Where you can jump with a parachute: TOP-6 of the best parachute clubs in Moscow and the region

Where you can jump with a parachute: TOP-6 of the best parachute clubs in Moscow and the region

Parasailing is one of the most modern types of water extreme entertainment, which is a combination of boat trips with elements of free flight.

Water entertainment from everyday life in the army

The name itself includes two types of extreme pastime, which are combined in this entertainment: "couple" - parachuting and "sailing" - sailing. Thanks to the dome system, you can experience hovering in tow after the boat, which, during acceleration, raises the parachute into the air.

The history of this water entertainment, which did not arise as a form of recreation, dates back to the 60s of the 20th century. The American military often used water transport for training paratroopers, and one enterprising Englishman took this idea into service and implemented it for commercial purposes, offering those who wanted to experience such a water-air extreme. So parasailing has spread to all the famous beaches in the world and has become one of the most popular water activities.

Extreme without long training

Parasailing gives a feeling of free flight and is often compared to paragliding and parachuting, only a boat is used to lift into the air. Such exciting water entertainment is offered at any popular beach. And if special training is required for kitesurfing or wakeboarding, which also give the feeling of flying over water, then parasailing can be an exciting water-air entertainment that does not require difficulties to practice it.

All you need is the desire to experience an adrenaline rush and the need to undergo a short briefing, including safety precautions, which you should definitely follow while flying over a reservoir. In this case, the management falls on the shoulders of the organizers of such water flights, and the skiers can only trust the professionals and enjoy the contemplation of the surroundings of the skiing area from a bird's flight height.

General safety rules

Parasailing is an interesting entertainment that can give a lot of vivid impressions and thrills, but only with a competent approach to its organization, with careful observance of all safety rules. Otherwise, the consequences can be very sad, which, for example, became the reason for the ban on parasailing in the UAE.

    It should be remembered that in strong winds parasailing can turn from an exciting water activity to a life-threatening activity. Therefore, if the conditions are not suitable, it is not worth the risk. In case of strong gusts of wind, a reliable cable can break, and even descent into the sea can be traumatic, not to mention the possibility of being thrown towards coastal rocks. It is forbidden to lift in winds exceeding 8 m/s, in rain or fog.

    Do not go parasailing in places where there is a risk of colliding with rocks or other unsafe natural or man-made obstacles.

  • In any case, those who decide to spend time on the water, parasailing, should take care of reliable equipment, which certainly includes a life jacket and a helmet on the head.
  • The lifting height in any case should not exceed 150 m.

Skydiving is on the wish list of many people. For some, this is sports entertainment, for others it is a good opportunity to experience extreme, thrills, and someone wants to challenge their fears. Have you decided to jump, but don't know how to organize it, or want to learn more about parachuting? Then this article is for you.

We will answer the most frequently asked questions about what standard parachute jumps are, how much they cost, where are the flying clubs, what is the risk of not opening the canopy, and tell you about other features of this extreme sport.

Types of skydiving

The type of jump is the first thing to decide on. There are two types of standard jumps:

    In tandem with the instructor. This option is suitable for beginners. The first parachute jumps are performed only with an instructor, to whom the student is attached during the flight. The professional conducts ground safety briefing, checks the equipment, counts the seconds before the jump, operates the equipment, opens the parachute, adjusts the angle of flight, the speed of falling, the direction of movement, makes a soft landing. An experienced specialist supervises the whole process, so you can enjoy the flight and admire the views carefree. The tandem jump is usually performed from a height of 4 km, which is almost half the height of Everest or comparable to the 5 Burj Khalifa towers (the tallest building in the world) in Dubai. The total flight time is 3-5 minutes, of which the first 30-60 seconds fall on a free fall (the time between leaving the plane and opening the parachute) at a speed of 200 km per hour. Without additional oxygen, you can climb to a height of 4.9 m, which gives the jumper up to 75 seconds of free fall. Skydiving companies call their clients not “passengers” but “apprentices”, because during the briefing they learn about the position of exiting the plane, how to make a curved body position for free fall, the importance of raising the legs upon landing, and immediately apply it to practice.

Self jump. Jumping with a canopy alone is much more difficult than jumping with an instructor. This requires theoretical training. A single jump is performed, as a rule, from a height of 800 m, the entire flight lasts about a minute. In this case, you will have to fly a parachute, so you should expect a powerful adrenaline rush, a test for the nervous system. But it will be a great personal achievement that you can share with your friends. You can jump yourself from a distance of 4 km from the ground, but for this you need to complete the most effective Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course, which teaches independent flying. The program allows each person to master the control of the canopy, the free fall technique in a couple of days. As part of the program, the student flies accompanied by two experienced AFF instructors, who help him maintain stability in free fall, correctly deploy the parachute. One instructor will give instructions in the air using hand signals and, if necessary, help maintain stability, and the second on the ground will help control the parachute through verbal instructions via a radio mounted in the helmet. By the last AFF jump, you will have only one instructor, and then you will have to complete a series of consolidated jumps before you receive your license.

