6 profitable farming business ideas

Business in the countryside: 25 options, what kind of business you can open in the countryside or in the countryside from scratch

It is still widely believed that it is not possible to earn much in the countryside. They say that only the city opens up wide horizons for careerists and businessmen, but there is no money in the hinterland. However, this is a stereotype. With the right choice of ideas, taking into account the analysis of local markets, business in the village not only pays off, but also brings income no less than the capital. It also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to work in a comfortable environment and enjoy the surrounding nature.

From this article you will learn:

Business in the countryside from scratch - pros and pitfalls

Rural business will gain popularity in the coming years. This is largely due to economic sanctions prompting the country's leadership to focus on the domestic market. In addition, among the younger generation, the fashion for a healthy lifestyle is spreading. People increasingly want to consume organic vegetables and fruits grown in their homes or purchased from private farmers.

Starting a business in a village has at least three advantages when compared to a city:

❶. Availability of raw materials and means of production

Usually, to launch a business idea in a village, you do not need to purchase raw materials from wholesale suppliers or intermediaries. The necessary resources are either already at hand, or they can be grown independently on the land plot. And the labor force is cheaper than in the city.

IMPORTANT. Many business ideas for a village can be implemented with minimal investment. For example, selling the surplus of what has grown in your own garden on the market. Or, if you have a car for money, drive the villagers to the city.

Today, the real demand for certain types of agricultural products (in particular, milk, honey, fuel briquettes) exceeds supply. The same situation will continue in 2021.

In some villages, there are no shops, pharmacies, or convenient transport. At the same time, residents need such services.

The state is interested in developing business in the countryside. Therefore, the authorities regularly adopt regional programs to support rural entrepreneurship.

For example, in 2019 the Agrostartup project was launched in the Kuban. Within its framework, novice farmers were given the right to receive grants in the amount of up to 4 million rubles. Some village programs provide subsidies for the purchase of equipment or farm animals.

Experienced experts say that organizing a profitable business in a village is much easier than starting a promising business in a large metropolis. The villagers have their own plot of land and a small subsidiary farm, so they can significantly save on the initial investment, using the equipment and raw materials that are available. In this publication, we will tell you what kind of business you can open in a village without having a large start-up capital in your hands.

Rural tourism

New business ideas without investment from scratch 2021 for beginners related to tourism have always had good returns. This also applies to rural tourism.

According to psychologists, the best rest is a change of place of residence. City dwellers are tired of the constant hustle and bustle, so they gladly come to the countryside to enjoy the communion with nature. Beginning entrepreneurs who are racking their brains over what kind of business to do in the countryside do not even suspect that rural tourism is a "gold mine" for beginners.

The cost of a weekly eco-tour ranges from 3.5-5 thousand rubles per person. Additional income can be obtained from the organization of various entertainment:

  • Horseback riding;
  • Fishing;
  • Hunting, etc.

Develop such a pricing policy so that pensioners and state employees can use your services. School-age tours can be sold at half price. Green tourism is a great example of how you can start a village business from scratch.

Hairdresser at home

Villagers have to go to a hairdresser in the district center, so they will be happy to use your service. To attract more customers, offer them a 10% discount. Stop looking for an answer to the question of what business is profitable to open in the village, if you have such a good idea in your arsenal. Open a hairdresser at home and start working. Over time, you can graduate from makeup artist courses and offer women professional makeup services. In parallel, inexpensive cosmetics and hair care products can be sold.


In this article we will tell you about the best business ideas in rural areas (TOP 10), including those with minimal investment.

Alas, many do not know what to do in the village, and which business is easiest to open from scratch in the village, while the village has been actively developing in recent years and is becoming more attractive and promising for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Repair service for electronics and household appliances

Almost every person has a mobile phone, many families have a computer and various household appliances, and when this equipment fails, it is necessary to take it for repairs to the nearest city, which is not always convenient, especially if not personal car.

Therefore, the opening of a service for the repair of small electronics and household appliances is one of the most relevant business options today in villages with several thousand residents (in small villages and villages this business will not be profitable - the equipment does not fail everyday).

