10 places worth visiting in Australia

Australian coast: tourism, recreation and relaxation

Australia is a wonderful country, and one of the most sought after when it comes to exploration. In Australia, you can find a wide variety of landscapes, cultures, food and more.

Besides tourists, it is also one of the preferred destinations for students. Australia is home to a number of quality education providers across a variety of disciplines.

Well, whatever the reason for your visit to Australia, there are things to keep in mind when in this amazing country.

Your Tourist Visa

Your first and foremost step should be to obtain a tourist visa to Australia. Make sure you apply for a tourist visa through a MARA Registered Agent, which will increase your chances of a successful visa.

While you will have most of your itinerary in chalk, you must keep in mind the length of your visa. If you decide to renew your tourist visa in the middle of your trip, make sure you do it through the correct channel, i.e. a MARA Registered Agent.

Beware of Wildlife

Australia is rich in wildlife. Here you can often see wild animals crossing the border with people, but people keep themselves in fear. Australia is home to some of the most venomous snakes and other wildlife. It is highly recommended to stay away from any and every wild animal.

Shooting them with the camera is fine, but it's best to keep a safe distance. You will not regret your decision to keep a safe distance.

Don't just jump to any beach you see. Beware of crocodiles, stings, sharks, etc.

Outside the window is the 21st century and the world is almost "up to its neck" overgrown with big cities, skyscrapers, endless roads and a chaotic lifestyle. Now, when traveling, we all need to rejuvenate the soul rather than enchant the eyes. In this context, rural tourism in India can become an important stage in travel. Closer to the origin of man, care for nature and spiritual rebirth.

Who doesn't like rural life? Just imagine that you wake up in a mesmerizing petrikor to the sound of fire crackling from under an earthen pot on the fire, to the smell of curry, to the whisper of local women passing by, to the din of children playing with anything and everything they can access. , near open fields and with a very pleasant feeling.

What is rural tourism in India in its true meaning?

According to the regulation of the Ministry of Tourism of India, it is “any form of tourism that showcases rural life, art, culture and heritage in rural areas, thereby benefiting the local community economically and socially, as well as allowing interaction between tourists and locals for a more enriching travel experience, could be called rural tourism. ”

India's Ministry of Tourism places great emphasis on developing rural tourism sites that boast rich art, culture, hand loom, heritage and crafts. These villages are rich in both natural beauty and cultural splendor.

The main types of rural tourism in India

Agricultural Tourism - Learn more about the agricultural industry and how farmers work with crops. About how endless fields overshadow everyone and everything.

Gastronomic routes - on these routes, the passion for travel meets the variety that is inherent in the local cuisine. This tourism is dedicated to food and provides more knowledge about different food products in different places ..

Ecotourism is tourism with a purpose. This is such a rather responsible trip to natural areas, which preserves the environment and improves the well-being of the local population.

Ethnic tourism - here you expand your horizons, getting to know cultures different from yours. It is, in fact, more to know about different ethnic and cultural lifestyles and beliefs.

Why rural tourism in India?

You may want to take a trip to the countryside if you want to quench your thirst for knowledge. Such a journey will give you knowledge about agriculture and its management.

You can go all rural while traveling if you are hungry for knowledge. It gives you knowledge about farming, management and what not.

Australia's economy is one of the most advanced in the world. The country ranks second, after Norway, in terms of quality of life. There are 8 times more than the world average, rich people, whose capital exceeds $ 100,000. In terms of purchasing power parity, Australia has a GDP higher than the advanced countries of Europe: Germany, France, Great Britain. The main part of the economy is the service sector, which accounts for about 67% of GDP. The mining sector is next in size with 20% of GDP, but Australia's economic problems are emerging in the agriculture and mining sectors. They rely heavily on supplies to the market from East Asia.

Australian economy issues

Outlook for Australia, according to forecasts of the Reserve Bank, Australia expects stable economic growth. However, Australia's development outlook is not without questions about sustainability and acquired long-term growth rates. Australia's global problems are becoming more and more ecological:

This is not a complete list of difficulties. Australia's economic problems have their own specific features:

  • a relatively low level of qualifications of scientific personnel at enterprises, which is associated with the problem of education - two times less schoolchildren receive secondary education compared to developed countries
  • outdated equipment : the share of machine tools older than 10 years is about 70%, while in Japan only 35% absolute indicators.

Nevertheless, Australia today is one of the largest economic devices in the world with a GDP of 1.7 trillion. dollars USA. Australia's main problems:

  • unfavorable natural conditions, including drought, soil depletion, natural disasters
  • geographical location, which causes limited economic partners.

The pros and cons of Australia can be highlighted like this:

There are also problems with the Australian labor market. These include a shortage of highly qualified specialists, especially in the IT sector, but there are many places of employment in the country, and the unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world - 5.6%.

The problems and prospects of Australia's development remain open, no one can say with certainty what the future holds for the country. Infrastructure development can become a serious problem, deficiencies in electricity and water supply can negatively affect the development of the economy in the future.

Australia's External Economic Outlook

Australia's development outlook is analyzed by the Reserve Bank of Australia, which publishes most of its economic forecasts every quarter. Monitoring is an important component of a country's well-being.

So, a big problem is the tendency of a large increase in property prices. Over the past 10 years, compared to other countries, prices have risen quite rapidly. The trend is not due to an increase in population, but due to an increase in well-being and an increase in living standards.

Australia, occupying a huge chunk of the Earth (both a country and a continent), from the point of view of tourism, can be interesting to almost everyone. Unique wildlife, beautiful waves for surfing, cliffs for mountain climbing, picturesque plains and railway serpentines, modern megacities and authentic aboriginal settlements - all this can be found on this amazing mainland. In many cities, various festivals and processions are often held, choral singing is very developed among Australians, which adds an additional touch to the set of impressions from visiting the Australian continent.