Who can skydive

Parachute jumping as an extreme sport is associated with great risks. People who meet all the conditions for a number of such criteria are allowed to jump:

  • Age. It is allowed to jump with a parachute to persons over 18 years old. From the age of 14, written parental permission is required.
  • Weight. The maximum weight of a person for a canopy jump is 130 kg, the minimum is preferably 45 kg. The ticket price increases with increasing weight category. With a weight of 91-100 kg, 500 rubles are added to the price, 121-130 kg - 2000 rubles.
  • Health status. It is contraindicated to jump with a parachute for pregnant women, people with heart diseases, disorders of the nervous system, bone fractures in the last 1.5 years, head injuries. It is forbidden to take alcohol at least one day before the flight.
  • Weather conditions. The parachute jump is performed on a clear day. In bad weather, especially during thunderstorms, strong winds and saw storms, this activity is dangerous. Skydiving centers usually don't work in bad weather. In the United States, the USPA Basic Safety Requirements prohibit solo skydivers from jumping in winds exceeding 23 km/h, but there is no maximum wind strength for licensed skydivers.
  • Time to prepare. Although the skydiving process takes about an hour, it is best to set aside an entire day for it due to possible changes in weather conditions and the complex nature of aviation activities. Preparation for a single flight takes longer than for a tandem one.

Parachute Jumping Centers

The DZ KRASNODAR airfield is located in the Krasnodar Territory, in the village of Novotitarovskaya. DZK Skydive Krasnodar offers parachute jumps from a height of 4.2 km for 5 minutes. The cost of the jump is 10 thousand rubles. For an additional fee, you can order a videographer or Handycam video with a GoPro camera attached to a helmet, which will capture all the emotions of the day. The flying club uses reliable air transport (L-410 Star Trek aircraft), high-quality equipment (American Sigma Tandem complex) and has a staff of qualified instructors with USPA international licenses and extensive experience. Gift certificates are available with a validity of 1 year. Here you can take a 4-day AFF training course, including ground training, canopy installation, equipment rental, 8 jumps. The cost of the course is 80 thousand rubles.

Skydon airfield in the Rostov region, in the village of Olginskaya, 20 km from Rostov-on-Don. The DZK Skydive Rostov Center offers tandem jumps at a price of 5 thousand rubles. During the flight, it is possible to control the canopy independently. For flights, the aircraft L-410 Star Trek with 18 seats, reliable Sigma Tandem equipment is used. Video and photography with subsequent editing are available. Gift certificates are provided. For single flights under the canopy, you must have a license, medical insurance, parachute book, technical passport for the system. On the territory of the airfield there is a cozy cafe, a parking lot, and a recreation area.

Krutitsy airfield is located in the Shilovsky district of the Ryazan region. DZK Skydive Krutitcy offers tandem and single skydiving. Here, training sessions are held to teach free flight in a wind tunnel, airplane flights, and a hot air balloon. At the aeroclub you can take an accelerated, 4-day AFF free fall training course for 80 thousand rubles, consisting of ground training, canopy laying, equipment rental, a 30-minute training in a wind tunnel, 7 jumps. After passing special courses and passing exams, the center provides international licenses FAI, USPA. Gift certificates are available that will surely impress your loved ones.

A parachute jump is an opportunity to get a unique experience, vivid emotions, overcome fears or hone sports skills. In Moscow and the region, there are special clubs that help make such a dream a reality.

Relatively recently, planes with parachutists regularly took off from every metropolitan airfield. But after the introduction of a ban on landing over the city, the organizations moved their drop zones to the Moscow region. Many of them are now based in neighboring regions: Vladimir, Tula, Tver. Our list includes clubs offering jumping in the Moscow region.

Aeroclub Kolomna

At the Korobcheevo airfield in the Kolomensky district, a whole city has developed for extreme lovers and conquerors of the sky. The largest drop zone in Europe is located here. It covers an area of ​​250 hectares. The complex is distinguished by modern infrastructure and a wide range of services.

The Aerograd Kolomna club, based in Korobcheevo, was founded back in 1934. In wartime, his students defended the country from the enemy, in peacetime they specialized in training personnel for aviation and astronautics. In the 2000s, the airfield underwent a large-scale reconstruction. On its territory there were hangars for equipment, educational and training buildings, a pilot school, a hotel, a swoop pond that meets the highest standards and allows international competitions to be held.

Aerograd instructors teach skydiving and airplane flying. Special programs have been developed for athletes, courses that help to master the control of a wing-type canopy and free fall. A popular service is offered - a tandem jump with an instructor. Its cost is from 12,500 rubles.

The club has at its disposal L-410 aircraft and a Mi-8 helicopter. They perform up to a hundred take-offs a day. At the same time "Aerograd" is able to accommodate up to 1000 people. There is also a sauna, restaurant, barbecue area, camping, volleyball court, football field, ski track, skating rink, paintball, buggy track.