To start this business in the village, an investment of about 30 thousand rubles is needed, provided that in the most difficult cases you will redirect equipment for repairs to the city, and the net profit will be about 45-60 thousand rubles per month.

Rural tourism

In the past few years, rural tourism has gained immense popularity all over the world, including in Russia.

The essence of such tourism boils down to the following: residents of big cities come to a beautiful quiet place to spend time in the fresh air, to take a break from the hustle and bustle. You can organize accommodation and a table for tourists in your own house (if the area allows), or you can build several prefabricated guest houses on the site.

Providing guests with minimal comfort, they need to offer entertainment, for example, horseback riding, walks in the surroundings, a bathhouse, if there is a reservoir nearby, then boating and fishing, in winter - sleigh rides and much other.

To open such a business in a village, you need about 150-200 thousand rubles, while tourism can bring substantial income - the profit will be about 2.5 thousand rubles per person per day, and with a wide range of entertainment and increased comfort, it increases to 6-7 thousand rubles per person.


Despite the fact that the village is gradually developing from the point of view of increasing the comfort of living and the economy, there is still little entertainment in the countryside, but they are in demand by the population. Therefore, setting up a business in this area is a very promising step.

  • 1 Growing greens and vegetables in greenhouse conditions
  • 2 Agricultural business on sunflower
  • 3 Breeding meat breeds of chickens
  • 4 Sales of chicken eggs
  • 5 Vegetable and fruit freezing
  • 6 Sales of milk and milk-based products

In big cities, it is easier to find a sphere for implementation, be it a plumber or a manicurist. But what remains for those who live in small settlements? Where can they earn their living, given that villages and villages are becoming empty, and their inhabitants are leaving to work in the cities.

But even here small business can find itself, because there are many business ideas for its development. It should be noted that entrepreneurship in the field of agriculture and its products will always be in demand.

Since people want to eat all the time, and in connection with the absorption of the markets by products with pesticides and GMOs, they want to eat healthy food.

And of course, preference will be given to products from the countryside, produced in private households.

Let's dwell on the most demanded and quickly recouped options.

Growing greens and vegetables in greenhouse conditions

To do this, you need to install a greenhouse by purchasing a ready-made version, or make it yourself and provide it with heat, light and water supply.

Then determine which type of grown products are most in demand in the area. It can be greens, and tomatoes with cucumbers, peppers and eggplants. In winter, offers for their sale will be very relevant.

Up to six harvests can be harvested per year, taking into account the crops grown. In addition, if you sell goods without intermediaries, for example, in public catering points, you can get a good income, and if you establish permanent trade ties, you can gain financial stability.

Sunflower farming business

Today, entrepreneurship in the countryside does not have much competition, which gives it good advantages. And the entrepreneurial spirit of farmers contributes to the development of agriculture. So, for example, growing sunflower does not require large expenses, and the profit is quite significant.

What is the most profitable business in the countryside to open so that it is highly profitable and productive? This question is asked by many residents of the periphery. It is a mistake to believe that you need to start your own business only in cities. There are thousands of examples indicating that the countryside is an excellent base for starting a business in the countryside. The main thing is to correctly determine the direction.

Growing business: working ideas

It's not easy to start your own business from scratch, but there are profitable projects that can provide a regular income throughout your life. How to open a business in the countryside? Ideas should be analyzed before implementation, taking into account the demand, population and age of the intended customers.

The most profitable business in the countryside is the cultivation of certain vegetables and animal husbandry. Of course, one should carefully study the climatic conditions of the region and the whimsicality of the plants. The following business options are considered universal in the following areas.

Growing flowers

This business cannot be imagined without greenhouse complexes. The main purchases should be made by cities located near the countryside. It is better to organize wholesale sales if these are flowers for bouquets. Houseplants are also selling well, for this you should open an online store.

The advantages of such a small business in the countryside:

Disadvantages of growing flowers in rural areas:

  • start-up capital is needed to build greenhouses and purchase seeds;
  • regular supplies are needed - fertilizer, lighting and other equipment.

Growing flowers is a good business at home in the countryside. The payback of the case is about 8 months, if you find regular buyers.

Business ideas for growing for sale are quite profitable in the agricultural sector

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