30 best resorts for recreation in Crimea

Rest in Crimea in July ???? full overview

There is no good job without good rest. Therefore, you need to have time to properly rest during your vacation. The only question is - where?

Why Crimea?

There are places where it is convenient to live and work, and there are such paradises on the planet where the best pastime is rest. The latter can be said about the Crimean Peninsula. Here, near the Black Sea, the urban environment changes to a resort environment, and the charm and picturesque landscapes will not leave indifferent even tourists who have a solid travel experience.

In the Crimea, besides the sights created by nature itself, there are also interesting objects created by human hands. Rest on the peninsula always turns out to be rich and unforgettable, because there are so many diverse and amazing places for excursions nearby.


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Each resort in Crimea has its own unique features: here and virgin nature, and azure bays, and endless beaches. The air is saturated with marine, forest and herbal scents that are so healthy. And the famous sights of Crimea, which are so attractive for their beauty and uniqueness! For example, the castle "Swallow's Nest", Massandra and Vorontsov palaces, Dyulber and Livadia Palace, Valley of Ghosts, Marble Caves. There are so many in total that you cannot see it in one trip.

Tours and packages

We recommend comparing prices for tours on the sites: Travelata or Level. ravel. The tour price includes: air flight, transfer from the airport to the hotel and back, accommodation and meals at the hotel and medical insurance.

For those wishing to improve their health, it is possible to choose a wellness holiday instead of a beach holiday, or to combine both types at once. There are many sanatoriums, boarding houses and resort complexes where you can undergo a course of treatment with the use of mineral baths, physiotherapy, the famous Crimean mud, etc.

Hotels & Private Sector - Accommodation Prices

Rural tourism in Crimea Rest in Crimea in the off-season

Over time, more and more people are fond of green tourism, which is also called rural or ecological. This is truly environmentally friendly tourism, in close contact with nature, as well as life in a small village or camp. Walking excursions are organized around natural sites, fauna and flora are studied, courses of national cuisine are organized, as well as sports. Green tourism in Crimea is well developed and is considered one of the best pastimes. In particular, green tourism is offered at the "Hunting House", which is located in the Crimean Mountains and is able to provide everything you need. In the "Hunting House" you can easily plunge into the measured rural life in the middle of nature, from the hustle and bustle of the city and even hunt.

The nature of the peninsula beckons for green tourism to Crimea

Crimean nature is extremely rich, and at any time of the year. Green tourism opens Crimea as an unexplored world that is still worth exploring. It is in Crimea that you can return to the way of life that our ancestors led. Horseback riding is possible, as well as hiking as far as the tourist himself wishes. The end of summer - the beginning of autumn is especially suitable, when you can pick berries, fragrant herbs, fish, large and small. In addition, prices are already falling in the fall, and you can save great money, and even being in an unusually picturesque nature.

Thus, a tourist discovers an unusually quiet and peaceful Crimea, to which only the waves of the Black Sea can sink, but not civilization. It is here that you can often find wild beaches, half-empty and pleasing with the sun.

A wealth of green tourism options in Crimea

If you are worried about hunting, then you can try to get deer or roe deer to become prey. Also in the Crimea there is a wild boar, mouflon, hare, fox, pheasant, there is waterfowl. Mountain rivers and special ponds delight with trout, and sometimes carp. Fishing brings harmony and peace to life, complete relaxation is guaranteed, especially when calm reigns.

Also in Crimea there is one and only farm with donkeys, on which you can ride, and then get a playful certificate of "Driver-Oslovod". This gives the trip a unique flavor, and in fact there are many traditions preserved in Crimea, which local residents will gladly tell about.

If in Crimea you want to celebrate Valentine's Day or March 8, you can arrange a wonderful romantic holiday in nature with the help of the "Hunting House" hotel. If you are planning the Crimean May holidays, then it is worth visiting the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, this is also green tourism, and unique, since nowhere else on the peninsula can you find such plants as in this garden. There are especially many beautiful tulips then.

If you are attracted by wild tulips, then it is worth visiting the Kerch steppe, where they bloom in full force and in full growth. The spring steppe makes an indelible impression on everyone, and tanning in May is completely safe and healthy, and most importantly it lasts a long time. So do not waste a minute and go ahead for new impressions from.

Green tourism allows you to get acquainted with its history of the people, its culture, religion and natural attractions. This type of tourism allows city dwellers to relax in private farms - estates. This vacation takes place in close contact with nature.

Huge natural potential, endless wealth of the Ukrainian land, charm of the Ukrainian land, wide variety of nature, endless meadows and fields, mountains and forests, favorable climate, cognitive history of Ukraine, traditional hospitality of local residents allows Ukrainian green to become a visiting card our country.

