rural tourism

Chapter 1
  • 8 minutes
Extra people "
  • 15 minutes
Guest tourism
  • 22 minutes
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Hike in Cyprus "Troodos and the trail of Aphrodite"

Author's tour Hike across Cyprus "Troodos and the trail of Aphrodite". We offer unique author tours to Cyprus, excursions, trekking, extreme and many other tours to Cyprus

  • . 18 minutes
Luxurious places to go in the Krasnodar Territory by car

It is difficult to say where to go in the Krasnodar Territory by car, because it is simply overflowing with beautiful places, waterfalls and sights. It is better to plan the route for travel in advance. You can organize a savage vacation on the beaches with tents, or culturally at the sea.

  • . 15 minutes
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