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Bodybuilding Injuries

Injuries in bodybuilding are common. This is due to the fact that "iron sport" involves working with weights, often significantly exceeding the athlete's own weight, which increases the load on the ligaments, joints and tendons. Working with heavy weights to the limit often leads to sprains, dislocations, and even fractures. Where there is a high degree of risk, the importance of mastering safety techniques, or at least knowledge of a competent approach to weights, is also high.


Virtually every sport carries the potential for injury, and bodybuilding is no exception. In this sport, this is especially likely because you are constantly working with weights. In order to protect yourself as much as possible from injury, it is always necessary to warm up the muscles well at the beginning of the workout, thereby preparing them for the upcoming work. Warm up, stretch, warm up on cardio machines. It is also necessary to strictly adhere to the correct exercise technique. If your technique is lame, the likelihood of injury increases, especially when the weight on the bar is particularly high. It is advisable to train with a partner who can help you with the exercise with significant weight. By the final repetitions, the strength will practically run out, and in a situation where you are not able to maintain a lot of weight, the training partner will be very useful and will hedge at the right time.

TIP. Quite a lot of material on the topic of preparing the body for training, performing its main part and its competent completion is described in the article "On the importance and benefits of warm-up, stretching and cooling down." What is the role of the warm-up in the training process, what is stretching for and how to perform it consistently on all muscle groups, for what purpose the work is performed on cardio simulators. You will find a detailed answer to all these questions in the article.

TIP. You can familiarize yourself with the technique of performing exercises separately for each muscle group by clicking on the corresponding links below. On our site there are about 90 exercises for all muscle groups, each of which is accompanied by an illustration with a detailed description of the technique and tips for their correct and safe implementation. We strongly recommend that you adhere to the described technique and thereby protect yourself from injury.

Exercises for muscles: back, chest, legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs.

Types of bodybuilding injuries

With regard to this sport, the types of injuries can be divided into two categories: minor injuries and severe.

Minor injuries in bodybuilding are often stretching of muscles, ligaments or tendons, which is actually not so dangerous for health, but if this does happen, the right choice would be to stop exercising and wait until the pain subsides ... Then you need to see a doctor for a thorough examination of the injury and appropriate treatment. If you neglect your health and continue training, then this can only aggravate your situation. In this situation, the likelihood of chronic stretching increases, which in the future will prevent you from working with significant weights.

Severe bodybuilding injuries are usually muscle, ligament, tendon tears and sometimes fractures. You can't do without a doctor in such a situation. In this state of affairs, an operation and stitching of the injured area or the application of a plaster cast will be necessary. In the future, this also threatens that you will no longer be able to work with large weights, since the risk of re-injury to the same area will be quite high. Without undue modesty, this can be called a disability rather than just a trauma. Severe injuries can also include hernias, popping intervertebral discs, and more.

We all, of course, view sports from a health point of view. And to maintain it, you need not only to do it, you also need to protect yourself as much as possible during classes. Some people in the hall are injured due to elementary disregard for the rules of conduct in the hall. Some without warming up immediately start working with large weights, others are childish, and trying to express themselves in front of the public take more weight than they can handle, which leads to injury. Still others come to the gym in jeans, slippers or any other clothing that enslaves movement, does not fix the foot and is simply not appropriate for this type of activity.

Everyone chooses activities to their liking, some like to fix cars, others prefer computer games, and still others cannot live without sports, especially since in recent years a healthy lifestyle has become insanely fashionable: they talk about it on TV and radio, write in newspapers and magazines. But not all sports are safe, and there are those that can lead to injury, disability and even death. We offer you a rating of the most dangerous sports!

Rafting is a place of honor

Rafting on mountain rivers on rafts, inflatable rafts is one of the most dangerous activities. Even if you fully follow safety precautions, it is not always possible to avoid injuries.

The most dangerous are the rapids, which are divided according to the level of difficulty from 1 to 5 categories.

If you decide to engage in this sport, be prepared that during the rafting situations may arise that can harm your health and cause injury and even death.

  • Injury. If a raft at high speed hits a stone or fails to pass the threshold, you can get a strong blow, fracture or even lose consciousness.
  • Siphon. This is an obstacle when the stream sinks completely under the rock. If a person falls into a siphon and is jammed, then there is practically no chance of salvation.
  • Leg hook. It is especially dangerous when the raft moves in a stormy stream, a person tries to stand up, clings to a stone or a log. He goes under water and there is a threat of drowning. Due to the fact that a person completely goes under water, it is extremely difficult to save him.
  • Hit by raft. Such emergencies often happen during the rafting, you need to be ready for them and not panic, otherwise you can choke.

Want to cycle in winter? Learn how to choose winter bicycle tires. Not all surfaces require spiked tires. Details on the link.

What kinds of wetsuits are there and how to choose the best one, read HERE.


Surfing is sea, wave and board. To practice this sport, you need to take a board, sail from the shore, catch a wave and roll off it, having fun and a frenzied dose of adrenaline. At first glance, it may seem that there is no danger here, but this is far from the case.


Are you wondering what is the most traumatic sport today? Then let's not delay.

As you can see, the most traumatic sport is martial arts. The fact that in this discipline athletes are constantly injured is beyond doubt. In boxing, 65% of athletes suffer from upper limbs: fingers, joints, etc.

Sprains and tears of ligaments are inevitable in boxers. 18% of injuries occur on the face: nose fractures and knocked out teeth.

In wrestling, 70% of injuries are damage to the musculoskeletal system. In large cases, athletes suffer from knees (menisci and lateral ligaments). Fractures and dislocations are also inevitable.


No matter how funny and sad at the same time it may sound, but such a sport as rugby is practically created in order to get to the hospital.

In rugby, pushing and power techniques are allowed in unlimited quantities, moreover, there is practically no protective equipment. So don't be surprised why there are so many muscle injuries, ligament ruptures, sprains, and multiple fractures in this sport.

And if you rely on statistics, on average a player gets at least three minor injuries per match. But, despite all the "buts", most athletes consciously choose the most dangerous sport. And as practice shows, they never regretted it.


Athletes who play handball professionally have good physical fitness, but this does not mean that injuries in this sport cannot be avoided.

According to statistics, goalkeepers and strikers most often suffer from injuries. More than 80% of handball players are injured due to poor-quality coverage of the court on which the game takes place.

Typical injuries include injuries to the shoulder and elbow joints, knee injuries. So, when choosing handball as a hobby or a professional sport, be careful.

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