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UFO Capital

In the northern part of Australia there is a small village of Wycliffe Well, so often visited by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations that its inhabitants even had to proclaim it the "capital of UFOs".

The history of the emergence of such an anomalous point in Australia began in the 40s of the last century, when the military based in Wycliffe Well even had to write down all the strange events and paranormal phenomena that happened in the area in a special log. With the end of the war, the magazine was handed over to local residents and, according to their stories, for a long time simply lay for general access in a local restaurant, but in the early 90s it disappeared. The villagers have started a new book for recording the inexplicable, and it is constantly updated.

In the "capital of UFOs" there is a camping site for those wishing to see UFOs and other wonders with their own eyes, a park-museum on the theme of aliens has been opened.

Brisbane in Queensland

The third most populous city in Australia is rich in attractions, and the height of skyscrapers can even compete with New York. Brisbane is one of the most comfortable cities for living in the country, a major railway and port hub, surrounded by many national parks and protected areas. The most interesting places in Brisbane:

  • Mini-Eiffel Tower is a miniature copy of a French masterpiece, completely repeating all its proportions
  • "Aurora" -house - a skyscraper 207 m high
  • Peace Pagoda - Nepalese craftsmen created this lace structure not as a Buddhist temple, but as a place where representatives of different religions could meditate and pray for world peace, for the eradication of violence and injustice. Similar temples began to appear in different parts of the world after the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Storey Bridge is one of the most popular places among the residents of Brisbane: many different performances and competitions are held on this bridge on the high-speed ascent to the bridge
  • "Lonely Pine" - a park founded in 1927 for keeping and breeding koalas.

Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the longest and most beautiful ecosystem, based on more than three thousand reefs. The UNESCO-protected territory of the National Reef Park with unique flora and fauna occupies one tenth of all coral communities on the planet and is a mecca for all diving enthusiasts.

Lake Hillier, Middle Island

The bright pink waters of Lake Hillier have made Middle Island a bustling tourist destination. It is difficult to deny yourself the pleasure of traveling around Australia, to see with your own eyes the extraordinary color of the water of this natural miracle, and at the same time to breathe in the rich eucalyptus air and strengthen your health.

A trip to the sea to the Australian continent is often combined with all kinds of excursions. It is definitely difficult to answer whether this is good or bad, since the sea in Australia is simply amazing. For example, the Barrier Reef alone provides a unique opportunity for surfers and divers to enjoy an unforgettable journey to the fullest. Both on the north coast and on the south one can find a comfortable and cozy place for a great vacation.

Tourists who prefer diving in the underwater world should consider Lizard Island, where the Great Barrier Reef is located, Ningaloo Reef can be found on the West Coast, on the South Coast - Dangerous Reef.

Those wishing to go rafting should go to the Nimboyda River. Anyone who wants to relax under the warm sun by the blue waters, lying on a sandy golden beach, should go to the Gold Coast. Here you can also meet kangaroos, feed sharks and visit one of the golf courses.

Gold Coast

The central part of the Gold Coast includes the main hotels in the city, which welcome both local and visiting tourists. The place is widely advertised by travel agencies. In the future, in order not to get confused, it is worth identifying two concepts:

  • Tourist Gold Coast;
  • Urban Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast for tourist recreation includes the only area - Surfing Paradise, which is located on the line of the oceanic coast, the length of which reaches 4 km and the width is 450 m. expensive skyscrapers and luxury hotels with comfortable and luxurious rooms for wealthy tourists.

  • The beaches and the Pacific Ocean can be observed from one side of the street, and from the other - the river flows, on the island of which there are cottages and villas. However, this place is considered a paradise for the local population, where visiting citizens most often do not go.
  • The ocean coast is theoretically subdivided into beaches that have no designated boundaries. The Gold Coast itself is “Australian Venice, where water is everywhere” or “Australian Finland with many lakes”.
  • There is a local way of life in the city, where all private properties reach a fairly high value, are equipped with a private pier on the lake, the building itself is located in the central place of the land plot, and the main entrance is located on the opposite side of the street, dead end, inaccessible for prying eyes.
  • On both sides you can see the same wealthy neighbors, with expensive mansions, garages for several cars and yachts. In general, life here is calm and quiet, without unnecessary hassle.
  • The Gold Coast is different from the Sunshine Coast, which is located just north of Brisbane, in that it is home to the wealthy population of the entire Australian continent, as well as other citizens from all over the world who prefer the style of living in plain sight.
  • The population of the Sunshine Coast is by no means poorer in material terms than the Gold Coast, but for them in the first place is not money and ostentatious luxury, but family and home comfort in a close environment.

People who live in luxury mansions and luxury villas with separate access to various canals, as well as citizens living in multi-storey skyscrapers, are surrounded by the least wealthy and visiting tourists from all over the world.

Such citizens of the country live in one-story buildings, which are located far from the central part of the city, canals and the ocean coast. They work mainly in the field of hotel and entertainment services, in a word, they serve the rich and wealthy category of the population, as well as visitors. They work to the point of exhaustion, secretly envy the rich stratum of the population and dream of winning a decent amount in the lottery or in the casino in order to move to a rich mansion.

Tourists are people who come here to watch the “game of wealth, money and luxury,” or even take an active part in this process, buying local real estate or renting one of the villas here. In particular, these are visitors from China and Japan. On the Gold Coast, the main languages ​​of communication are Chinese and Japanese.

The Golden Tourist Coast is the most popular and popular destination for all visiting holidaymakers.

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