Center for parachute training and sports "Skycenter DZ Pushchino"

Not far from Serpukhov, in the village of Bolshoye Gryzlovo, there is a modern and safe airfield "FINAM". The center of parachute training and sports "Skycenter DZ Pushchino" is based on its premises. There is also a restaurant, a tent camp and a shop selling parachute equipment.

SkyCenter specializes in quality training for beginners. European and world champions, masters of sports work with those who are going to make the first jump. In addition, the flying club conducts classes in such disciplines as freestyle, group acrobatics, formations, freefly, and skysurfing. Training programs for athletes have been developed. A basic course is offered that allows you to master an independent jump and free fall.

Sport, once the prerogative of the Airborne Forces, is gaining momentum every year. Elderly teachers and young quivering creatures have already begun to jump - parachute jumping has become a fashionable trend, a way to show character and get a couple of good photos "for an avatar".

So who is jumping and why, what is the price of the issue and what should be taken into account if you are thinking about stepping out of the aircraft hatch? Let's try to find out together!

First jump: price and preparation

So how much is this pleasure worth? It is worth noting that prices in the capital and the provinces differ significantly, and jumps in the “fraternal republics” of Belarus and Ukraine are 30% cheaper than in Russia.

The average cost of compulsory education in Moscow is $ 50, the cost of an independent jump from a height of 1000 meters is $ 50-70, a jump in tandem with an instructor (preliminary training for such a jump is not required) is $ 200, and work aerial videographer is priced another $ 60.

And now a little more about preparing for your first jump. Sports centers located outside the city start work at 9:00 - 11:00, so come early and take food for the whole day with you: it is not known how long the briefing and medical examination will last.

At the physical examination, the doctor will not conduct a full analysis of your health, so if you have fainting or heart problems, it is better to refuse the jump, without shifting the responsibility to an outsider.

Do not be alarmed when you are asked to sign a paper on the absence of claims in the event of an emergency: these are extremely rare here, so this is an empty formality.

As for clothes and shoes, it is worth considering the following: it is always cold upstairs and strong winds, so even in the July heat, you should be wearing clothes that cover your arms and legs. The ideal jumping shoe has a firm sole and ankle support to help prevent sprains and sprains from a failed landing.

Well, a little about the weather: the jump is impossible when the wind is stronger than 6 m/s, rain, which has ruined the runway, and in a thunderstorm.

The preparation for the jump itself takes several hours and includes a theoretical course, detailed instructions on behavior in the air, practice (the famous bedside table on which landing is practiced).

Well, mandatory information for those who are terribly afraid of stories about unopened parachutes: they are always packed by professionals, and the reserve parachute opens up completely regardless of your desire, at the slightest malfunction of the main one.

Thrill seekers are often fond of skydiving. It is often called skydiving, which in English means “diving from heaven”. Parachuting competitions are regularly held, and people come to skydiving clubs to experience fresh emotions. Many, having once tried to make a jump, invariably return to this lesson.

Features of parachuting

Parachuting attracts many people. It has several features that are most interesting to athletes and extreme lovers. The main ones are the following.

  • People get used to it quickly. Many of those who decided to try to make a jump start to get involved in it more actively, and sometimes - to practice professionally.
  • Getting adrenaline and taking risks. Skydiving evokes a lot of vivid emotions, so they often want to experience them again. There are also times when a person wants to prove to himself or demonstrate to his loved ones courage and readiness for new sensations.
  • A small amount of equipment. For jumping, you only need glasses, a helmet, overalls and gloves, as well as a parachute. This set is smaller than for many other sports, making it easier to buy.
  • Despite the inevitable risk, parachuting takes a responsible approach to safety. Before departure, briefings for the participants are always carried out, as well as various tests. In addition to this, the physician advises athletes on the subject of contraindications.

In this regard, more and more recruits are interested in parachuting. This circumstance is also facilitated by the fact that over time the discipline has become more accessible for the ordinary extreme lover, and now there are fewer obstacles to mastering it.

Types of parachuting

There are many types of skydiving. Let's list the main ones.

Classic skydiving

Athletes are required to show jumps for landing accuracy, as well as perform 6 exercises in free fall. If the main task is landing accuracy, then the parachutist jumps from a height of 1000 m. If you need to demonstrate aerial acrobatics, then the athlete must jump from a height of 2000 m and delay the opening of the parachute for 30 seconds. This time is needed to accelerate. At the 10th or 12th second of the free fall, the parachutist begins to perform the exercises. In precision landing jumps, a target is provided into which the athlete must fall. The diameter of the center of this target ("zero") is 20 mm. A set of acrobatic figures in free fall is performed for a while.

Dome Acrobatics (KPA)

Athletes perform complex figures with open parachutes. Sometimes the group shows a rotation: the upper parachutist descends to the bottom of the figure and substitutes his canopy for the lower one. CPA is an extremely difficult and dangerous sport, because parachutes are often intertwined with each other, and this is fraught with serious injuries.

Figures in dome acrobatics:

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