iran. Therefore, she uses less hot spices, beef and lamb are eaten, and bread is baked from wheat flour. Residents of different regions can cook one dish in different ways.

Georgian khachapuri - tortillas with cheese are very popular and varied in the method of preparation. Adjarian-style khachapuri resembles a boat with cheese inside and drenched in an egg. In the west, they are cooked in Megrelian style as an open pie and are called Megruli. Residents of Imereti prepare khachapuri like a closed pie. He is the thinnest of his fellows. Penovani khachapuri is baked in the shape of a square from puff pastry, which makes them completely unique.

The common ingredient for all khachapuri is cheese. Georgia can be proud of cheese by right. It is with him that connoisseurs advise to start acquaintance with the local cuisine. Cheese is on every table and the variety is truly great. Cheeses are boiled, soaked in honey and oil, baked in dough, fried and smoked.

One of the peculiarities of Georgian cuisine is the use of a large number of herbs. Anyone who says that Georgian dishes are very spicy will be mistaken, this is not true. Spices are used exclusively for flavor shades. Georgians are also famous for making sauces. The basis for them can be tomatoes, plums, barberry, dogwood, pomegranates and even nuts. These foods are generously seasoned with garlic, cilantro, pepper, dill and spices. The sauce can be hot or sour, but it is always delicious.

Every person should visit such a wonderful country as Georgia at least once in his life! In addition to the stunningly picturesque nature, there is a huge number of attractions, a lot of entertainment awaits and a very hospitable people just live. In addition, in Georgia there is an opportunity both to relax in style and to spend a vacation without losses for the family budget. So, get to know this interesting country, learn from the article everything about holidays in Georgia in 2021, and maybe you decide on a trip to this beautiful place on the planet!

General information about Georgia

Brief Historical Background

The first thing to know about Georgia - this country has a very eventful history. Human ancestors lived in this area several million years ago. A dozen centuries before the beginning of our era, the first state formations appeared in this area. Glorified in myths and legends, the beautiful Colchis covered part of the territory of the present country.

Subsequently, representatives of various civilizations encroached on this territory. Romans and Byzantines, as well as Persians and Turks, have invaded principalities and kingdoms for centuries. It must be said that the Georgian people bravely fought for their independence, and later for the newfound Christian faith, and often the attacks were repulsed.

In the Middle Ages, steps began on the territory to unite its many areas. A huge role in this was played by the famous king of Georgia - David IV the Builder, who united the territories into a single state in the 12th century. His heirs, including Queen Tamara, revered by the Georgian people, continued his work, repelling the attacks of the conquerors and strengthening the country.

Unfortunately, after a period of prosperity, Georgia suffered greatly from the Mongols, and the strengthening of the Muslim powers that surrounded the country also badly affected its condition, and it again experienced decay and decline. In the 19th century, most of the territory became part of the Russian Empire, which provided protection from Muslim armies. At the end of the 19th century, infrastructure and industry began to develop in the country.

Later, Georgia was also part of the Soviet Union. At this time, the final industrialization took place in the country. However, over the centuries, part of the Georgian people strove for independence, and therefore, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country, like all others, became a separate state.

At the moment Georgia is developing as a new state. For several years after gaining independence, the state was torn apart by conflicts. Relations with some neighboring territories have not been settled either. But nevertheless, both the authorities and the people of the country strive to improve the standard of living, quality of life, infrastructure, maintain good diplomatic relations, without losing their characteristics and preserving their spirit, culture, traditions.

It is the unique combination of natural beauties, historical monuments and the special spirit of the Georgian people that attracts many tourists to this country.

Brief Geographical Information and Climate

Georgia is located in the west of Transcaucasia, has access to the Black Sea and common borders with the Russian Federation, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia. Its natural and climatic conditions are very diverse: after all, the country has a coast, and the great mountains of the Caucasus, and plains and hills. Many minerals are mined in the country, as well as the richest flora and fauna.

Due to the large number of landscapes, the climatic conditions in this country are comfortable. In the coastal zones there is a subtropical climate and the temperature in winter rarely drops below zero degrees. If you are lucky and it will snow when you are in Batumi, you can enjoy a rare picture - a whitish coastline and green trees, slightly caught in frost. The central cities of Georgia are located at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level, and therefore there are slight frosts. Well, the mountainous regions can boast of real snowy frosty winters.

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