The Crimean coast is a wonderful place to spend your vacation, which includes incredible landscapes, historical sights, gorgeous beaches. Lovers of nature and healthy clean air, holidaymakers who have nostalgia for the Soviet past, but also dream of getting to Crimea on a very limited budget, go to the peninsula.

If you familiarize yourself with all the resort places of the Crimean peninsula in advance, then everyone can find the best option for themselves for every taste and wallet.

How to save on vacation in Crimea

In recent years, the flow of tourists going to the Crimea has increased significantly, this factor, respectively, has led to an increase in prices. However, even under such conditions, it is possible to find an inexpensive and affordable option for a long-awaited vacation that will be remembered for many years.

Cheap economy class vacations can be found from May to mid June or September throughout the month. In this period, the price category is the most acceptable for a budget holiday option.

Some tips to help you plan your economy trip:

Saving money on housing

Where you can significantly save money is on accommodation. As has already been said many times, the payment for housing will depend on its remoteness from the sea coast, respectively, the further a private house, boarding house or sanatorium is located from the sea, the cheaper it will be. Some housing options can cost 2 or even 3 times less or more. The most profitable and excellent solution would be to choose a private house located 20 minutes. from the sea coast with all the amenities.

Accommodation in tourist regions can be omitted at all. In Yalta, housing on the embankment will cost approximately 40 thousand rubles per month, taking into account early booking. Of course, the owner of the apartment will not receive the entire amount, some part of the funds will go to the intermediary, however, for such tourism, the cost is incredibly high - a middle-class hotel will cost much less.

Those who plan to rent private housing can try to bargain with the owner, which very often brings a positive result. This is a completely normal phenomenon, there is a high probability of reducing the initial price by 20% lower, and in some cases much more, if you skillfully provide the necessary arguments for bargaining. In the case when the owner of private housing is categorically opposed to taking the entire amount for the entire period of residence, but offers to rent an apartment for rent - it is not worth wasting time, it is better to immediately start looking for a new option.

The cheapest available housing can be found in the suburban regions of Sudak, Alushta and other settlements of the second or third class. There is a high probability of renting a wonderful private house with amenities, satellite TV and the Internet for 900 rubles. per person per day. Hotels in these villages will cost an average of 1300 rubles. daily.

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The list of the best resorts in Crimea is very extensive and includes both Yalta or Sevastopol, well-known far beyond the peninsula, and small settlements with great health potential. The main criteria for classifying a resort as one of the best places for recreation are not so much natural conditions (they are good everywhere), but rather the development of infrastructure and the presence of objects attractive for tourists from historical monuments to parks. Due to the variety and abundance of Crimean resorts, newlyweds, diving enthusiasts, an elderly couple, and a company of students will be able to find the ideal option for themselves.

All the best resorts of Crimea, with the exception of Old Crimea, are located on the coast and offer guests the delights of a beach holiday: sunbathing, swimming, diving, catamaran riding, fishing and other entertainments related to the sea. The possibilities of health tourism are no less great: in the sanatoriums you can undergo a course of treatment for a variety of ailments, from chronic bronchitis to joint inflammation.

Traditionally, the resorts of Crimea are divided into those located on the southern, western and eastern coasts, and since each part of the peninsula has its own specifics, it is advisable to consider the resort potential of each of them separately.

Resorts of the South Coast of Crimea

The South Coast is often compared with the south of France, and not only in terms of climatic characteristics. The most expensive hotels are located here, here you can admire a whole constellation of architectural masterpieces - palaces and villas of the 19th century. - the beginning of the 20th century, life here does not stop for a minute, and lovers of nightlife can have fun in fashionable nightclubs until morning. The swimming season on the South Coast starts in late May - early June, and ends, depending on the conditions of a particular resort, in September or October.

The South Coast is usually chosen by those who would like to combine an intense beach vacation with entertainment, as well as those with problem lungs, bronchi and joints. Many resorts of the South Coast are administratively and geographically divided into two groups. The first is the resorts that are part of the so-called Big Yalta; the second, much smaller in number, consists of Alushta and adjacent villages.

The true capital of the resort Crimea, captured in many paintings and photographs, Yalta has been and remains the main resort of the South Coast. The gleaming Promenade with a variety of restaurants, 5-star hotels, vibrant nightlife and an abundance of entertainment make Yalta a center of luxury recreation, comparable in many respects to Nice and Monaco. Those who are looking for maximum comfort and luxury come here, and at the same time, Yalta hospitably welcomes a variety of categories of tourists. For children she has a park "Glade of fairy tales", two zoos - a regular and a contact one, for lovers of educational and cultural tourism - the house-museum of A. Chekhov, Historical and Literary Museum, Theater. AND. . Chekhov; for connoisseurs of architecture - the palace of the Emir of Bukhara, the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky, the Armenian and Roman Catholic churches, the palace of Count Mordvinov. Yalta beaches are mostly well equipped, and the swimming season lasts from June to October. The Yalta-Gorka cable car will help you to look at the city from a height, and if you want to climb even higher, such extreme entertainment as hot air ballooning is available in Yalta.

