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Autograph of Pushkin, pots of the eighteenth century and hydrogen sulfide water: caves of the Samara region for extreme tourism

In order to spend the May holidays in an original way, it is not necessary to leave the Samara region - it is enough to choose an interesting topic for domestic tourism. For example, explore the local caves, of which there are 178 in the region - both natural and artificial. Cavers never stop discovering them, looking for new passages and studying local rocks, ice or cave animals.

Speleologists Mikhail Bortnikov and Evgeny Ilingin have been exploring caves for more than twenty years. For the DG, they compiled a guide to 10 of the most interesting caves in the Samara region and told about their dangers, local legends and their geographical discoveries.

Greve Brothers System

Michael: I started my exploration of the Brothers Greve cave with their history. Leopold Konrad Greve was a pharmacist at a pharmacy in Samara, he had three children: Robert, Rudolph and Paulina. One son studied in Moscow as a pharmacist, and the second was in the Samara gymnasium. In 1905, the brothers decided to rest on the banks of the Volga, not far from the cave, and left an inscription at the entrance: “1905 year. Robert and Rudolph Greve ". They returned home and none of them got lost. Professor Preobrazhensky, when describing the cave, wrote: "The cave with the signature of the Greve brothers." From there the name was preserved. And people have already begun to compose legends. Most likely, the guys did not even go there, because the entrance was very small then.

Eugene: There are many passages in the cave of the Brothers Greve: the Small Hall, the Mouse Gallery, the Organ Pipe, the Victoria Grotto and the Seventh Heaven, which we once connected with Greve. Caves are a place for geographical discoveries. It happens that you climb along the way and realize that there has never been anyone there, stalactites hang from above, and you are the first to bring light to where there has always been darkness.

The mouse is the most interesting place, but for beginners it is better to go to the vice - this is the narrowness, through which it is difficult to wade. Then there is a passage upstairs, which is also difficult to get into. A child can still pass, and an adult - depending on the size of the pelvis and shoulders. Then there are two plates hanging one above the other: between them you move like a worm, and in front you also push your helmet. Then there will be a small space where the mouse ends.

Mikhail: The most dangerous caves are those with a lot of people. In the Samara region, these include Greve and Soksky adits. The rest of the caves are so inaccessible and little known that people do not go there.

In the Soksky adits, bonfires are constantly burning, which often leads to the death of people. And in Greve, already when approaching the cave, there are some dangers. First, these are avalanches. One day schoolchildren died because of her. Secondly, rocky trails. When you walk on them, you can easily fall. In winter, the rocks are generally covered with ice, and then it is better to climb generally by rope. This also applies to the Rotten Cave. Third, it is easy to get lost in Greve because of one trap. At the entrance to the Small Hall, you need to climb over a stone that no one pays attention to. People come in, look around, but forget where the entrance is. When they are going to return, they see many similar stones, and cannot find their way back. Therefore, it is better for beginners to stick with professionals who know the caves well and will be able to navigate in a difficult situation. People most often just read information on the Internet, and then go hiking in unprepared small companies.

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Extreme Samara:

"Extreme Samara" - offers you a wide range of extreme entertainment for every taste and budget:

  • hot air ballooning, paragliding and delta flying;
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  • diving and spearfishing ;
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  • boat trips;
  • jumping from a bridge;
  • excursions in adits and caves.
the list is endless.

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