Yalta's status as one of the best resorts in Crimea is determined not only by the possibilities of beach recreation and a wide range of entertainment, but also by the presence of such hotels as the 5-star Villa Elena. This VIP hotel in the heart of the city can easily compete with the most expensive hotels on the French Riviera. The historical building located on its territory is a pearl of Russian Art Nouveau, built in 1912 and carefully reconstructed in 2003-2007. In 2012, a modern hotel building with 32 rooms was built next to the historic building. It offers an outdoor heated pool, a spa and a wine bar with 400 varieties of wines, a restaurant of author's cuisine and the organization of excursions to anywhere in the Crimea, including the cities that are part of Big Yalta.

At the foot of Ai-Petri there is a resort that resembles Yalta with an abundance of hotels and boarding houses, but somewhat less crowded and more democratic - Alupka. In addition to the variety of hotels, Alupka pleasantly surprises tourists with a variety of beaches: some of them are natural, some are of artificial origin. Due to its well-developed infrastructure, this small town is considered one of the most suitable places for recreation with kids: there are several children's sanatoriums, the Children's Beach with a shallow lagoon. Since the climate of Alupka is almost identical to that of Yalta, people come here to be treated with the same health problems, and the swimming season also ends in October. The main architectural decoration of Alupka is the huge Vorontsov Palace, which at the same time resembles an English castle and a Moorish mosque. The refined interiors of the palace and the luxurious park surrounding it with waterfalls, sculptures and fountains attract many tourists.

Situated on a low mountain, the tiny village once became famous thanks to Nicholas II: the last Russian emperor loved to spend the summer months in a snow-white palace built by his order. Later, the Livadia Palace went down in history as the venue for the Yalta Conference in 1945. Today, Livadia is one of the favorite vacation spots: there are several hotels and sanatoriums, and all the beaches are well equipped. The undoubted advantages of Livadia, in addition to the palace and the adjacent park with an area of ​​47.5 hectares, are the proximity of Yalta, the abundance of cafes and restaurants, as well as the opportunities for terrenkur provided by the famous Tsarskaya trail. The characteristic features of this village, which distinguish it from other resorts on the South Coast, include the presence of elevators, which can take you down to the beach, and strong winds in June, which carry away warm layers of sea water for a couple of days.

The night Gurzuf was painted by Aivazovsky, the day one was praised by Pushkin, and Chekhov wrote "Three Sisters" here. This resort, located in a cozy bay 18 km from Yalta, attracts a variety of categories of tourists due to its versatility and variety of recreation options. Gurzuf is the famous children's camp "Artek", and the ever-lively promenade with cafes, shops and a nightclub, and well-equipped beaches with a gentle entrance to the sea and rental of catamarans, a landscape park, and exciting diving near the rocks. People come to the Gurzuf sanatorium to treat diseases of the heart and blood vessels, respiratory organs, nervous system, and artists, like more than a hundred years ago, are inspired by the natural beauty of the resort to paint seascapes. Although there is a very interesting museum in the village - A. Chekhov, where the authentic things of the writer and his wife have been preserved, yet the main attractions of Gurzuf were created not by people, but by nature. The symbol of the resort has become two rocks, towering above the water three hundred meters from the coast, and resembling a bear in Ayu-Dag, known far beyond the peninsula. By the way, the mountains surrounding the village provided a special microclimate for Gurzuf: there is almost no wind here, and therefore the air is warmer than in Yalta.

This resort, which appeared at the end of the 19th century. as a resting place for the Petersburg nobility, and today it is considered elite. The village located between Alupka and Gaspra attracts with its very clean coastline, the same warm climate as in Yalta and the famous cable car to the top of Ai-Petri. Another attraction that you cannot pass by is the Miskhor Park with more than 200 years of history. Among the Miskhor hotels there are both fashionable and quite budgetary ones, and you can sunbathe on pebble beaches and swim in warm water until October.

Despite its small area, Koreiz can boast not only extraordinary picturesqueness, but also a very long history: according to some sources, this village was founded in the 8th century. n. ... From a period closer to us (19th century - early 20th century), a number of villas and two magnificent palaces remained in Koreiz. The first of them, Dyulber, was built at the end of the 19th century. in the Moorish style and served as the residence of the Grand Duke, the uncle of Nicholas II Peter Nikolaevich. The second belonged to the richest family of the empire, the Yusupovs, and is not inferior in beauty and luxury to the royal residences. In addition to historical monuments, Koreiz pleases tourists with beautiful parks, landscaped beaches and a wonderful microclimate: the swimming season begins in May, and in summer there is no sweltering heat here. Due to the climate, Koreiz is considered one of the best places for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and in addition to hotels, it has a number of sanatoriums, where people come not only in summer.

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